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Word crawl/Steven Universe Crawls

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Season One (Episodes 1-26)

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven! Write 250 words as you think about how much you love your family, the Crystal Gems.

It's cookie cat! A treat for your tummy! Write for five minutes as you try to figure out if your powers are connected to eating cookie cat ice cream treats.

There's a flying red eye about to hit beach city! Write 300 words in 10 minutes as you try to find Rose Quartz's laser cannon that's hidden somewhere in Greg's storage. If you succeed: You quickly find the cannon and can rush back to the beach to save the day. Write 100 words to help the crystal gems defeat the red eye. If you were unsuccessful: It takes a lot longer to find the cannon but you eventually find in in the mess. Write for five minutes as you and the gems figure out how to use the cannon to save beach city.

You are super excited to get to use your new cheeseburger backpack! Write 50 words in one minute as you quickly decide what to pack for the mission you get to go on with the crystal gems. If you succeeded: You packed all the perfect items you needed to succeed and the gems are proud of you! Write 150 words to successfully complete the mission. If you were unsuccessful: You just could not figure out what to pack and let the crystal gems down. Write for 5 minutes to figure out how you can still complete the mission and make it up to them.

Even though you made a Together Breakfast for all of them, the Crystal Gems were too busy to eat it with you. To make matters worse, the breakfast came to life and is attacking everyone! Write for 15 minutes to defeat the monster breakfast.

It seems like food items are on a roll of coming to life. Because of some weird gem shards Pearl gave you a lecture about, Frybo the mascot costume has come to life and is terrorizing Beach City. Write 400 words as you try to figure out how to beat the mascot and help your friends at your favorite restaurant.

Amethyst shape shifts all the time, but you just can't seem to get a hold of that power. Except for when you shape shift your fingers into cats, but then you lose control and the cats go wild. Sprint for 5 minutes without looking at the screen to get a hold of yourself by soaking the cats with water.

On the beach, you see a girl you saw at the parade last year but are nervous to talk to her. When she is in danger though, you instinctively cast a magic bubble to protect her. Write 250 words to figure out how to deactivate the bubble and get Connie and yourself back to safety.

You have to prove you can be serious enough to go on missions with the Crystal gems. Inside the ancient gem pyramid temple, you and the Crystal Gems are trapped! Write 200 words in 5 minutes to make it through the ancient gem maze and prove it to them. If you succeed: You figure out how to escape the temple and prove the Crystal Gems proud. If you are unsuccessful: Keep trying to meet the goal as the maze continues to bring you back to the center room. (Retry the challenge up to 3 times, then Garnet is able to help you out and you can move on).

Amethyst has a secret identity as a purple puma wrestler! Write for 10 minutes to come up with your identity as the Tiger Millionaire and fight as Amethyst's partner.

While you and the gems are investigating a magical structure in the desert, you come across a pink lion. Write 300 words to befriend the lion.

After bringing the gems to the local arcade, Garnet get sucked into a music rhythm game. Roll a 6 sided die (or random number generator) and do that many 1 minute sprints as you try different methods of bringing Garnet back to reality.

Pearl and Amethyst are fighting, but they need to fuse to save the day. Write to the “Giant Woman” song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPuR95X0t3k) or 1 min to help the two fuse into Opal.

The gems aren't enthusiastic about birthday parties, and as you ponder the meaning of aging you start feeling and looking older. Write 500 words in ten minutes to get back to your proper age and body. If you succeeded: The gems easily help you get back to your usual state of mind. You are comfortable with being a kid and joke around. If you were unsuccessful: The gems are not sure how to help you and start fighting. Write the rest of the way to 500 words as you turn younger while getting the gems to stop fighting and to help you feel like yourself again.

While hanging out with Lars and the cool kids, a magic moss Rose used to take care of completely covers the cool kids. Write 300 words to help Lars get the cool kids up the hill and into the sun to help the moss flower and save the gang.

It turns out that Onion took your Ranger Guy and won't give it back! Amethyst gives you Pearl's replicator wand to try to get it back. Write 300 words in five minutes to complete the trade. If you succeeded: You duplicate the Ranger Guy so both you and Onion have the toy and then return the duplicator to it's rightful owner, Pearl, who destroys the wand after discovering the prank Amethyst pulled on her. If you are unsuccessful: Onion gets you to trade the duplicator wand for the Ranger Guy and then the little rascal proceeds to create hundreds or thousands of the toys. Write for five more minutes as Garnet helps you get the wand and break it to get rid of the toys and to realize that Onion is lonely and that he can have the toy.

