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Word crawl/Undertale Crawl

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Welcome to the UNDERTALE crawl! Ready to up your word count with inspiration from the new video game? Here you go. (Spoilers ahead.)

When you see a ✧, it's a SAVE point. Even if you fail a challenge, stay DETERMINED! You can go back to the most recent SAVE point and keep going as many times as you need to.


Falling all the way down Mt. Ebott is a pretty nasty spill. Do a three-minute sprint as you try to recover.

Look, it's your best friend Flowey! Supposed best friend. Maybe not your best friend! Type 50 words in a minute to dodge the "friendliness bullets"!

Toriel saves you before you have to try 150 words in a minute, thank goodness. So, which do you like better: cinnamon or butterscotch?

  • Cinnamon: Do a 100-word sprint.
  • Butterscotch: Do a three-minute sprint.

There are all sorts of puzzles to solve here, but you can blaze through them if you try. Do a five-minute sprint.

There's plenty of room to run into random monster encounters, too. Roll a six-sided dice and do that many three-minute sprints.

Look, Napstablook! Try to cheer the ghost up by sprinting to the end of the scene you're on.

You've had your fun in the Ruins, but you're not getting anywhere else without defeating Toriel. Win a five-minute Word War to show her you're strong enough.


You meet the mysterious (or at least weird) Sans with the exchange of a crude joke. Sprint until you've inserted two moments of humor into your story.

How many monsters will you run into this time? Roll a six-sided die and do that many four-minute sprints to beat them.

At the behest of Sans and (mostly) Papyrus, you're forced to solve more puzzles. Get through them by writing at least 350 words in ten minutes.

Which is harder: Junior Jumble or Crossword?

  • Crossword: write your next challenge in all lowercase.

Papyrus blocks the path out of Snowdin! Defeat him by winning a ten-minute Word War!

Congratulations on your win; your reward is a date with the great Papyrus! Do a five-minute sprint with a friend for a total of at least 400 words.


You start to hear about the history of the war between humans and monsters. Sprint to the end of a scene with the inclusion of a long-forgotten character, whether native to this story or pulled out of the slush pile of your other ideas.

You run into a few more puzzles, though it takes more thought than running around to figure out. Spend thirty minutes plotting your novel, whether formally as a Planner or toying with possible little plot lines as a Pantser.

More monsters appear! Roll a five-sided die and do that many five-minute sprints.

Undyne has spotted you on the pier! Dodge her spears by sprinting to 500 words without writing any to-be verbs (is/am/are/was/were) that might slow you down. ✧

Despite your best efforts, you next awaken in the garbage dump and wander around until you inadvertently pick a fight with a rather upset dummy. Turn his attacks back on him by winning a Word War of whatever length you choose.

hOI! You've found Temmie Village! Write 700 words and include a character whose English is at least a bit flawed.

You come to an interesting music puzzle. Do a fifteen-minute sprint while listening to piano music.

Monster Kid is following you around. Despite his wear on your concentration, do your best to pull off a #1k30min.

There's no escaping Undyne this time. You're only able to outpace her by winning a fifteen-minute Word War.


Undyne has been defeated by the heat, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a glass of water. Sprint to the end of your current scene to fetch her one.

You run into Alphys and have a little fun in her lab with all of the escalators. Let them push you to get to 400 words in five minutes.

Mettaton bursts in with a surprise quiz show! Sprint through a scene that reveals at least five facts about your character(s).

Alphys agrees to help you get to the core, but there are a lot of puzzles to solve. Sprint another 1000 words.

You run into several other monsters. Roll a five-sided die and do that many six-minute sprints.

Mettaton "invites" you to the set of his cooking show, but you'll be an ingredient if you don't find a substitute fast! In one minute, write 60 words.

Next is Mettaton's news report... with bombs. Defuse them all within a minute by writing 70 words in that time.

Finally, it's time for a musical interlude. Write for an hour, but make sure you have a good soundtrack.

Just when you thought you were safe, Muffet traps you! The only way to escape her pet is to finish a Fifty Headed Hydra (500 words in five minutes).


Sans whisks you away to a nice restaurant for a few anecdotes and warnings. Sprint for thirty minutes and include at least one knock-knock joke.

On the other side of the resort are Bratty and Catty and their shop. Sprint with a friend for at least five minutes until you both end with the same number of words for the sprint (and no stopping in the middle of any sentences).

You rest a bit, stopping for a bite and an odd chat with the one known as Burgerpants. Write 800 words in some sort of public eatery, burgers or otherwise.

You find your way to the Core, where more random monster encounters appear. Roll a four-sided die and do that many eight-minute sprints.

