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Typewriter Brigade

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The Typewriter Brigade is a group of Wrimos who write their novels with a typewriter. As computers have become commonplace, typewriters have become a dying breed, making the novelists in the Typewriter Brigade a particularly interesting bunch. Wrimos may join the Typewriter Brigade if they choose to write their novel, in whole or in part, on a typewriter, either in part or in whole. Members of the Brigade use the Luddite clause for the part of the novel they type on a typewriter.

Wrimos have used the typewriter as a noveling device since 2003 and likely earlier, and threads have popped up on the NaNo Technology forum asking questions about typewriters and NaNoing. It wasn't until 2007 that the Typewriter Brigade began. In the NaNo Technology forum, DuffyMoon declared their intention of writing that year's novel on a typewriter and wanting some support from fellow typewriter users[1] Other writers immediately chimed in, and the Typewriter Brigade was born. The Brigade returned over the next two years, and one of the members of the Brigade was even featured on the Wrimo Report for their use of a typewriter for NaNoing.

From Theanab

2011 will live forever, at least in my mind, as the first "Year of the Rhino." It's all Mike's (MPClemens) fault--he fed NaNoWriMo into the Dragon (dication software) and out came NaNo Rhino--and there was no stopping this lovely beast. All Rhino Madness has been preserved in the Flickr group, linked below. Scroll down for lolz and editor nomming rhinos!

As of October 2012, the Brigade is still going strong. The 2011 boards have been archived, at least to a point, and we're waiting on the Forum Wipe to retake our place at the top of the board!

The Typewriter Brigade lives on to this day in the NaNo Technology forum, where it is the main thread for Wrimos who write with a typewriter. (Yup, totally just made this redundant.)


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