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Word crawl/Naruto Crawl

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This only covers the first arc of the Naruto anime (episodes 1-19). You should be able to get through it without much trouble, but it's definitely an endurance test.

Ninja Academy Final Exam: You’ve studied hard to get here! Now it’s time to show off your skills! Do you know how to do the three Academy Techniques?

Clone Technique (100 words in 5 minutes)

Transformation Technique (a 3 minute sprint)

Replacement Technique (Roll a die and multiply that number by 50)

If you succeed, go on to the Commencement Ceremony. If not, Mizuki tricks you into stealing the Scroll of Forbidden Techniques! Write 500 words in under 20 minutes to learn the Shadow Clone technique and save Iruka-sensei! (If you fail, go back to the Academy and start over. You need more training to become a real ninja. If you succeed, you go into your ninja training with one free re-do.)

Commencement Ceremony: Congratulations! You’ve received your ninja headband! Sprint to 150 words to celebrate!

Team Assignment: You’ve been put on a team with:

your crush, Sakura! Yay! (write 100 words to celebrate)

your rival, Sasuke! (vent your frustration with a 5-minute sprint)

The Bell Test: Kakashi-sensei is threatening to send you back to the Ninja Academy if you can’t succeed in taking a bell from him before noon! Write 400 words in 10 minutes. If you succeed, you and your teammates work together to pass the test, and go on to your first D-Rank Mission. If not, you’ve failed to work with your teammates. Your sensei ties you to a post and instructs your teammates not to give you any lunch. But maybe your teammates will have a change of heart!

-Sakura (Roll a die and multiply by three. Sprint for that number of minutes.)

-Sasuke (Roll a die and multiply by 50. Write that number of words.)

In the end, your teammates relent and share their food. Kakashi-sensei is pleased that you’ve learned to think about one another’s needs and accepts you as his students.

D-Rank Mission: The Fire Daimyo’s wife has lost her pet cat again. Your team is assigned to track down the cat and return it safely home. Quick, do a 5-minute sprint! If you’ve written more than 150 words, your mission is a success! You’re allowed to move on to the Mission to Wave Country, Part I. If you didn’t manage to write 150 words, you found the cat, but took all day to do it. The Hokage assigns you 100 words as punishment before you can take on your next mission.

Mission to Wave Country, Part I

Persuade the Hokage: If you succeeded in your D-rank mission, write 75 words convincing the Hokage to give you a C-rank mission. If it took you all day to find the cat, you’ll have to double that for 150 words!

Grumpy Old Man: The Hokage is persuaded by your argument (or maybe he’s just tired of your pestering) and gives you a C-rank mission! Your mission is to escort a bridge builder named Tazuna back to his home in Wave Country and protect him from bandits or thieves along the way. Sounds simple, right? But Tazuna’s got a sour temper and he’s getting on your nerves with his complaints. What’s your current word count? Take the last three digits of that number and write that many words to distract yourself from his griping.

Travelling: You travel down the road. You were excited to leave the village at first, but now you’re beginning to realize how dull this mission might be. Patience is a virtue: write nonstop for ten minutes to prove you can be patient like a ninja should be! If you end up with more than 300 words, you get one free redo to use further down the road.

Attack: Suddenly, you have a sense of incoming danger! Two enemy ninja leap out of hiding and attack your sensei. After he goes down, they come after you and your teammates! What do you do? Time for a Word War: whoever reaches 250 words first wins!

-Winner: You leap into action to protect your teammates and the bridge builder! At first you seem to be winning, but these ninja are chunin and you can’t beat them single-handedly. They try to kill Tazuna, but you throw yourself in front of him to protect him. You think you’re going to die, but at the last moment Kakashi-sensei appears to take down the ninja. You’re safe!

-Loser: You’re too scared to move! Your teammates leap into action, but you don’t know what to do. One of the enemy ninja cuts you with a poisoned blade. Your rival throws himself in the path of enemy fire to protect Tazuna. You think he’s going to die, but at the last moment Kakashi-sensei appears to take down the ninja.

If you won, head straight on to The Truth Comes Out. If you lost and got cut by the poisoned blade, write 200 words to get the toxins out of your bloodstream before proceeding.

The Truth Comes Out: Your sensei has realized that Tazuna wasn’t telling the whole truth about his mission. Questioning him doesn’t take long: only about 100 words. Finally, Tazuna admits that the enemy ninja were after him. He explains that an evil business magnate named Gato has been controlling the land of Wave, and Tazuna’s bridge is the only way the citizens have of reaching the mainland to buy goods that aren’t controlled by Gato’s business. As a result, Gato doesn’t want the bridge completed and sent mercenary ninja after him. Your sensei realizes that this could actually be an A-Ranked Mission. If you like, you can:

Write an extra 300 words to make an inspiring speech about your sympathy for the predicament the citizens of Wave Country find themselves in, and earn a free re-do. Or you can just proceed to the next challenge.

You set up camp for the night.

SAVE POINT: If you die during Wave Country Part II, respawn here to try again.