Pearl is teaching you how to use a sword, but the holographic Pearl sends her back into her gem to heal. Write for 20 minutes while you wait for Pearl to return.

You and Connie ride Lion to go to the movie theater to see Dogcopter 3, but Lion takes you to a mysterious gem armory instead. Write 250 words to escape the robot you accidentally activated and to get to the movie theater to see the movie.

The gems accidentally destroy the local pizza restaurant and the Pizza family is mad at all the gems. Write 350 words to help the Gems and the Pizza family defeat the pufferfish monster and mend their relationships.

The gems mess up your video games and you want to go somewhere to get away from them. A room in the temple appears and it even grants all of your wishes! You get hungry and try to leave the room to go find donuts, but Beach City does not seem right. Write for 10 minutes as you decide that this is not what you want and for the room to return you back to the normal temple.

Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite to destroy the gem Communication Hub which is interfering with your television. Sugilite is super strong and Pearl is super jealous. Write to the song “Strong in the Real Way” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d6v9GXBGKg) or 2 mins as you realize that brute strength isn't the only way to solve a situation.

Lars fakes being sick from work to go hang out with other people and Sadie is upset when she finds out. Write 200 words to help Sadie prank Lars to get back at him and show him how much he hurt her.

You found a time travel device at the sea shrine and use it to get more versions of yourself to start a band. Roll a six sided die (or random number generator) to see how many clones you created and how many previous challenges you have to complete again (your choice). Completing the challenges allows you to correct the mistakes that time travel brought, but you will always wonder if you are the original you.

In the temple, you accidentally release the gem Centipeetle from her containment bubble. Write for 10 minutes as you try to befriend the gem.

While having a picnic with Connie, you tell her about how Amethyst cracked her gem and your tears fixed Rose's fountain that was able to heal Amethyst. You get to wear Connie's glasses by trading her for the rest of your juice box and after the story is over, Connie has realized she can see clearly without her glasses. Write 250 words to realize that it was your spit in the juice box that fixed her eyesight!

Pearl gives you a mirror that has a cracked gem in it and is supposed to be able to show events from gem history, but it appears to be broken when you two try it out so Pearl lets you keep it. As you go about your day, it seems like the mirror is able to have conversations with you! You bring the mirror back to the crystal gems to show them, but they are not happy and try to take it. The mirror seems like it does not want to go back with them either. Write 100 words to tun out of the temple to the beach where you ask the mirror how you can help it. You figure out that you have to take the gem out of the back of the mirror and the gem you took out of the mirror reforms into a new humanoid of a gem who introduces herself as Lapis Lazuli. Write for ten minutes as you assure her that you want to help and not hurt her. The Crystal Gems reach you and Lapis on the beach and you try to stop the groups from fighting, but Lapis is angry with the gems for keeping her trapped in the gem. Write 300 words as Lapis escapes Garnet's attack by running into the ocean.

Later you find out that the ocean has disappeared! You think it is probably Lapis since she has water manipulation powers. Write 100 words as you, Greg, Connie, Lion, and the Crystal Gems all set out to find out where Lapis is and to restore the water to the ocean. When you find the water tower that Lapis has made, a fight breaks out between her and all the members of your party. Write a fifty-headed-hydra (500 words in 5 minutes) as the Crystal Gems fight the water clones Lapis made, one of the clones breaks Greg's leg, and you try to convince Lapis that she doesn't need to fight. Finish any of the remaining 500 words to climb to the top of the water tower to talk to Lapis and find out that she just wants to go home. Write for one minute as you use your healing powers to fix her gem and restore Lapis's water wings. Lapis thanks you and flies away. Write 250 words as the water tower falls down and Lion and Connie catch you at the bottom. You return to Beach City and all the citizens are thankful that you returned the water to the ocean. Garnet and Peal do not know what it means that Lapis has left to return home, but you just hope that she is doing okay.

Season 2 (Episodes 27-52)

To start off, write for the length of Steven Universe Extended Theme Song

Greg hurt his leg in the fight against Lapis and you try to heal it using your magic healing spit. You think that it doesn’t work and so Greg stays at the house where you live with the Crystal Gems. Write for 5 minutes as you realize that Greg really just wanted to spend time with you and that his leg actually was healed by your powers.

Pearl wants to go to space with you! Write 300 words as you have to convince her that “sometimes you just got to know when to bail” since the ship is not fully able to handle space travel and half human/ half gem bodies definitely cannot handle space.

