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NaNoWriMo Achievements

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NaNoWriMo Achievements are achievements one can earn during the course of National Novel Writing Month. They can range from the ones all participants achieve, such as signing up for NaNoWriMo, to the more difficult, such as writing a certain amount of words in a day or incorporating a dare in one's novel.

The NaNoWriMo Store once sold merit badge buttons. Until 2012 the store also sold stickers and patches. The wording of the text in the button description suggests that the stickers and patches may be returning, but this has not been confirmed.

The 2011 off-season was quite a year for NaNo achievements. Angryman started a thread in the Virtual Worlds forum listing some Xbox-like achievements for NaNoWriMo. Other Wrimos started listing their own, and they created a long list [1].

Meanwhile, in the Camp NaNoWriMo forum, Angrykittykj proposed the idea of Camp NaNo badges, and a group of Camp NaNo participants came up with a long list of them [2] [3]. Jayemjee wrote a program that kept track of badges earned [4].

Compare to the badges earned for unlocking achievements through the NaNoWriMo website, from writing achievements to personal achievements.

Achievements for NaNoWriMo (2012 forum thread)

  • Nom de Plume : Sign up for National Novel Writing Month (Angryman)
  • I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! : Complete a writing dare (Angryman)
  • 30 Days and Nights : Write a 50,000 word story during the month of November (Angryman)
  • Moderating in Moderation : Become a moderator (Angryman)
  • Good Karma : Make a donation (Angryman)
  • Thank you, come again! : Purchase something in the store (Angryman)
  • The Traveling Shovel of Death : Use it (Angryman)
  • Commentator : Post a comment on a forum thread (Angryman)
  • Icebreaker : Start a new forum thread (Angryman)
  • This one goes here, that one goes there! : As a moderator, move a forum thread (Angryman)
  • A Thousand Words : Change your avatar picture (Angryman)
  • Plot Orphans Are People Too : Give a plot orphan a story (Angryman)
  • They Breed Like : Be attacked by a plot bunny (Angryman)
  • You're adopted : Adopt a character, plot bunny, etc. (Angryman)
  • Where No Fan Has Gone Before : Write a fanfiction (Angryman)
  • Heroics For Beginners : Have a new hero be your protagonist (Angryman)
  • Only The Good Die Young : Have a villain be your protagonist (Angryman)
  • I Tip My Viking Hat To You : Mention NaNoWriMo in your story (Angryman)
  • Hat Trick : Wear a hat while writing (Angryman)
  • This Means War! : Get into a word war with someone (Angryman)
  • Marathon Runner : Do a word sprint (Angryman)
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes : Edit your novel (Angryman)
  • You get paid to do this? : Get your story published (Angryman)
  • The Continuing Story : Write a sequel (Angryman)
  • Act One, Scene One : Participate in Script Frenzy (Angryman)
  • It's A Legitimate Strategy! : Participate in Camp NaNo (Angryman)
  • I Can Have Sheep? : Pull an overnighter for NaNo (Datarin)
  • I Can Have Sheep! : Write over 2,000 words during an overnighter (Datarin)
  • Do They Sell Starbucks At 2AM? : Drink a mug of coffee while working on NaNo (Datarin)
  • Better Than Weed, Not Better Than Sleep : Drink three mugs of coffee while working on NaNo in one session (Datarin)
  • Doctor? What Doctor? : Resist eating food in order to reach daily NaNo goal (Datarin)
  • Turkey Hats, Gravy Boats Ahoy! : Put NaNo on pause for Thanksgiving Day (Datarin)
  • You Survived? : Complete NaNo on November 20th (Datarin)
  • Limit B-B-Breaker! : Complete NaNo on November 30th (Datarin)
  • I Told You So : Complete NaNoWriMo (Datarin)
  • NaNoEdMo Awaits : Shelve your NaNo draft for two consecutive months (Datarin)
  • Winning Is For Chumps, Losing Is Officially Cool : Fail to reach the 50,000 word goal at November 30th. (Datarin)
  • Perhaps We Chose Badly : Change plots in the middle of NaNo (Datarin)
  • Word Of God. I said, WORD OF GOD! : Force a character to behave for the sake of plot or word count. (Datarin)
  • All According To Plan, Honest : Change novels in the middle of NaNo (Datarin)
  • Capt'n, We Lost The Signal : Lose the writing muse by being interrupted (Datarin)
  • He Say No, I Protest Yes, And You Quote, "F*ck" : Lose your copy of the draft during NaNo (Datarin)
  • This Work Of Art Hates Me, And I Hate It : Run into writer's block during NaNo (Datarin)
  • This Enigma, It Does Not Exist : Nothing on the first page of the AteMySoul forum pertains to you personally. (Datarin)
  • Concurrent Denial : Post in the AteMySoul forum while feeling perfectly chipper (Datarin)
  • All Five Stages Cleared : Survive your first NaNoWriMo (Datarin)
  • Stockholm Syndrome : Join NaNoWriMo for the second time (Datarin)
  • Stockholm Addiction : Keep coming back to do NaNoWriMo (Angryman)
  • Solitude and Solace : Wear headphones (or earmuffs) while working on NaNo (Datarin)
  • The Soundtrack Of My Life : Work out a playlist to your novel (or characters, or settings). (Datarin)
  • It's Nothing Personal, I Swear : Visit the AteMySoul forum every day for three days consecutively. (Datarin)
  • I Run The Show : Finish NaNo on your own terms, not the official guidelines. (Datarin)
  • More Powerful Than You Could Possibly Imagine : Strike down a character (Angryman)
  • Anthropomorphic Personification : Make Death into a character (Angryman)
  • So Hard On The Knees : Have a character fall in love (Angryman)
  • The Black Box Is Orange : Add an unbelievable, but true, fact in your story (Angryman)
  • Reincarnation : Reuse a name from one of your previous stories (Angryman)
  • Viva La Revolucion! : Your characters unionize against you. (Angryman)
  • That Rings A Bell... : Make an obscure reference in your novel (Angryman)
  • I'm not late...I finished in November! : Continue a novel from a previous NaNo just so you can win with it. (Kaite_Somerdorf)
  • Hey buddy, help me : Participate in a Write-In (Kaite_Somerdorf)
  • Tie as Black as Ink, Heart as Nice as Gold : Participate in the Night of Writing Dangerously (Kaite_Somerdorf)
  • Confession is the first step to Recovery : Tell someone else of your novel writing plans, and be willing to listen to them say you're crazy. (Kaite_Somerdorf)
  • Spreading the Faith : Recruiting others into the NaNo fold. (Vinxman)
  • Regrets, I've Had a Few : When those you've recruited have higher word counts than you. (Vinxman)

