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Word crawl/Library Crawl

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This is supposed to be a short crawl that can be done in one day, or even one session. I can't promise it contains anything new or fancy, but hopefully it will help you on your way to 50k.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Good Morning: Wait, they don't allow coffee in the library, do they? Sprint to 100 words while you gulp down the contents of your cup.

Exposé: There are shelves and shelves full of books. So many to choose from! Do a 10-minute Word War while you're browsing through them.

Cover Art: This one looks intriguing. You leaf through to the last page to see how long it is. Take a random number between 350 and 800 and write as many words at your own pace.

Sideplots: Somehow your thoughts keep straying today. Focus by giving yourself a modified Three-Digit-Challenge: Look at the bottom of this page to find out how many people are online right now. Take the last three digits of that number and write as many words.

No Talking: The guy over there just can't stop blabbing, which is somewhat irritating. Interrupt your reading for a 5-minute Word War while you tell him to be quiet.

Plot Twist: You stare at the pages in disbelief. This revelation is impossible and somewhat upsetting. Convert your sudden burst of emotions into a furious sprint to 1000 words.

Denouement: This was intense. All that's left is to follow the story to its conclusion. There are only 25 pages left. Write as many sentences.

The End: You slowly close the book and return it to the shelves, but the story still sticks with you for a while. You write for 20 minutes while you sort your thoughts, then it's time to go home because the library will close any minute.

Hope you enjoyed this!