Some gem shards accidentally got released from a popped bubble, so you, Amethyst, and Pearl form a secret team to get them back before Garnet finds out. Write 350 words in 10 minutes to try to find all of the half formed gem limbs.

If you succeed: You get all of the gem shards back and Pearl and Amethyst even made up during the process!

If you did not: Garnet found out so you and her form another secret team to get Amethyst and Pearl to confess to what they did instead of letting you take the blame. Write to 450 words (including the ones from the 10 minutes) to make sure that you and Garnet have a believable act that can help Pearl and Amethyst be honest and to apologize.

You want to help Lars and Sadie relax so you take them to a magical beach for a vacation, but the warp pad seems to be broken! Write to the next 500 words of your total word count as you spend time making a new life on the island before getting in trouble and Sadie reveals that she had hidden the warp pad.

Ronaldo has a bunch of theories as to what goes on in Beach City, but you know that most of those things are from you and the Crystal Gems. After you tell him that and he realizes it, Ronaldo grows depressed that nothing is strange. Write for 5 minutes to dress up as a snake people to try and make him feel better which leads to Ronaldo developing a theory about “polymorphic sentient rocks” and “the great diamond authority.”

Connie’s parents want to have dinner with your parents! Greg can go, but who will your mom be? None of the crystal gems will be a good mom to present to the Maheswarans. Write the sum of the last three digits of your total word count multiplied by 25 as the fusion of the three crystal gems named Alexandrite tries to make it through dinner and wins over the Maheswarans with their parenting skills after they fall apart.

Garnet asks you what you think she did with her day. Write for 15 minutes to come up with the story of what Garnet does when she leaves the temple for the day.

After you do the “hurricane spin spit” with watermelon seeds, they start to come to life and even look like you! Roll a six sided die and multiply by 50 and write that number which is the number of watermelon Stevens that you created. When you get them all back from selling them to Beach City residents, the living watermelon Stevens get into a fight with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. baby melon sacrifices himself so the other watermelons stop fighting. You send them out and they can’t come back until they learn what true loyalty is.

Somehow Lion has a portal in his mane that you end up getting pulled into. Write for as long as you can safely hold your breath as you explore the pink world. There you find a cassette and go to the Big Donut to watch it with Sadie. Write 100 words as you watch a video from your mom Rose Quartz to you.

You know that you saw something in the warp stream, but the Crystal Gems do not believe you. Take part in the Stairway Challenge as you try to prove to them that you are right and something else was using the warp stream. Going to the Galaxy Warp, you find a green gem with triangle shaped hair. You find out that the gem’s name is Peridot! Peridot sees the stickers that you had marked the deactivated warp pads with and leaves after talking to herself about how the area might be compromised. Write for 10 minutes as you wonder about what Peridot’s motives are.

The gems try to teach you how to fuse, but it does not work with any of them. But later on the beach when you dance with Connie, something weird happens! Complete a carrot and stick challenge as you and Connie realize that you have fused together and are now an experience that you Garnet tells you to “make sure you’re a good one.”

You want to prove yourself after finding out that the mission you messed up on before was not a crucial mission so the crystal gems set up a series of tasks for you to complete.

Amethyst: A boulder starts chasing after you! Sprint for one minute to outrun the boulder.

Pearl: The next room is a musical puzzle. Write 100 words to figure out the puzzle.

Garnet: You jump over the lava and as you make it to the other side of the room, a spike pillar almost smashes into you but stops short. Write for 5 minutes as you figure out that the obstacles will not hurt you and you test out all of the other rooms to confirm your theory.

You overhear the gems talking about how you needed another “win” to help you regain your confidence but that they do not really know what you need since there is no one else like you. You go to meet them and decide to let them believe that you enjoyed the challenge and did not know that they set it up so you could not fail.

You find out that Garnet has future vision, but that leads to you having anxiety about all the possible things that could go wrong in the future. Roll a six sided die and do that many 5 minute word sprints as you think about all the things that the future could possibly hold.

Write for the length of the song “On the Run" as you and Amethyst run away from home.

It is scary movie night at Ronaldo’s place, the lighthouse, with Sadie and Lars. Strange things start happening so you write 333 words as you try to figure out what is going on. Sadie finds a blue shard gem that reveals a memory of a young Lars carving his name into the lighthouse while hanging out with young Ronaldo before they got into a fight.

While hanging out with Connie, it starts to snow. Garnet gives you a glimpse of future vision so you can make the right decision. Write for 15 minutes as you watch all the possible paths the future could take before you decide that you need to get Connie home right away.

