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Word crawl/Pub Crawl 2

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The Hungry Crier: This is a foody sort of place (no pub grub here!) and in your novelling gear you feel rather underdressed. That waiter is even smirking at your ‘Novelists Do it in 30 Days!’ T-Shirt! You decide to get out of there quickly with a quick sprint to the nearest thousand.

The Straight Wheelwright: It’s only when you notice the sparkling umbrella in your drink that you realise that this bar’s name isn’t particularly accurate. Still, who doesn’t love an umbrella in their drink? Plus the music is bouncy and everyone lets you do your own thing. You stick around for a scene war (sprinting to the end of the scene you are on.)

The Lucky Deer: You have no idea why this deer was lucky. This city centre bar used to be a place meat was stored and had now been converted to an underground ice bar. The frost patterns are very pretty and the glasses (made of ice) are very awesome but the rules state you can only stay down here for a short time (possibly to prevent hypothermia, more likely because there’s a queue of people wanting in). You use your remaining time to do a 15 min word war.

The Comet: Oh this is heaven! A themed bar decorated with props from your favourite cult TV shows. The bartender is dressed as Giles, the DJ is playing a Star Trek theme mash-up, and – hurrah! – there’s a TARDIS over by the toilets. This seems like a place to get comfy and do a 30 min word war.

The Laughing Vicar: By now you really are pretty hungry and the Laughing Vicar doesn’t mess around when it comes to food. No finger sandwiches here – they bring you a baguette groaning under eleven different fillings, a bowl of chips, and a complimentary mint chocolate. You had planned to move on quickly but you find yourself a bit too full to move and settle down for a 1k sprint (or slow jog, you are rather full).

The Sleeping Mummy: Oh good lord, this is a student bar! It’s noisy and they are listening to music from your teenage years… but ironically. You get out of there quick, with just a 10 min word war under your belt.

The Dancing Gargoyle: You’re concerned by the advertisement for the ‘LIVE BAND’, but once you get inside the music isn’t too loud. Best of all it’s a tribute band to your favourite musicians and there’s a very familiar looking kazoo player. Feeling much better you manage an Epic Music Writing Hour. (As a tip, the channel has several other long playlists so if you want something new try one of those.)

The Woodcutter: This is an old school country pub, in fact it’s so rural that it takes you over an hour to find it and by that time the snow is falling heavily. You hang your scarf and gloves to dry in front of a crackling fire, order a hot toddy, and do the 3 digits challenge. Remember, the quicker you go the less chance you have of getting snowed in!

The Brass Angel: OK. You’re tired. But the end is in sight. Only two more to go; and the Brass Angel is very inviting. The barman is very sympathetic and listens to you bemoan your novel, cry over your characters, and sheepishly confess your inability to spell the word ‘disappeared.’ Being a good barman indeed he keeps the drinks a-comin’ but gently points out that drink won’t make your problems go away. In a mad rush of drunken optimism you agree to another 1k sprint.

The Victory Inn: Victory is within sight for your novel, and even more so for your pub crawl! Unfortunately its karaoke night here at the Victory Inn and you are a little tipsy. In time honoured tradition of pub crawls you put your name down for Something Stupid. Thankfully you aren’t going to be crooning any Sinatra… the something stupid you signed up for was an 90 minute word war. To victory!!