Mission to Wave Country, Part II

Deliberation: After discussing the issue for 100 words with your teammates, you decide to continue the mission. You know that the citizens of Wave Country need your help to see that the bridge is completed.

The Enemy Appears: Now you’re on high alert. You throw kunai into the bushes at the slightest noise, but the only thing you find is a frightened rabbit. Your sensei looks worried, though. Suddenly he shouts, “Get down!” You have 1 minute to write 30 words. If you succeed, you duck in time and avoid the giant metal blade that goes flying over your head. If you fail, you’re hit by the blade and die. Better luck next time. (Respawn at the Save Point.)

After you duck, you look up to see a masked man standing on the huge blade. He’s clearly an incredible ninja. You look to your sensei. His face is grim, and he lifts up one side of his headband to show a Sharingan. He tells you to protect the bridge builder- the opponent is Zabuza Momochi, a famous rogue ninja.

Hidden Mist Technique: Zabuza uses a mist technique to block your vision. Write for five minutes with your eyes closed to practice using your other senses.

Killing Intent: You feel Zabuza’s killing intent. You’ve never felt anything so terrifying, and it makes you want to give up. Strengthen your will by doing two 3-minute sprints. If your total word count is over 100, you manage to withstand the fear. If not, you let your guard down and Zabuza kills you. (Respawn at the Save Point.)

Kakashi Trapped: Your sensei has been holding off Zabuza up. But now, Zabuza has him trapped in a ball of water. He can’t move or breathe, and it’s up to you to save him before it’s too late! This requires a quick plan. But will it work? You decide to give it a shot and hope for the best. Write 250 words in 15 minutes. If you succeed, the plan works and Kakashi-sensei is freed. Proceed to Zabuza Defeated. If not… sorry, but you’ll have to respawn at the save point.

Zabuza Defeated: Your plan was brilliant! You rescue your sensei from the water ball. He uses his Sharingan to copy Zabuza’s jutsu and deals a crushing blow with his Super Waterfall Attack. Kakashi-sensei is about to finish him off when he is intercepted by a mysterious young boy. The boy takes Zabuza’s body away. Surely Zabuza is dead, though… right?

Your sensei is exhausted and passes out moments later. Looks like you’ll have to carry him. Write a short scene where the protagonist is mentally or physically exhausted. Working together, you and your teammates carry your sensei the rest of the way down the road. Fortunately, you aren’t far from your destination. You reach Tazuna’s house and can finally rest.

Mission to Wave Country, Part III

Tree-Climbing: Your sensei wants you to learn how to climb trees using chakra. Write a Fifty-Headed Hydra (500 words in five minutes). If you succeed, you, like Sakura, have perfect chakra control. Proceed to Guard Duty. Didn’t quite make it? Looks like you’ll have a long night ahead of you.

-First, try improving your technique little by little. Start with a 70-word sprint. Then do an 80-word sprint. Then 90 words. Then 100! (For a 340-word total). Work your way up the tree slowly but steadily.

-Next, spark your competitive spirit by finding the five-minute version of the Naruto OST “Raising Fighting Spirit” on Youtube. Put it on, and don’t stop writing until it’s over!

-Last, compete with your rival to see who can learn the technique the most quickly. Have a Word War! Whoever has the most words at the end of ten minutes wins! Both the winner and loser move on, but the winner has earned another re-do.

Encounter in the Forest: You fall asleep in the forest after training so hard. When you wake up, you realize you aren’t alone. A girl is in the forest clearing with you. She’s really pretty, and you want to impress her. Talk with her for 250 words about the things and people that are important to you. As she leaves, she grins back at you and says, “By the way, I’m actually a boy.”

Guard Duty: Wave Country is poorer than you realized. As you follow Tazuna around on bodyguard duty, you see nothing but hunger and poverty. The citizens have all been beaten down by Gato. An orphaned girl walks up to you and tugs on your shirtsleeve. If you like, you can write an optional 600 words to give her some of your food. Or you could just walk away and leave her there. It’s your choice.

That night you return to Tazuna’s home feeling grateful for your fortune in life. You are very tired, and you fall into a deep sleep.

SAVE POINT: If you die during Wave Country Part IV, respawn here to try again.

Mission to Wave Country, Part IV

You sleep late the following morning, and your team decides not to wake you. Your sensei and two teammates accompany Tazuna to the bridge, which is nearing completion. Little do they know that something sinister is lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

The Mercenaries at Tazuna’s House: When you wake up, you’re dismayed at being left behind by your team. You grab your gear and head out to the bridge. Write 350 words in fifteen minutes to spark your memory to leave some shadow clones with Tazuna’s grandson and daughter. If you weren’t able to, respawn at the save point.

-Roll a die. Then number you get is the number of shadow clones you make. But that’s going to take a lot of chakra! Write 50 words for each shadow clone.

Your clones save the day and you head on to meet you teammates at the bridge.

