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Word crawl/Pokemon Go Crawl

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Pokemon Go Word Crawl - Prompts are totally optional, but I hope they help with some inspiration! Also this is my first writing of a word crawl, so I'm sorry if the sprint word goals are ridiculously out of proportion with the time for the sprint. 

You get Pokemon Go! Sprint for 5 minutes as you wait for it to download

Professor Willow introduces himself and explains that Pokemon inhabit this world. Sprint to 250 words in your excitement.

Time for the most important choice of your life!

Charmander - Write a Fifty Headed Hydra (attempt 500 words in 5 minutes. NO BACKSPACING)

Bulbasaur - Write 1,000 words in 30 minutes

Squirtle - Write 3% of your total word count (ex. If you have 18,000 words, you have to write 540)

You walk around, trying to figure out what the flying grass means and get confused as to where you’re actually supposed to find these pokemon. Write for 10 minutes AND/OR write about one of your characters getting confused

Below 300 words (OR) your character gets frustrated, yells, and gives up - Maybe you should take a break for a little bit. Have some chocolate, or sit in the shade and drink some juice.

Between 301 and 600 (OR) your character gets distracted by something else or decides it’s not that important to find - You’re doing so good! Take a quick break and have yourself a yummy snack.

601 and above (OR) your character figures out what’s causing them problems - AWESOME!! You deserve a break. Get some ice cream and feel proud of yourself.

  You notice that it shows you silhouettes of pokemon with footsteps under them. Write a quick scene about one of your characters tracking something. Maybe the housewife is DETERMINED to find that mouse she knows is eating her cheetos. Or the elven rogue decides he wants some breakfast. Or perhaps your Lioness MC has to go find where her cub went. (Or not care what the footprints are, write 500 words as you wander aimlessly around, and skip to the next challenge). 

If the amount of words you wrote is odd, you realize that the footsteps is telling the amount of distance the pokemon are from you. Have one of your characters ask another if they want to go on a walk. (Possibly to confess their love. Or maybe have the one invite the other to walk off the plank.)

If the amount of words you wrote is even, you realize that the footsteps is telling the amount of distance the pokemon are away from you. Have one of your characters get REALLY REALLY excited about something (Omygosh, my toast looks like Barack Obama! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS POST ABOUT JOHNLOCK??? Look at this dagger. It still has blood on it. It’s my favorite one now).

If the amount of words you wrote is DIVISIBLE BY 3, you realize that the footsteps are telling the amount of distance the pokemon are from you (because you’re so clever like that). And a pokemon appears as soon as you take a step! Have something impossibly lucky happen for one of your characters (that character might be your villain and the lucky thing might be extremely unlucky for a different character).

  You find a Pokestop! Sprint for 2 minutes to spin the picture and see what you get!

Below 75 words - you get a couple pokeballs! Very useful. Give your characters something that they might already have a ton of, but is also useful. Like toilet paper.

Between 76 and 150 - Sweet! Four pokeballs and a revive! Give your character a second chance at that thing they screwed up the first time.

151+ - Wow! Six pokeballs, but what’s that? You got an egg! Create something new in your story! Or have a character create something, like a friendship bracelet. Or take this literally and have that shy boy in the back of the class find out he’s pregnant.   The pokestop you found is at a park. You decide to take a break from your exercising and sit on a bench as you use an incense to lure pokemon to you. Take 30 minutes to go look at some inspiration, flip through pinterest, read part of your favorite book, or add some songs to your playlist. Make sure to have a timer so you don’t get too distracted, and keep notes as the wild pokeIdeas that come to you. Then, if you want, do the pokestop challenge again to get back into writing and maybe expound on those ideas you had. You’re running kind of low on pokeballs right now.   You reached level 5! You can now join one of the three teams!

Yellow - Team Instinct - Take one of your plot bunnys and give it a cameo in your story. Maybe as a random idea that a character has, or it pops up in a tv show or book or perhaps a friend mentions it in passing. AND/OR write 500 words

Red - Team Valor - Confront one of your characters with one of their biggest fears. They find a spider in the bathtub or they lose one of their best friends (either through an argument, the friend dies, or perhaps they simply got separated at the mall). AND/OR write 500 words.

Blue - Team Mystic - Write the moment where one of your characters changes. Either they make a big decision, they tell someone a secret that changes the way that person sees them, or maybe they accidentally stab someone with an ice spear. That would be a big change for both of those characters. If two or more characters change in the moment, get yourself a brownie. AND/OR write 500 words   You can now go to a gym and battle!

If your current total word count is even, then the closest gym to you is owned by the same team you are. Have one of your characters experience a montage, either of themselves training, in a movie they are watching, or perchance it’s a dream that jumps from one scene to the next. Or jump to that one scene that you really want to write in. Write at least 394 words.

If your current total word count is odd, then the closest gym to you is owned by one of the enemy teams, have one of your characters (or multiple) experience 6 difficult things in a row that they may or may not overcome (the alarm goes off and they hit snooze, the raptor climbs into their window and tries to eat them but they are able to slay it  with a broken bedpost and they have a nice raptorous breakfast, but then they’re late for school and fail the math popquiz that they forgot to study for and their vampiric teacher tries to eat them). You get the idea. Write at least 493 words, and this time, make sure to end so your total word count is even.

You realize that it’s past your bedtime as you wander around outside in the dark. That’s fine. BUT YOUR PHONE IS AT 5%!!! Sprint for 5 minutes as you run home to charge it!

Below 200 - Your phone dies on the way there. Write until you reach the next 1,000 in your word count.

Between 201 and 400 - you make it home and just HAVE to write in your journal about everything you did. Write 15% of the word count you’ve written during your adventures.

401+ - you make it home with charge to spare. And find your favorite adorable pokemon waiting in your front yard! Write another 300 words to catch it!