Camp NaNo Badges


  • Goed Begonnen- Start Writing!
  • Swimming Lessons- Write 10k over the course of 1 Camp
  • Half Gewonnen- Write 25k over the course of 1 Camp
  • Blue Arrow- Write 40k over the course of 1 Camp
  • Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades- Write 49k over the course of 1 Camp
  • The Big Kahuna- Write 50k over the course of 1 Camp
  • The Holy Cow- Write 75k over the course of 1 Camp
  • Not Gonna Happen- Write 100k over the course of 1 Camp
  • Master Kahuna- Write 200 k over the course of 1 Camp


  • Double Decker- Attempt both Camps
  • Double Kahuna- Write 50k each for both Camps
  • Go Hard or Go Home- Write 100k each for both Camps
  • Holy Fish-sticks, Batman!- Write 500k over the course of both Camps


  • Double Or Nothing- Write 3334 words on the first day of a Camp
  • Non-stop- Write for 1 hour without stopping
  • Speed Typing- Write 2000 words in 1 hour
  • Bronze Fingertips- Write 5k in 1 Day
  • Iron Fingertips- Write 10k in 1 Day (cannot be earned the same day as Bronze Fingertips)
  • Got My Priorities Straight- Write an Entire Day
  • Weekend Breaker- Write 20k in 1 weekend
  • Week Three Blues- Write something everyday for the third week of a Camp
  • Stamina- Write at least 1667 words a day 7 days in a row
  • Consistent Writer- Write something everyday
  • Iron Man/Lady- Write at least 1667 words a day, everyday of 1 Camp
  • Last Minute- Continue writing until after 11:45 on the last day of Camp


  • Early in the Morning- Write first thing after waking up
  • Late at Night- Write last thing before going to bed
  • Mid-day Meal- Write during your lunch-break or while eating lunch
  • Break Time- Write during breaks from work/chores/homework or between classes, requires you get back to what you are supposed to be doing


  • Impossible Winner- Win After Being 5k Behind
  • Sprinter Winner- Win After Being 5k Ahead
  • Point Final- Finish Your Novel
  • Rebel Victory- Win by adding a little rebellion to your word count (ex. Write a short story, add some older writing, count some of your notes, etc.)


  • Who Told You I Was Paranoid?- Have at least 5 back-ups of your novel
  • Constant Paranoia- Back-up Everyday
  • Sweet Dreams- Write at least 1000 words in bed
  • Bombalarm- Write at least 1000 words under a table
  • Old-fashioned- Write at least 1000 words with paper and a pencil/pen
  • Modern- Write at least 1000 words on a computer or other electronic device
  • No Idea Left Behind- Use 5 or more adoptions or dares in your current work
  • Brat Camp- Rebel! For at least 1000 words
  • Word Warrior- Compete in 5 or more word wars


  • Camp Counselor- Answer at least 10 writing or camp related questions on the forums
  • Good Deed of the Day- Contribute 5 or more adoptables, dares, or both to the Nanowrimo forums
  • Cheerleader- Encourage 5 other Wrimos or post a Pep Talk on the Camp related forums