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Writing group

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A NaNoWriMo writing group is an optional social feature on the main NaNoWriMo website for groups of up to 20 writers to chat about their writing progress. Writing groups are the successor to cabins. The term is not unique to NaNoWriMo, as many writing groups exist both online and offline.

Writing groups launched for Camp NaNoWriMo's April 2020 session. Unlike cabins, which expire a few days after Camp ends, writing groups never expire, only ending when everyone leaves the group. They can also be formed outside of a Camp NaNoWriMo session.

Any writer can create a group on the NaNoWriMo website. The creator of the group can invite other writers to the group. The Writing Groups, Assemble! forum lets Wrimos find a group to join or try to create a group. These groups can be centered on almost anything: age, genre, common interest... the sky's the limit.

NaNoWriMo regions use similar writing group functionality for regions on the main NaNoWriMo website, except Wrimos can join regions without an invitation.