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Word crawl/Pub Crawl

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  • You must take the pubs in order without skipping any.
  • You don't have to post in the original thread but it's quite nice to do so!
  • Have fun!

The Hound Arms
This Sherlock Holmes themed pub is very cozy but rather too full of drunken people shouting 'Elementary' for your tastes. Wanting to get on your way quickly, you start with a 5 Minute Word War.[1]

The Highwayman Tavern
This city-based bar is full of bankers shouting into their phones. Several look like they've just stepped out of the eighties. Not wanting to stick around you do a 15 Minute Word War.[2]

The Counselor
- This is far more your style. It's a gastro pub and you decide to stick around for some food. You take the time to do a 30 Minute Word War.[3]

Ugly Castle Inn
The Ugly Castle Inn is not a castle, but it is very ugly and slightly sticky. Fortunately it's also cheap. You make the most of the cheap booze with another 30 Minute Word War.[3]

The Headless Woman
You are told that twelve ghosts haunt this building by the gleeful owner. You personally feel that this is no excuse for a lack of WiFi. However a ghostly figure in the corner of your eye gives you a great idea and you set off on a 1k Sprint.[4]

The Good Spectre
Oh no, this isn't very good. It's very noisy and - dear god - there's a kids' play area. You decide a short sharp burst of three digits is for the best. [5]

Bitter Anchor Arms
This place is on the coast and in your seat by the window you can look out over the stormy sea. Plus they have the best ale EVER and an open fire. Loving the atmosphere you decide to stick around and do another 1k Sprint.[4]

Gobbling Rat Tavern
This has an amazing band. It's wonderful what they can do with just three instruments and a kazoo! You stick around to listen for an hour by taking the Epic Music Writing Hour challenge.[6]

Undead Midwife Tavern
Oooh this place is spooky. Either that or they've forgotten to take down their Halloween decorations. Not wanting anyone to think you're chicken you stick it out for a ten minute word war.[7]

The Free Artisan Tavern
Oh this feels like home. They've got a massive bookcase, comfy chairs, and a roaring fire. On the walls are pictures of all your favourite authors and you hear a rumour of a first edition Harry Potter on the premises. Your journey is complete and you can relax here as long as you want. Starting with a 3k in one hour![8]

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