The Battle at the Bridge: You arrive at the bridge only to find that your teammates and your sensei are engaged in battle with Zabuza (oh, no, he’s alive) and the mysterious boy who saved him earlier. Your sensei is fighting Zabuza and your crush is protecting the bridge builder. But your rival is trapped in a strange ice technique! Time to test your limits with a Fifty-Headed Hydra (write 500 words in five minutes)! If you succeed, you do the intelligent thing and attack your rival’s ice prison from the outside while he attacks from the inside. You destroy the ice prison and skip all the way to Taking Down Haku.

If you failed, don’t worry. You haven’t died just yet. Instead of attacking from the outside, you sneaked your way into the ice prison, and now you and your rival are both trapped.

Inside the Ice Prison: Brrr, it’s cold in here! Write a quick scene with some heat in it. It could be literal heat or just heated dialogue, passionate romance, or fiery determination.

That’s better. Now it’s time to take down this prison from the inside! Only one problem: the enemy is moving faster than you can see! He attacks seemingly from everywhere at once. First, sprint for ten minutes to awaken stage 1 of the Sharingan. Now you can see the enemy’s movement’s clearly.

It’s time for a Word War! The first person to reach 400 words is the winner:

-Winner: You figure out the enemy’s trick! Your reflexes are fast enough that you can grab the enemy mid-leap. You and your teammate manage to escape the ice prison! Proceed to Taking Down Haku.

-Loser: Your rival Sasuke figures out the enemy’s trick. But before you can do anything about it, the enemy kills him! Even worse, he died protecting you. Write a sad scene to mourn the death of your friend. You break through the ice prison with the power of your anguish. Proceed to the next challenge.

Taking Down Haku: The mysterious enemy’s mask is broken. If you took the path with the Encounter in the Forest, you realize that your enemy was actually the boy you talked to in the forest all along! Haku tells you how he came to be Zabuza’s companion for a ten-minute sprint. If you never met Haku, skip this challenge.

If you lost your teammate Inside the Ice Prison, you’re fighting Haku alone. Sprint to 400 words in 25 minutes. If your teammate is still alive, you work together to fight Haku and you only have to write half that amount. If you succeed, you survive. If not, well… see you at the save point.

You don’t know if you want to fight Haku. But before you can decide, Haku throws himself in front of Zabuza to protect him from your sensei’s attack. He dies.

Battling with Zabuza: Your sensei is dismayed at the death of Haku, who was an unusually honorable opponent. He takes Haku’s body and lays it out to the side of the bridge.

Did you hear Haku’s story in Taking Down Haku? If so, you wax eloquent for 150 words about how much Haku cared about Zabuza. Zabuza is persuaded to admit that he too cared about Haku, and he gives up his allegiance to Gato. Proceed to Gato’s Arrival.

If you didn’t hear Haku’s story, this fight will be a little longer. Your sensei has to take down Zabuza while you protect Tazuna. You can’t let your guard down! Marathon for thirty minutes until Kakashi finally defeats Zabuza. Proceed to Gato’s Arrival.

Gato’s Arrival: Gato shows up with several hundred mercenaries. It turns out that he’d meant to betray Haku and Zabuza all along.

-If Zabuza and Sasuke are both dead, tough luck. You have to defeat Gato- and his mercenary crew- on your own. Write 1000 words. You defeat Gato by the skin of your teeth and barely manage to save your own neck.

-If either Zabuza or Sasuke is alive (but not both) you’ll have a little help. Write 800 words. If Zabuza is alive, he dies after killing Gato for his betrayal. If your teammate is alive, he makes it out tired, but safe.

-If both Zabuza and Sasuke are alive, you’ll be well on your way to taking down Gato Corporation for good! Write 600 words. Zabuza dies after killing Gato for his betrayal.

The Mercenaries: Gato’s mercenaries may be leaderless now, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go down without a fight. Now they’ve lost the person paying them, they decide to turn on the village to find loot. You’ve got to stop them! Did you write 600 words for the orphan girl in Guard Duty?

-If so, then the villagers come to help you defeat the mercenaries. Write leisurely for 300 words. What goes around, comes around.

-If not, you’re on your own. That’s what you get for being so selfish. Write 1000 words in 30 minutes. If you fail… you have terrible luck. Respawn at the save point and learn your lesson about giving to those less fortunate than you.

You manage to drive away the mercenaries. If your rival is still alive, skip ahead to Mission Accomplished. If not, go to the next challenge.

Sasuke’s Revival: It turns out that Haku hadn’t meant to kill your rival, but only put him in a death-like trance. Write a scene with a big plot twist. Your rival wakes up safely and all is well.

Mission Accomplished: You all head back to Tazuna’s house. You’re exhausted from your long battle. Put on some relaxing music and write for a restful twenty minutes. After that, you’re also pretty hungry. Get a snack and munch on another hundred words.

After just a few more days, the bridge is finished. Have a quick Word War with your rival. Whoever has the most words written in ten minutes wins and gets the bridge named after them. What’s the name of your bridge?

The Great _________ Bridge!