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Word crawl/Mean Girls Crawl

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It's your first day in a public high school after living in Africa with your parents for the last 12 years and being homeschooled. Write for 12 minutes as you adjust to American culture.

Quick! You've got to find a good seat in your first class before they're all taken. Write 300 words in 10 minutes.

-If you succeed: Phew! You got the last good seat in the nick of time. Enjoy the fresh air.

-If you fail: During the search, you bump into your teacher, spilling coffee on her shirt. You've not only embarrassed her, you now have to sit behind the farter. Write 100 words to distract you from the smell.

So the first day may not have gone so great, but the second day you make new friends, Janis and Damian. They convince you to ditch class and that's when you get your first sighting of the Plastics. Roll a die to get the deets on one of them:

-1 or 4: Karen Smith - she asked Damian how to spell 'orange' once. Write to the next multiple of 1,000 but try not to strain yourself too hard with the spelling.

-2 or 5: Gretchen Wieners - her hair is so big because it's full of secrets. Probably thousands of them. Write 1,000 words.

-3 or 6: Regina George - she's the queen bee. People think it's cool when she punches them in the face. Try to punch out 1,000 words in 30 minutes.

At lunch, the Plastics invite you to sit at their table. Can you follow all of their rules?

-If it’s Wednesday, and you’re not wearing pink: Write 250 words.

-If you’ve worn a tanktop two days in a row this week: Write 200 words.

-If your hair’s been in a ponytail more than once this week: Write 100 words for every day it’s been in a ponytail the last 7 days.

-If it’s not a Friday and you’re wearing jeans or sweatpants: Write 300 words.

-If you broke all of those rules, write an extra 500 words to be able to sit with them.

-If you didn’t break any of those rules, write for 30 minutes as you enjoy lunch with the A-listers.

In 8th period calculus, you meet Aaron Samuels. He’s so cute. You get distracted staring into his dreamy eyes and don’t hear Ms. Norbury’s question. Sprint to 300 words to act like you were paying attention.

Do the Three Digit Challenge to survive your first three-way phone call when Regina tells you that Gretchen’s told her about your crush on her ex, Aaron.

After many titillating conversations about what day it is (Oct. 3rd) and the weather (yeah…it’s raining), Aaron finally invites you to a Halloween party. What’s your costume?

-“Ex” wife/zombie bride – that’s what Halloween is about: Write for 15 minutes for being yourself.

-A dress with animal ears: Write 500 words for following the slut rule.

What a slut. Regina takes Aaron back instead of putting in a good word for you. You plot with Janis and Damian to take her down:

Aaron Samuels (high stakes man candy)

Complete all of the challenges below to get Aaron to find out that Regina’s cheating on him with Shane Oman.

-You post that swim practice has been moved to the projector room above the auditorium where Regina and Shane do their hanky panky. Aaron only finds Shane in his underwear. Write 300 words to get that image out of your head.

-Damian steals your purse in front of Aaron, who chases him to the auditorium room. Sprint to 500 words! You only find Trang Pak and Coach Carr making out. Awkward.

-Play dumb at math. Have Aaron tutor you. Spill the beans after you’ve stolen a kiss and he still won’t break up with her. Write 10 minutes to recover from your unceremonious reveal.

“Hot” Body (technically good physique)

-You get the bright idea of giving Regina high-calorie Kalteen bars, which your mom gave to children in Africa to help them gain weight. Write to the next 1,000 words to revel in your genius.

Army of Skanks (ignorant band of loyal followers)

You gotta crack Gretchen Wieners to crack em all. Want me to say crack again? Crack. Complete all these challenges to crack Gretchen.

-Send everyone a candy gram (supposedly from Regina) except Gretchen to make her think Regina’s made at her. Write 100 words for every candy gram. That’s one for Cady, one for Karen, and four for Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco! (600 words)

-Switch places with Gretchen for the annual Jingle Bell Rock dance at the Winter Talent Show. Do a song sprint to Jingle Bell Rock to save the night. Skip this challenge if you know all the words to Jingle Bell Rock. You go…you!

-Write 100 words if you use the word ‘fetch’. And stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.

Spring Fling nominations are here! Write 450 words in 15 minutes.

-If you succeed: Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for Spring Fling King or Queen!

-If you fail: Sorry, maybe next year. Drown your sorrows in 200 words.

You’re starting to fail calculus to impress a boy. Take out your frustrations on Ms. Norbury in the burn book by writing for 20 minutes.

It’s the weekend! Roll a die to figure out your plans:

-1 or 4: You go to Madison with your parents to see Lady Smith Black Mumbazo. What a good child. Write to the next 1,000 words to feel proud of yourself.

-2 or 5: You support your friend Janis at her art show. What a good friend. Write 400 words because you’re awesome.

-3 or 6: Lie to your parents and your friends and throw a party where you end up puking on Aaron. Sprint to 500 words to try to convince him to stay.

Regina is real angry when she finds out you’ve been giving her nutrition bars for weight gain AND didn’t invite her to the party. She brings the book to the principal, Mr. Duvall, frames you and the Plastics, and spreads copies of it all over the school. The junior girls go wild. Do a song sprint to “It’s a Jungle out there,“ the Monk theme song. I know, it’s short. Listen to it a few times if you want. I mean, it’s a pretty crazy jungle.

Confession time. Make one, make all four, make however many you want.

-If you’ve ever said anything bad about someone behind their back, write for 10 minutes to make amends.

-If someone’s ever said anything bad about you behind your back, write 300 words to clear up those rumors.

-If you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Regina George, write to the next 1,000 words to recover from the emotional trauma. We’ve all been there.

-If you want to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles for everyone to eat and be happy, write out your feelings for 30 minutes. Do you even go here?? (I’m just kidding. You all go here, wrimos.)

If you made all of those confessions, you can skip the next round for being so honest!

Janis confesses her plot against Regina and reveals Cady’s role in it. Write 200 words in 5 minutes to catch up with Regina as she storms out of the school.

-If you succeed: You save Regina from getting hit by a bus!

-If you fail: WHAM! Where was that bus driver looking? Write 500 words to make amends.

Your parents found out you’re failing math. You’re – what do they call it? – grounded. You’re grounded. Write 680 words to make up for that last test grade.

You confess to the burn book so the cops will stop searching Ms. Norbury’s place for drugs. To make it up to her, you commit social suicide and join the Mathletes for their competition. Roll a die to see if your answer to the question wins.

-Odd number: The limit is -1. Wrong. Write for 10 minutes to study up on limits.

-Even number: The limit does not exist. Right. You won! The limit on your word count does not exist either. Write 1,000 words. CHALLENGE: Write until you hit 50,000 words!!!

You hit up the Spring Fling afterwards and you win Spring Fling King/Queen! You make a wonderful speech to everyone apologizing for being a mean girl/boy and then break up the tiara/crown into about 10 pieces – a little for everyone. Spread the love to your word count and write for 10 minutes.

Congratulations, you survived your first year of public school!