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If you're looking for the yearly icons, see Participant icon or Winner's icons.

Badges are small icons displayed on a NaNoWriMo Wrimo's profile, as well as the NaNoWriMo dashboard. There are four types of badges: participation badges, writing badges, winner and partricipant badges, and personal achievement badges.

The website badges are not to be confused with NaNoWriMo Merit Badges, an item previously sold in the NaNoWriMo Store.

Participation Badges

Participation badges appeared on the NaNoWriMo dashboard in 2013. They were updated in 2014.

Current Participation Badges include:

Badge-Updatedprofile.png You sure told us (about yourself) earned after filling out the author info area
Badge-Joinedregion.png You've joined your local community earned after joining a NaNoWriMo region
Badge-Writingbuddy.png You're buddied up earned after adding a Writing buddy
Badge-Forumpost.png You're conversating earned after making a post on the NaNoWriMo forums
Badge-Donation.png You're a donor earned after donating to NaNoWriMo

Writing Badges

Writing badges appeared on the NaNoWriMo dashboard in 2013, with a refresh in 2014.

Current Writing Badges include:

Badge-Addednovel.png You've got a novel earned after creating a novel on the NaNoWriMo site
Badge-Updatedwordcount.png You're on your way earned after updating word count for the first time
5dayupdate.png You're off to a great start earned after updating word count for five days in a row (added in 2015)
10dayupdate.png You have steady hands earned after updating word count for ten days in a row (added in 2015)
Update-thirty-days-earned.png Prove your commitment to your creativity earned after updating word count every day in November (added in 2015)
1667.png You hit the 1,667 mark earned after total word count reaches 1,667 (added in 2015)
5000.png You hit the 5,000 mark earned after total word count reaches 5,000 (added in 2014)
10000.png You hit the 10,000 mark earned after total word count reaches 10,000 (added in 2015)
Badge-25000.png You hit the 25,000 mark earned after total word count reaches 25,000 (added in 2014)
Badge-40000.png You hit the 40,000 mark earned after total word count reaches 40,000 (added in 2015)
Badge-Winner.png You won earned after validating total word count at 50,000 (added in 2013)
Badge-Nowwhat.png You're ready to revise earned after making the commitment to review during the Now What? Months

Personal Achievement Badges

These badges differ from the participation and writing badges in that participants award themselves the badges. ALl badges are self-awarded on the honor system. Personal achievement badges were added to the NaNoWriMo website in 2015. They were designed by Graham Dobson.

Current Personal Achievement Badges include:

Badge-Pants.png Pantser - for the Wrimo who likes to make it up as they go along
Badge-Planner.png Planner - for the Wrimo who likes to go into NaNoWriMo with a plan
Badge-Telltheworld.png Tell the World - earned by telling someone else about your novel-writing commitment
Badge-Participantpep.png Participant pep - earned by posting a pep talk to the forums
Badge-Nextgen.png Next Generation - earned by sharing NaNoWriMo and the Young Writers Program with an educator or young writer
Write-here-right-now-badge.png Write Here, Write Now - earned by attending a local write-in
With-gratitude-badge.png With Gratitude - earned by thanking a writer, friend, family member, or ML (or anyone else) for their help
Secret-noveling-badge.png Secret Noveling - earned if you've worked on your novel in secret or somewhere you shouldn't have
Wrimo-spirit-badge.png Wrimo Spirit - earned by cheering on or offering advice to another Wrimo
Caffeine-abuse-badge.png Caffeine Abuse - earned for consuming a little too much caffeine
Procrastination-badge.png Procrastination - earned for putting off noveling in new and creative ways (removed in 2016)
Game-on-badge.png Game On - earned for participating in a word war or dare (replaced with the Word Sprinter badge in 2016)
Eureka-moment-badge.png Eureka Moment - earned for experiencing that "Aha!" moment when everything comes together (removed for 2016)
Back-it-up-badge.png Back It Up - earned for backing up your novel (added in 2016)
Camper-badge.png Camper - earned for participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (added in 2016)
Nano-prep-badge.png NaNo Prep - earned for participating in a NaNo Prep event (added in 2016)
Nano-rebel-badge.png NaNo Rebel - earned for declaring oneself a NaNo Rebel (added in 2016)
Novel-maestro-badge.png Novel Maestro - earned for creating a novel soundtrack (added in 2016)
Old-school-wrimo-badge.png Old School Wrimo - earned for starting the first draft of a brand new novel on November 1 (added in 2016)
Plantser-badge.png Plantser - earned for being somewhere being a pantser or a planner (added in 2016)
Something-in-my-eye-badge.png Something In My Eye - earned for writing a tearjerker scene (added in 2016)
Word-sprint-badge.png Word Sprinter - earned for participating in a word sprint (added in 2016)
Writer-wellness-badge.png Writer Wellness - earned for taking care of yourself while writing (added in 2016)

Winner and Participant Badges

Winner and participant badges show which past years a Wrimo has participated in NaNoWriMo. These badges are displayed on the Wrimo's Author Info. A blue badge indicates participation in the given year, while a purple badges indicates the participant won NaNoWriMo that year.

Wrimos can add these badges to their profile by entering their novel info for that year and marking a win date for years won.

A halo appears over the years that the participant donated to NaNoWriMo. However, halos earned for MLing or forum moderation in previous years do not appear.

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