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Word crawl/Hocus Pocus Crawl

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As requested in the topic, here is the Hocus Pocus crawl!

Any hand writers who want to modify this crawl – take frequent breaks. Word war with another hand writer, or just write for that many minutes. Disregard the word sprint, and write at your own pace.

As with my other crawls, please keep track of the number of words you write and the number of pages. You're going to need these for some challenges.

We enter on a book titled Hocus Pocus, and it looks like someone's flying over a village. What's happening? Write 100 words as you try to predict what happens next.

Thackery Binx wakes up to find that his sister, Emily, is gone. He hears the person that was flying singing a song, and he sees Emily going off with her. Where's she gone off to? Why, the woods! Sprint for 5 minutes.

In the woods, the woman brings Emily into the house. Who lives here? The Sanderson Sisters: Winifred, Mary, and Sarah. They're witches, and ugly ones at that! What are they brewing in that big cauldron of theirs? Thackery climbs the water wheel to get a better look. Write for 10 minutes as the witches gather their ingredients.

The witches try and give Emily the potion, but Thackery makes his presence known and stops them. After using the cauldron to knock over Mary and Sarah, he dumps the potion! All right! Everything is okay from there on out, right? Not so much, as Winifred uses her magic powers to electrocute Thackery to get him away from Emily. Do a fifty-headed hydra as the witches suck out Emily's soul to make themselves look younger.

Thackery seals his fate when he calls the witches hags. Summoning her spell book, Winifred picks a spell to really make him suffer – he'll live forever as a cat. Write 300 words as the sisters work their magic to transform him.

Thackery's friend from the village has alerted the other townsfolk, and they're angry. At the gallows, Thackery and Emily's parents demand answers about their son's whereabouts. They refuse to budge. As they begin to sing, someone makes the mistake of dropping their book. Winifred takes this time to cast another spell, saying a virgin will bring them back. Sprint for 1 minute 3 times as the sisters are hanged for their crimes.

Good news! It was all a story told by a crazy high school English teacher. None of this was real... right? Everyone is into the story, except for Max, a new student from California. As the teacher debates this with him – and as a girl, Allison, gives her opinion on the matter – do a Three Digit Challenge.

Max rushes out of school, gets on his bike, and heads on home. He sees Allison and apologizes for embarrassing her in class. Given the day it is, they discuss Halloween and how Max thinks there's nothing real to the story told in class. She hands him back the piece of paper he gave her in class, the one where he partially wrote his number on it. The number on the paper? 555. Write 555 words.

As if moving to a new town isn't enough, trying to take a short cut through woods and a cemetery to get home can only be ruined by one thing – the school bullies. What kind of punks steal a kid's shoes when he has no cigarettes or money? Sprint for 2 minutes as Max tries to get out of giving up his shoes.

Once home, Max storms past his parents to get back to his room where he can be alone. He doesn't want to be in Salem at all. Alone in his room (or so he thinks), Max feeds his fish, then settles down on his bed to think about the day. He starts talking to himself as he cuddles a pillow, calling it Allison. Who jumps out from the closet dressed as a witch? Dani, Max's little sister! Do you have siblings?

If yes, write 1,000 words in 30 minutes. If no, write 500 words in 10 minutes. Dani tells Max that he has to take her trick-or-treating this year because their parents are going to the costume party at Town Hall. Max tries to ignore his sister by playing the drums. Dani has good reasons to not want to go alone. For one thing, she's 8, and they just moved to town! Word war for 10 minutes as Dani makes her case and gets her way by screaming.

The Dennison kids leave the house in their costumes – Dani is a witch, and Max hasn't put any effort into his rapper costume. As they're going along, the bullies are back to ruin everyone else's nights! Dani has no fear. She stands right up to them and even tries to get Max involved. No one is scared of Max. When he yells at her, she runs off to have a cry by some jack-o-lanterns. Word war for 5 minutes as Dani spits hard truths at her brother.

The house they go to next is huge! The owners are most certainly rich. They let themselves in for some reason and find boat load of candy. Guess whose house it is? Allison's! Out of all the houses in Salem, right? Max awkwardly makes small talk, and Dani successfully embarrasses him. Apparently, Max loves Allison's yabos! As they talk about the Sanderson sisters, Allison mentions a museum. Write to the next 1,000 as Allison gets changed to go check out the closed-down museum.

Allison talks about the bones of 100 children being buried inside the wall, but that's just a myth, right? The trio walk up to the museum and go inside. Max finds a souvenir lighter and uses that to help find a light switch. This looks exactly like the house from the story. Someone really went to a lot of trouble to recreate a fictional place. Is something lurking outside? Write 100 words as you look around looking at all the objects.

