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WrimoRadio was the official NaNoWriMo podcast from 2005 to 2008. Sam Hallgren, who was working for This American Life in Chicago at the time, volunteered to produce the podcast for Wrimos. Each week featured different guests and questions for the next episode that Wrimos could submit their answers to. Some of the answers would be played on the next episode.

The next year Chris Baty took over the podcast and continued to do for the next year. In 2008 first-time Wrimo Diane Bock took over the podcast, and the episodes became more frequent, moving to three times a week.

In 2009 WrimoRadio was replaced by NaNoVideo, which was run by the NaNoWriMo staff.


For the first years of the podcast, episodes were generally released about once a week in November, along with occasional episodes in October and December.

See List of WrimoRadio episodes for a list of WrimoRadio episodes.

See Also

  • NaNoVideo, a video podcast series produced by the NaNoWriMo staff
  • Virtual write-in, a series of online write-ins hosted by the NaNo staff

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