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Word crawl/Thanksgiving Day Crawl

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1. Time to wake up and watch the parade! Play it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTpvVZHvwSA) in the background and write until the end of the video.

2. Now it's time to cook, but we should start with a clean kitchen. Write to the nearest 1000 in your overall word count just to tidy things up.

3. First we should put in the turkey because that's going to take the longest to cook. One hour word sprint!

4. And let's start preparing some sides! 5 minute word sprints for each side you would like to include: mash potatoes, biscuits, string beans, yams, carrots.

5. Right about now the guests will start arriving. Go to http://nanowrimo.org/forums/word-wars-prompts-sprints page and look down where it says "There are currently # users online." Since NaNoWriMo is one big happy family, the last three digits are how many guests have shown up. You weren't expecting so many to show up, but you invite them all in and write one word for each guest.

6. The conversation at dinner is lively and entertaining. So many people asking so many getting to know you type questions. Go to the Getting To Know Your Character and complete the most recent post in that thread.

7. People are starting to leave after the wonderful meal, but like any holiday it takes a while to get out the door. 30 minute word sprint!

8. Ah, now everything is done, the party went splendidly, the food was delicious and now all you're left with is the turkey coma and lots and lots of leftovers. Write until the end of the scene you're working on to finish up those leftovers.