Mettaton blocks the path to the end, and there's no way past without a battle. Defeat him by winning a twenty-minute Word War.


The first person you meet is Sans, but he's not making so many jokes this time. Sprint to the next serious/heavy scene (and through to the end of it if you hadn't planned it to be serious).

At the end of the castle is Asgore. He shows you the barrier, giving you one last chance to do as you please before his hand is forced. Write 1k words without a time limit.

You return to Asgore, this time to fight. You must win a thirty-minute Word War to defeat him.

You managed to best the king in battle, and he offers his SOUL to you that you may cross the border. Do you kill him or spare him? ✧

  • Kill: Sprint to the next odd thousand (1k, 3k, etc.).
  • Spare: Sprint to the next even thousand (2k, 4k, etc.).'

Just as you think you're finished with Asgore, Flowey launches the last strike against him and steals the six human souls to take on his most powerful form.

You won't be able to win this battle without a little help. Win a one-hour Word War, and make sure you have a friend or six to cheer you on.

With a little help from your friends, you've won! Flowey has been defeated and is at your mercy. What will you do with him?

  • Kill: Sprint 350 words in ten minutes.
  • Spare: Sprint 400 words in fifteen minutes.


Before you can go any farther ahead, you have to backtrack. Write 300 words at a point previous to the part of the story you're currently working on. (It can be a flashback or adding bits and pieces to what you've already written.)

Papyrus convinces Undyne to befriend you with a cooking lesson. How hard do you pound the tomatoes?

  • Like they're the hearts of your enemies: Sprint 450 words in five minutes.
  • Pretty wimpily, actually: Sprint 300 words in five minutes.

Pour in all of the spaghetti! How hard do you stir?

  • Like your life depends on it: Sprint 800 words in ten minutes.
  • Can I just stir it normally?: Sprint 500 words in ten minutes.

Time to turn up the heat! How high do you crank it?

  • All the way!: Sprint 1k in twenty minutes.
  • A reasonable amount: Sprint 800 words in twenty minutes.

Undyne asks you to run a letter to Alphys. Write on the way there to get another 500 words.

There's a bit of a misunderstanding, and you find yourself on a date with Alphys. Make your Undyne role convincing by pummeling those word counts! Sprint hard for 15 minutes.

Everything is settled now, but Undyne still has one question... What do you tell her?

  • Anime is Real: Sprint through an anime-styled fight scene with your characters, be it canon or otherwise.
  • Anime is Not Real: Sprint to the next thousand.


You go to the lab to see Alphys again but find nothing but a 118-word note on the floor. Write the same amount of words in two minutes.

The elevator behind the newly-unlocked door is shaking and malfunctioning! Don't panic, just sprint 300 words in four minutes!

Time to follow her tracks into the True Lab. The lighting and environment change drastically, and you're not quite sure what to make of things. Sprint for fifteen minutes with your eyes closed (or in very dim light if you're writing on paper).

There are a lot of haunting lab data entries to read, though each one is short. Do 21 one-minute sprints of at least 50 words each.

Struggling against the Amalgamates takes more effort than you expected. Participate in seven five-minute Word Wars.

To get the elevator working again, you have to find all four keys, in any order.

  • Blue Key: Sprint for five minutes right before eating a meal.
  • Red Key: Sprint for five minutes right after washing dishes.
  • Green Key: Sprint for five minutes right after taking a shower.
  • Yellow Key: Sprint for five minutes right after waking up.

There are some video tapes of past events, but there's no picture. Sprint for ten minutes, but you can only use non-visual descriptions.


You make your way back to Asgore, who's as cordial as ever. Write for an hour with no word goal.

It's time to battle him, it seems—but Toriel comes in to stop the fight. She and your other friends are all here to protect you, even when Flowey attacks. Participate in @NaNoWordSprints events for the next hour.

Unfortunately, your friends' appearances were just a ruse plotted by Flowey, who absorbs their souls to assume the form of grown Asriel. Hang in there during the fight by winning a one-hour Word War against yourself (two one-hour sprints, the second must have a higher word count than the first).

It seems the only way to defeat him is by tearing your friends from his grasp, one by one.

  • Toriel: Win a five-minute Word War against yourself.
  • Asgore: Do your next challenge while having tea.
  • Papyrus: Do a ten-minute sprint with a friend for a total of at least 900 words.
  • Sans: Do a ten-minute sprint that contains at least three puns.
  • Alphys: Sprint 500 words on a mobile device.
  • Undyne: Win a fifteen-minute Word War against yourself.

You've won! Asriel uses the last of his power to destroy the barrier, and you and your friends (sans Flowey) are free to return to the surface and leave the UNDERTALE sprint behind. Of course, you can always restart if you want to...