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Word crawl/Star Wars Crawl

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I’ve seen a bunch of good crawls out there, all of which majorly boosted my word count, so I decided to try to make one myself during my break from writing.

I noticed that a lot of them were built on popular books or TV shows like Doctor Who or Harry Potter, but I didn’t see a Star Wars Crawl. So I decided to give it a try.

[Note: this crawl was largely inspired by the Extreme Harry Potter Crawls.]


This is a long crawl. It’s probably best to break it up over a few days.

Force energies can be used to skip or do-over rounds, and you can gain them in a few places. I should probably tell you that these will become crucial in Return of The Jedi. So it might be best to save them.

Sorry I didn’t make this until the final days. I may or may not be able to fit in the whole trilogy, but I will definitely repost them next NaNoWriMo!

To start, write for fifteen minutes.

<300 words: You get 1 Force energy

300-450 words: You get 2 Force energy

450-600 words: You get 3 Force energy

600> words: You get 4 Force energy

1.You are a moisture farmer’s son/daughter living on Tatooine. Write for ten minutes as you complain about how boring your life is, and wish that you could be part of the war between the Rebels and the Empire, just like your friend Luke.

2.The Jawas’ sandcrawler is finally here. Your dad tells you to hurry up and go buy an R5 droid. Sprint to 300 words as you hurry to get there before the Jawas leave.

3.You still get there after everyone else, and the only R5 unit they have is a red one, R5-D4. You buy it, but it lasts less than a minute. Write for twenty minutes while the Jawa explains the defect. The Jawa gives you the address of the last person who bought an R2 unit, but it’s getting late, so you’ll go tomorrow.

4.The next morning, you set off to find the droid. You arrive at the house just in time to see your friend Luke setting off on his speeder. Word war for ten minutes with a friend as you try to catch up. If you lose, write 150 extra words as you find where Luke has gone.

5.He finally stops, and you get there in time to see him being ambushed by Tusken Raiders, who are then driven off by an old man. You rush into the man’s cave and see your friend Luke with R2-D2. Write to the nearest thousand as you try to persuade him to sell you the droid.

6.Ben, the old man, tells you and Luke that you are strong in the force and gives you each a lightsaber. Word war for five minutes as you practice with your new weapons. If you win, take 2 Force energies. If you lose, take 1.

7.Ben offers to take you to Alderaan after the droid shows him a message of help. He tells you and Luke that both of your fathers were killed by an evil man named Darth Vader. You agree immediately, but Luke wants to go back to his family. Sprint to 150 while you speed back to his place with him.

8.You get to Luke’s house, but it is in ruin! Write for five minutes to try and comfort him.

9.Ben takes you to Mos Eisley, where you find out that stormtroopers are looking for some droids. Then, you go to a bar to look for a ship. While you’re there, a strange monster thing approaches you. Apparently he doesn’t like you, and he begins to provoke a fight. Write 300 words in 10 minutes. If you succeed, you cut of his arm with your new lightsaber. If you fail, you miss. Ben cuts his arm off instead, and you have to write 200 more words while you explain the gash in the bar to the bartender.

10.Ben has found you a ship! A Wookie named Chewbacca is here, with his accomplice, Han Solo. Roll a die. Multiply your roll by 100 and write that many words as fast as you can. Record the time it took you for further reference.

11.As you take off in the Millenium Falcon, there are stormtroopers shooting at you! Sprint to 350 as you try to fly away before they get a lucky shot in at the tiny target.

12.Ben feels a tremor in the Force while trying to train you and Luke. Word war for fifteen minutes. If you win, Ben says you have taken your first step into a larger world—take one Force energy!

13.You exit from hyperspace at Alderaan—except Alderaan isn’t there! You are then sucked by a tractor beam into a large object, which may or may not be a moon. You are held there until you can deactivate the tractor beam, which Ben decides to do. You and Luke find out that Princess Leia is being held prisoner on the Death Star! Write for twenty minutes as you come up with a plan to rescue her.

14.You, Luke, and Han dress up as stormtroopers. You escort Chewbacca to Leia’s cell while the droids stayed behind. Write 500 words as you get to her cell and rescue her.

15.Somehow, the Death Star finds out about you, and you take the plunge into a giant garbage compactor. Write 300 words as you combat the smell, the creatures, an the compacting walls. Just before you are crushed to death, the droids stop the compacter!

16.Now, you have to fight your way back to the Falcon! Write thirty words as you fight through halls of stormtroopers and cross chasms.

17.When you get back to the Falcon, you see Ben, sacrificing himself so you can get away. Write a short ten minute burst to try to get rid of some of your grief.

18.While fleeing from the Empire, you have to gun down a few of their ships. Flip a coin. If heads, attempt a Fifty-Headed Hydra as you try to gun down the Empire. If tails, write quickly for ten minutes as you try to escape the Empire’s shots.

19.When you get to the rebel base, Han gets ready to leave with his rewards. Write the number of words you wrote in #10, in less time. If you fail, Han deserts you. If you succeed, Han deserts you.

20.Leia tells you all that the only way to stop the Empire and their terrible Death Star is by shooting one small spot in a trench on the surface with proton torpedoes. Roll a die and multiply the number by 50. Write that many words as you brave yourself to sign up for the mission. When you do, you can choose to be Red or Gold.

21.You are now part of one of the squadrons attacking the Death Star, Red and Gold. If you are Red, you are competing for the glory with your best friend Luke. Do a ten minute word war. If you are Gold, sprint to 400; you get your own glory, but you have no backup.

22.As you fly through the trench, all of your comrades beside you are shot out of the air. Write 3% of your current word count, braving yourself for the danger ahead. The Millennium Falcon springs out of hyperspace just in time to save you and Luke from TIE fighters.

23.You hear Ben’s voice saying “Use the Force, (Your Name). And Luke, you should too.” You each shoot your torpedoes. Do a thirty minute word war. If you win, your torpedo is on target, and Luke just helped. You gain 3 Force energies. If you lose, it’s the other way around, and you gain 1 Force energy.

24.You blow up the Death Star! You get a medal ceremony in which you, Luke, and Han are recognized for your awesomeness. Write for the entire duration of the Throne Room and End Credits music (if you’d rather not listen to it, just write for 5:38).