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Word crawl/Disney Crawl

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NAAAAAAnts ingonyamAAAAAA bagithi, Baba. Sithi uhm ingonyama.

The sun is rising over the savanna. The presentation of Simba will start in 10 minutes. You'll have to sprint!

350 words or more: You've got the best seat, with a perfect view and no annoying neighbors!

200 to 350: You get there on time, but you're pretty far back, and worse, you've ended up right next to the monkey section. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more irritating than those screeches in your ears!

100 to 200: By the time you get there, Rafiki is already holding Simba skyward, and you've missed a good portion of the ceremony. Uh-oh. Let's hope Mufasa didn't notice, or you might get in almost as much trouble as Scar will later today.

You leave Pride Rock, excited but tired after all that sprinting. It's time for a nap. You climb a tree and stretch out along a comfortable branch. Do a leisurely 100 words.

Unfortunately, that's as long a nap as you get. Before you're even fully asleep, the ground starts to shake. A loud trumpeting nearly startles you off your branch, and you sit bolt up right. "Oh, no," you groan. "Dawn patrol again."

Yep. It's Colonel Hathi all right, with his entire unit in tow. Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. You fall in behind Hathi's tiny son, who is delighted to have a friend in the group and gives you lots of pointers. Sprint 400 words as you try to follow all of his instructions and keep up with Colonel Hathi's orders.

Eventually, you come to a heavily wooded area, where you are distracted by the antics of a bunch of gorillas, accompanied by an elephant who would obviously never fit in with Colonel Hathi's group. Out of curiosity, you follow, and--wonder of wonders--they lead you to a camp! A human camp! Look at all that crazy stuff lying all over the place! The gorillas decide it would be fun to do some smashing, and after a moment's consideration, you decide to join in.

Time to break some dishes!

1-3: You're way too timid! Sprint 100 words before the gorillas kick you out; you're no fun!

4-7: Shoo bop she doo! You join in the fun full-fledged; go ahead and sprint 50 words for every dish you break!

8-10: You're becoming popular with the gorillas; they give you a lead part in the song! While you sing, sprint 500 words.

11 or more: Sprint to the nearest thousand, and then... Well, you may just end up becoming the new leader of the group!

Just as you're breaking your last dish, you catch a glimpse of something white, with long ears. Your curiosity aroused, you leave the gorillas and chase after it. It turns out to be just a rabbit, with a waistcoat... and a watch! This is too interesting to pass up! The rabbit darts into a hole, and, without pausing to think about what you're doing, you follow. You fall for a very. long. time. Sprint for 20 minutes.

Still falling, you suddenly hear a little tinkling about your head. You look up to see golden dust falling on top of you from a little ball of light. A boyish voice says, "Just think of a wonderful thought. Then follow me: second star to the right, and straight on till morning."

What will you think about?

A mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic room: How girly-girl-ish! Well, to each his (her) own, I guess. But, since I'm the one making this crawl, I can still make you sprint 500 words for that.

A pirate's cave: Now that's more like it! Do you want a share of the treasure from the last raid? For every 100 words you sprint, you can have 10% of it. But if you go higher than 50%... Well, let's just say that you deal with Captain Hook at your own risk.

An Indian brave: Cool! Braves are pretty tough, though. Think you can manage a 400 word sprint in 10 minutes or less?

Keep flying towards that second star to the right! I promise, even though the end of your novel might seem like Neverland, you'll get there eventually.

Press on!