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Word crawl/Who Crawl

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NOTE: This is very ‘create-your-own-adventure-esque’, so whichever Doctor you travel with, and whichever monster you face will determine the difficulty of the Crawl and throw in some little ‘just for fun’ additions. Of course, Time and Space is all Wobbly-Wobbly, so if you want to just complete the Crawl as is … well, you wouldn’t be the first Companion to completely ignore what The Doctor told you to do now, would you?

Alone in your room, looking hopelessly at the writing in front of you, you wonder how you are ever going to reach 50,000+ words before the 30th November. It seems hopeless. Maybe it's time to start praying to Santa for some help about that crack in the plot of your novel, even if your Aunt has told you it's just ordinary to struggle with your writing. Determined to finish and prove your inner editor wrong, you lean forward, ready to write your next word - but your thoughts are interrupted as a loud whining, whiring sound interrupts you. You climb up from your writing space, heading to the back door of the house to find out who dares interrupt your writing process!

In your back garden sits a blue phone box. The door opens and to your utter surprise (you must have fallen into a novel-induced coma) a man steps out. But ...


Decide yourself or roll one four-sided dice

  • The Ninth Doctor: The sole surviving Time Lord of the Time War, who soldiers on because he doesn't know what else to do with himself - you'd better learn to soldier on too; Add on 100 words to all challenges.
  • The Tenth Doctor: Don't blink. Whatever you do, don't blink. Odd Numbers! Whatever you do, don't end your word count on an odd number! The Doctor has finally learned how to love, you're his best friend, but he's got a bit of a God Complex, he'll break the Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey laws of Time and Space to save you - there are No Consequences for you, The Doctor would never let anything happen to you!
  • The Eleventh Doctor: There will be lots of adventure, and lots of running and probably some Fish Finger Custard. You'd better learn to run fast though, because this younger incarnation is assuming you can keep up, and he's quick on his feet! Minus 5 minutes from all time limits 10-20 minutes and minus 10 minutes from all challenges 30+ minutes. Geronimo!
  • The Twelfth Doctor: Is he a good man? Either decide the answer for yourself or flip a coin - if the answer is yes (heads), half all word counts over 500; if the answer is no (tails), double all word counts under 250. It's time to start living on the edge. You'd better be able to hold your own in a crisis because The Doctor isn't always going to be there to hold your hand - oh, and no hugs.

The Doctor introduces himself and his TARDIS and asks you, "All of Time and Space, where do you want to go?"

As a Nano-er, you answer with the only logical, sane response, "The 1st of November. This year. One minute past midnight." Of course! That will give you even more time to finish your novel!

"Ah!" The Doctor exclaims excitedly. "Another NaNo-er! Let me explain how this works!"

  • PSYCHIC PAPER is your one time only get out clause. Not managed to reach your word count in time? Dalek exterminated your novel (back that thing up now!). Use the Psychic paper for one do over per stage of your adventure.
  • There are most certainly bonus's to travelling with a Time Lord, and THE TARDIS is the biggest of them all! Fancy some extra words? Already used up the Psychic Paper this stage? Just enjoyed your last adventure so much you want to do it all over again? Well, you have a Time Machine! You have the chance to start one of the stages over from the beginning - handy if you're in a jam!
  • The SONIC SCREWDRIVER is handy for all kinds of things, including helping you skip a step of your choice below. Just remember, it doesn't work on wood!

He ushers you into the TARDIS and your adventure begins ...


  • Come On Sexy! As the Doctor starts calling the TARDIS 'sexy' while running about like a mad man, you figure you should probably just leave him to it. You have some spare time to get writing! Warm yourself up for an adventure and sprint for 10 minutes!
  • Quick! The Blue Stabilisers! Uh-oh! Something has gone terribly wrong! You and The Doctor are thrown about The TARDIS, and as The Doctor manages to drag himself up to the console, he shouts for you to "Quick! Press those stupid blue stabiliser buttons on your side!" Roll a six-sided-dice. That's how many 'stupid blue stabiliser buttons' there are; multiply your number by 100 and write that many words as quick as you can.
  • Atmospheric Checks! Finally the TARDIS has landed. Good parking! River Song would be proud. Time for the Atmospheric Checks before you head outside, but the Doctor is adamant he can complete them before you and the TARDIS can. Challenge someone to a 15 minute Word War. If you win, you have the pleasure of beating the Doctor! If they win, double what you just wrote.
  • Planet Earth? The Doctor looks around happily as you step outside to find yourself back on Planet Earth and quickly grabs a newspaper to show you the date. How many days into NaNo are we? Sprint for that many minutes.
  • NaNo At My Soul! As you look at the Newspaper, you notice something tucked away in the bottom corner; a news story about a NaNo-er who has literally had their soul eaten by NaNo! The Doctor looks worried and decides immediately that you should both investigate. He takes off and you follow quickly. Write 250 words in 5 minutes to keep up! If you don't quite manage it, you lose the Doctor in the crowd. Add five minutes to the time limit and repeat until you manage to write quick enough to catch him!
  • The Beginning! Panting and wheezing and trying to catch your breath, you follow the Doctor to the address from the Newspaper. The front door is open and as you step inside, you're greeted by a ghastly sight; pages full of notes and writing are strewn about the hallway and a NaNo-er is sat in the front room, unmoving, amidst the chaos. You and the Doctor step into the house, but he quickly stops dead and points to the kitchen. Following his gaze, you see ...
    • Roll a six-sided Dice or pick one of the following. This alien and its consequences apply to the rest of your adventure (unless you're with the Tenth Doctor, of course!)
  1. DALEK - Sprint 100 words. The Psychic Paper will not work on the Dalek due to their lack of imagination! No more do-overs for you!
  2. THE MASTER - Sprint 200 words. The Master has stolen the TARDIS! No more restarting stages for you!
  3.  VASHTA NERADA - Sprint 300 words. I guess all these pages of notes and writing must have been made from the trees of the Vashta Nerada's feeding ground. The Sonic Screwdriver doesn't work on wood, so no more skip-a-step for you!
  4. THE SILENCE - Sprint 400 words. From now on complete all challenges twice; after all, how will you remember if you've done it the first time with the Silence around? Sprint 400 words!
  5. CYBERMEN - Sprint 500 words. Looks like you're ready for an upgrade. Add 250 words to all goal challenges from now on!
  6. WEEPING ANGELS - Sprint 600 words. Don't blink! From now on, if you fail a challenge then the Angels will catch you and your adventure on the TARDIS with the Doctor will be over!


