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The Stories of Tomorrow Campaign

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The Stories of Tomorrow is a 2014 NaNoWriMo fundraising drive to rebuild the Young Writers Program website. It ran from June 9 to June 27, 2014.


While the main NaNoWriMo site underwent a major Ruby on Rails overhaul in 2011, the Young Writers Program website has run on Drupal for almost all its life. It was time to give the site a major overhaul so it could support more writers.

This campaign raised $45,230 from 789 donors. This includes a $10,000 donor match from Writers Board member Scott Westerfeld.

#toafuturewriter campaign

  1. toafuturewriter was a social media campaign that featured advice to future writers and pep talks to other writers in participants' lives. On 12 June Wrimos posted to social media sites with writerly advice and future notes to selves and included the #toafuturewriter hashtag. Participants also took photos of things that inspired them. NaNoWriMo used these things to create an online time capsule which will be opened during the NaNoWriMo 2014 season.

Donor Goodies

Donor goodies for the campaign included sets of stickers, postcards, and posters proclaiming that you write or to motivate others to write. Higher level donations included phone calls and feedback from published Wrimos as well as a phone call from Grant Faulkner.

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