You, Greg, and Amethyst try to clean his storage unit but he and Amethyst get hooked on their old favorite show “Lil’ Butler.” The next day, the city fireworks start so you run to go get Greg before he misses them. He tries to leave but Amethyst gets upset. She starts shape shifting and Greg is upset and you get upset too when Amethyst shifts into Rose. The day after that, you and Greg go back to finish cleaning but you find out that Amethyst finished cleaning it since she felt bad. She hands you a box of things to keep so you write 250 words as you see that it is a framed picture of Greg and Rose.

Peridot’s droids keep showing up and the gems destroy them until you convince them to follow one. The droid goes to the kindergarten which is a place where new gems were made but was going to destroy the earth if it continued. Write for 10 minutes as you go to face Peridot and talk to her. She attacks you and Garnet has to save you, revealing the presence of the other gems on earth to Peridot.

At the Strawberry Battlefield, Lion brings you a pink scabbard that Pearl reveals is what used to hold Rose’s sword. She brings you to the armory where Lion brought you before. You tell Pearl that and she is annoyed since she thought Rose only told her about the room. She asks you to find Rose’s sword which you get out of Lion’s mane. Getting upset, Pearl takes the sword and runs with it back to the Strawberry Battlefield. You follow her and talk to her. Write a Word for Every Post on This Thread as she reenacts a conversation she had with Rose about Pearl pledging herself to Rose.

You and Connie go into Rose’s room in the temple after you wish you could change the ending of your two’s favorite book series. Something seems wrong after Connie changes costumes. Write for 5 minutes as you figure out that the Connie that left the costume shop was a thing created by the room and you go to find the real Connie and tell her that you actually liked the ending of the series.

Buck Dewey, the mayor's son, offers to turn your poster for Greg’s guitar lessons into a t shirt for you and you two give them out to the people of Beach City. However, it turns out that Buck did it as a joke and not as a way to promote Greg. Write 200 words as you take a picture he made as a kid for his dad running for mayor and turn it into a t shirt that you shirt at the mayor during one of his speeches.

Write for the length of the song "Just a Comet" as Greg tells you the story about how he met Rose.

The wailing stone is making a noise that Greg tries to use his audio equipment to decode. That does not work and the gems return to the house. Do the Three Digit Challenge to help Greg figure out that it is a video message that turns out to be from Lapis about how homeworld has changed and another gem is coming to earth.

The power is out in Beach City, Mayor Dewey is lying about the situation, and the Crystal Gems are not being honest about you about the whole Peridot situation. The citizens are upset after they find out about the lies so Steven calms them down by saying they will get through it together and Mayor Dewey just wanted to keep them safe. Write for 10 minutes as you go back home to confront the Crystal Gems about Peridot and the power is restored.

There is a giant green hand in the sky that is pointing at Beach City. The gems have you evacuate the town with Greg who reveals that Rose fought in a rebellion with the Crystal Gems against homeworld. You go back to the beach to help the Crystal Gems and see three gems arriving: Peridot, Lapis, and a new huge gem named Jasper. Write a Fifty Headed Hydra as you protect the Crystal Gems from Jasper with your shield. She mistakes you for your mother since your shield has Rose’s logo. Garnet runs to fight Jasper but Jasper uses a gem destabilizer and turns Garnet into one blue gem and one red gem before knocking you out.

Waking up in a jail cell with a yellow electric barrier, write 250 words as you find out that you can walk through it since you are half human. You find another imprisoned gem, an angry red gem named Ruby. After helping her out of her cell, you two hear a gem singing that Ruby recognizes as Sapphire. You both set out to find Sapphire but find Lapis imprisoned as well. Ruby runs off to find Sapphire and Lapis tells you not to fight your captors. You tell Lapis you will come back for her and leave to find Sapphire when you overhear Jasper telling Peridot that they are returning to homeworld. You finally find and free Sapphire and she drags you behind her as she runs after Ruby. The two meet each other and hug, fusing back into Garnet. Garnet gives you future vision to go find Amethyst and Pearl before she fights Jasper. Write to the song Stronger Than You as Garnet throws Jasper into the ship’s core and the ship starts to crash. Peridot escapes the ship in a pod. After the ship crashes to the ground (with everyone safe thankfully) Jasper crawls out of the wreckage saying that she could beat the Crystal Gems if she had someone to fuse with. Write 3% of your total word count or 50,000 (whichever is lower) as Jasper and Lapis fuse into Malachite before Lapis uses chains of water to drag the both of them into the ocean.