  • Stairs? Good! I'm Not A Dalek! The Doctor grabs your hand to make you run with him, but as you turn around you find another alien behind you blocking the exit! He drags you to the stairs instead. Write 200 words in 5 minutes to get up the stairs without falling over. If you fall, sprint another 100 words quickly to escape - unless you are facing the Weeping Angels, in which case you must have blinked, and your adventure is over!
  • Hiding Is Cool! The Doctor leads you into one of the empty rooms, slams the door shut behind you and then looks at it in horror. It's made of wood! He holds the door shut instead, grumbling about the Sonic Screwdriver "needing a setting for wood" and you have to admit, it is rather embarrassing. He points to some furniture and tells you to use it to block the door. Word War with someone for 15 minutes. If you win, you manage to move the heavy furniture. If you lose and are facing the Weeping Angels, they get in and your adventure is over. If you lose against any other alien, then the Doctor tries to help you. Attempt the 15 minute Word War again, and both get at least 300 words to block the door.
  • Something You Should Never Put In A Trap! Phew, the door is blocked and the aliens can't get in, but as you both look around, you realise there's no other way out of the room! Time to put your thinking caps on; that door isn't going to hold forever. Write as many words as you can for 30 minutes.
  • Spoilers! Unfortunately your quick thinking doesn't pay off, but suddenly the TARDIS lands in the middle of the room and River Song steps out! The door is giving out now and the aliens are nearly in. Write at least 100 words in 5 minutes if you want that door to hold!
  • Mrs Robinson! You hurry back inside the TARDIS just as the door breaks open and the aliens get in. Just as you thought you were safe, River Song informs you that the aliens are controlling all the humans on Earth, using NaNo to trick people into giving up their souls and their minds for an extra boost on their word count! As the Doctor and River try to come up with a way to end the invasion, you decide you'd better boost your word count quick, before the aliens trick you as well! Boost your word count to the nearest thousand.


  • A Boy And His Box! With your novel thoroughly boosted (nice one!), you are about to ask the Doctor and River if there's anything you can do to help, when suddenly the TARDIS console lights up and takes off on its own - and the Doctor has forgotten to lock the doors! Quick, the last thing you need is to fall into the Time Vortex! Team Work is the key! Challenge someone to a 30 minute Word War and get them writing too! You'll both have to write at least 500 words, otherwise you'll fall out of the TARDIS and into the Time Vortex, lost forever!
  • Spacey-Wacey! The Doctor manages to grab your arm just as you're about to fall out of the doors and River quickly stabilises TARDIS. Once again you land and the Doctor opens the doors hesitantly. You are in the middle of a library, but nobody is moving and you realise that the aliens must have taken over the minds off all these poor NaNo-er's! Slowly, they all climb up from their seats - mumbling about their plot-holes, their writers block and their runway muse - and turn to face you. What is your current word count? Take the first number. This is how many lifeless NaNo-er's are now after you! Under 5? Write 100 words per NaNo-er to escape! Over 5? Write 50 words per NaNo-er to escape!
  • Time To Run! As you escape all the life-less NaNo-er's, you realise that you're running out of time! Someone will have to come up with a plan soon otherwise all the NaNo-er's will be lost forever! Suddenly, the Doctor seems to have come up with a brilliant idea, but although River understands his crazy musings, you have no idea what he's saying! He brings you to a halt and shouts to the remaining lifeless NaNo-er's that all hostile action must cease according to Convention 15 of the Shadow Proclamation. Word Sprint, 350 words in 15 minutes. If you succeed, the NaNo-er's stop their advance. If you don’t and you are facing the Weeping Angels, you’re cornered and your adventure is over. If you don’t and you are facing any other alien, more lifeless NaNo-er’s appear! Complete the ‘Spacey-Wacey!’ step once more to keep running and then the ’Time To Run!’ step again to give the Doctor another chance. If you fail this time, you’re overrun.
  • This Is A TARDIS Self Destruct Button! The Doctor has invoked his right to Parley! The three of you are escorted by the poor NaNo-er's to the invading army's leader. To keep yourself calm during your escorted walk, try a nice, relaxed sprint for 15 minutes.
  • Alright, Fine, It's A Jammy Dodger! As you, the Doctor and River come face to face with the leader of the invading alien race, the Doctor reveals his genius plan. You will prove that NaNo-er's don't need to sell their souls to hit their word count! Quite rightly, you're sure this mad man with a box has lost his mind, but the alien's accept and they challenge you to write as much as possible for 1 hour! The fate of NaNo-er's everywhere is in your hands!

​​* 750 or less - The aliens decide that while 750 words is impressive, you and all other NaNo-er's are in serious need of their help. They steal your soul and your mind!

  • 750-1500 - The aliens are grudgingly impressed with your efforts and agree to let you and all the other NaNo-er's go! Well done!
  • 1500+ - The aliens are speechless. The NaNo-er's are freed and you get bragging rights below!

Well done! Click here to celebrate in style. You've survived an alien invasion!