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Word crawl/Pokemon Crawl

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Full disclosure: This is long. Splitting it up over days is totally reasonable, but you can go for it in one sitting if you feel like it! Also, I tried to create links to the number generator etc. that you may need to complete this crawl. If they don't work, just copy the URL that will be displayed instead. Have fun! :)

Pokemon Crawl

This crawl focuses on the original 151 pokemon, for simplicity’s sake. It is fairly straightforward, simply follow the directions. Anytime you earn a potion along the way, use it to bypass any task that causes you to faint, and continue your journey.

Start in Pallet town, and do a 100 word sprint.

  • If it took you less than 2 minutes, congratulations! Pick your favorite Gen 1 starter and hit the road.
  • If it took you more than 2 minutes, oh no! Your favorite Gen 1 starter has already been taken, so pick another and hit the road.

Your first stop is Viridian City, but the gym is all locked up. Go to the store instead, and pick up a potion. You might need it later.

Next stop, Pewter City, but to get there, you need to cross through Viridian Forest.

Oh no! There are bug types everywhere!

  • If you have a Bulbasaur, you’re weak to bug types. Fight those suckers off with a 15 minute word war. If you win the war, you beat the bugs, continue on your way. If you lose, you faint. Try again.
  • Fire is super effective against bugs! If you picked Charmander, take a leisurely stroll through the forest by doing a free write for 10 minutes.
  • Squirtle is neither strong, nor weak to bug pokemon, so spend the next 10 minutes working on any scene you think could be a little bit stronger.

You come to Pewter City, ready to rock. Make your way to the gym to battle Brock for your Boulder Badge.

  • If you picked Squirtle, water is strong to rock. Do a sprint to the nearest hundred and move on with your badge.
  • If you picked Bulbasaur, vine whip will get you through alright. Do a five minute word war. More than 150 words, you win! Get your badge and go. Less than 150, you fainted. Try again.
  • If you picked Charmander, sorry dude. Rock is strong to fire, so show your skill by completing a 10 minute word war. More than 350 words, you win! Less than 350 words, you pass out. Try again.

You made it through Pewter City, and are one step closer to becoming the Pokemon Master! You cut through Mount Moon to get to Cerulean City.

  • Ahhhh! There are Zubats everywhere! Roll a dice/ use a number generator. If you rolled a 4-6, yay! you fight through with no problem. Take a potion, and move on. 1-3, you make it through, but barely. (If you can sprint the number you rolled x100 in 5 minutes, feel free to try again)

After your battle in Mount Moon, you come into Cerulean City ready to make a splash. You have to fight gym leader Misty for your Cascade Badge.

  • If you picked Bulbasaur your grass soaks up all the water your competition can spray at you with no problem. Free write a scene you’ve been looking forward to writing for ten minutes. After that, get your Cascade Badge and move on.
  • Squirtle and Charmander are both weak to water, so you’ll have a little bit of a tougher time. Work on a scene you’ve been putting off for the next ten minutes. After that, get your Cascade Badge and move on.

Wow, what’s this?! Your pokemon is evolving! Do a 200 word sprint to hurry the process along. If you do it in under three minutes, take a potion for your awesome speed.

You get to Vermilion City and find that the S.S. Anne is in port! This pokemon party ship only lets the best on board. Prove that you are the best by picking your favorite pokemon, and sprinting five times its pokedex number if it’s a triple digit, sprint ten times the number if it’s double digit, and 100 times the number if it’s a single digit.

Enjoy your time on the ship by taking a writing break. You deserve it!

Ok, that was fun, but back to business. You face Lieutenant Surge and his electric pokemon now.

  • All starters have normal effects against electricity, so everyone roll a dice/use a number generator, to get a number, then sprint that many times a hundred. Once you finish, get your Thunder Badge, and head out once more.

Lavender Town is a spooky place. There’s no gym and it’s haunted by ghost pokemon. Sprint to the nearest hundred to leave as quick as you can.

Welcome to Celadon, the big city. The giant shopping center here is a great place to buy a potion, if you want.

  • If you want to try for an extra potion, do a 15 minute word war. Win the war, win the potion. If you don’t want the potion, move on to the gym.

Erika awaits you with grass types, standing between you and your Rainbow Badge.

  • Charmeleon will burn through these grass pokemon, so burn through your novel by finishing the page you are currently on.
  • Ivysaur and Wartortle will both struggle with the grass types. Do an hour long word war, win or lose, take your badge and move on.

Saffron City awaits you with its Psychic pokemon, and trainer Sabrina! Beat them for a Marsh Badge!

  • Psychic pokemon can wreak havoc on you, and make you want to quit! Sprint to the nearest thousand to show them you are tougher than that, and earn your fifth badge!

Only three more badges to go before you can take on the Elite Four and prove that you truly are the very best, like no one ever was. You are on your way to Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City contains the Safari Zone, which holds all kinds of cool pokemon. You are taking a stroll through the Safari Zone, when suddenly a wild <your favorite pokemon> appears! To catch it and add it to your team, sprint 100 words, while listening to this to motivate you. If you get over 150 words, take a potion as well. Less than 100 words, it ran. Darn it. Do this as many times as it takes to catch your favorite pokemon. (If your favorite happens to be the starter you chose, pick your second favorite).

Your team is stronger than ever, and ready to take on Koga, and his Poison Types!

  • If either of your pokemon are Ground, or Psychic types, you’re strong against your enemies. Show your strength by completing a 30 minute word war.
  • If both of your pokemon are Grass, Fighting, Poison, or Bug you are weak to your enemies. Win a 60 minute word war to earn your Soul Badge. If you lose, you fainted. Try again.
  • If your pokemon do not fit into either of the above categories, win a 30 minute word war to earn your badge and move on. If you lose, you fainted; try again.

You are on your way to Cinnabar Island to earn your seventh badge, the Volcano Badge, when suddenly, your starter evolves again! Sprint 400 words to hurry the process along. Do it in less than 5 minutes, and receive a potion for being amazing.

The gym on Cinnabar Island is home to Blaine and his white-hot fire types. Do what you can to cool them off and collect your second to last badge.

  • If either of your pokemon are Water, Ground, or Rock quench the flames while you quench your thirst. Get a beverage of your choosing, and write at your own pace until it is gone. Your Volcano Badge will be waiting for you on the other side.
  • If both of your pokemon are Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, or Steel then you struggle to handle the heat. Sprint to the nearest thousand to outrun the flames, and earn your Volcano Badge.
  • If your pokemon do not fit into either of the above categories, then throw out a little fire of your own by writing for ten minutes a scene where things heat up, (Literal fire, a fight, a moment of passion, a day in the sun, anything you want) before taking your badge and going on your way.

For the last badge, head back to Viridian City and face Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, notorious pokemon villains! He wants to crush your dreams with his Ground types, but don’t let him!

  • If either of your pokemon are Water, Grass, or Ice then your heroic spirit overcomes your enemies with ease! Free write a scene where the protagonist comes out on top.
  • If both of your pokemon are Electric, Poison or Rock then it looks like you are doomed, unless you can write a scene where the antagonist comes out on top!
  • If your pokemon do not fit into either category, write about an interaction between the protagonist and antagonist, and you decide who comes out on top!

Now that you have all eight badges you can now challenge The Elite Four! These four masterful trainers are considered the best in the land, but you can beat them all!

To beat the Elite Four, do four 60 minute word wars. If you lose, don’t give up! You’re almost there. Once you have won all four, you truly are the very best. Enjoy your time as pokemon master, and enjoy the dent you just made in your word count. The entire poke-universe applauds your skill.