Max finds the Black Flame candle. Even though the plaque tells him not to, Max decides to light the candle. What could possibly go wrong? All of a sudden, a cat jumps out of nowhere and attacks Max! You'd think that would be a decent deterrent, but it isn't. In anger, Max lights the candle. Suddenly, something strange happens. All of the lights in the house explode, and a strange wind blows. Write 300 words as the floors begin to shake.

Everyone hides as the candles an fireplace light themselves. As the door bursts open, three women walk in. It's the Sanderson Sisters. They are real! Winifred goes to her book, and Mary smells children. Luckily, there are 3 in there! Mary really knows how to sniff them out, as she immediately finds Dani. Dani tries to play it off as being one of them, since she's dressed as a witch, but it doesn't work. They sit her down in the same chair Emily sat in when she was killed. Write 300 years, the number of years the Sanderson sisters were gone.

Dani tries to run away, but when they restrain her, Max makes himself known. Winifred uses her magic on him, sending him up to the ceiling in pain. Allison fights back, and it's now 3 on 3. As such, write 600 words as they escape from the witches with the help of the mysterious cat, who can talk!

The kids have escaped. Even better? Max has the book! They meet the cat, Thackery Binx. With the times, he now goes by Binx. Max still is skeptical out of all of this, and he tries to burn the spell book. When they're not looking, the Sanderson sisters appear! Trying to get the book, Binx jumps on it. Sprint for 20 minutes as Winifred resurrects a corpse named Billy.

The corpse is ordered to go after the four who are on the run. They decide to cut through an old sewer. Binx is familiar with this place, so you let him lead the way. Take a 10 minute break.

The sisters aren't able to get to them, so Winifred orders them to begin gathering children. They need to suck up another soul in order to be able to live forever. Mary forms a calming circle since this is a stressful situation. Once done, they're frightened by this new contraption – a bus. They board it with their brooms and set off. Write 400 words.

Billy hears the kids and Binx in the sewers and picks up the pace. The kids, however, have found a ladder, and they climb up. Binx is the first through, and he's hit by the bus! They reemerge to see him flattened... only to find that he can take another breath to reinflate himself. Binx can't die! Sprint for 5 minutes to celebrate.

The sisters get off the bus in front of a house where a child dressed as an angel blesses them. The house they're in front of looks like hell. The owner is dressed as the Devil, whom they worship. The homeowner invites them in. Write 600 words.

The kids try and tell a police officer that Max lit the candle and brought back the Sanderson sisters. The officer thinks it's a big joke, and he pretends to be tough on them before laughing over Max being a virgin. Too bad the officer isn't actually one at all! After all, it's Halloween, and anyone can be anything they want to be on Halloween. Write 1% of your word count.

Inside the house, the sisters think Satan has married Medusa based on how the home owner's wife is wearing curlers in her hair. How are the sisters to know that someone is outside stealing their brooms while the Devil is giving out candy? Write 5 words for every page you've written because of this crawl so far as the sisters explore the house.

Sarah is dancing with the homeowner, and his wife is not happy. She is the one who kicks them out by sending her small dog after them. For powerful witches, they sure are scared of a little dog. As the sisters try and figure out what to do next, kids are running... amok amok amok amok amok! Write 200 words, 50 for every letter in the word amok.

The kids decide to go to the Town Hall where the costume party is. It's time to bring in some adults who will surely believe them, right? Well, when Max storms the stage to announce their return, no one believes him. Do a song sprint to I Put A Spell On You. Try not to have a spell put upon you while the song goes on!

Billy arrives at the dance, and the kids flee on foot, hiding outside a seafood restaurant. They're trying to figure out where to go next. Roll a die, multiply the number by 25, and write that many words.

When Allison accidentally opens an oven, she forms an idea – lure the witches to the high school! The witches think it's a prison for children, which is basically what it is. Max talks over the loud speaker, welcoming them to school. A voice is heard, and they're lead right into a large kiln where a boombox is playing a French language tape. They lock the sisters in the kiln and turn it on, thinking their problems are solved. Roll a die.

If you roll an even number, write 300 words, 50 for every letter in the word 'school'. If you roll an odd number, write 600 words, 100 for every letter in the word 'prison'. Everyone, Binx included, returns to the Dennison house. Surprise surprise, the Sanderson sisters aren't dead after all! The fire didn't get rid of them after all. Celebrations are much too premature, yet the kids don't see this. Write at your own pace for 15 minutes.

At 3:00 in the morning, the sisters come across everyone's two favorite bullies. As they take them in place of Max, write 180 words.

Without the book, though, the sisters can't remember the ingredients to their potion. Winifred is distraught. She throws the windows open and calls for her book. Back at the Dennison house, Allison makes the mistake of opening the book. They can't see it, but the book sends out light the Sisters see from their house. They set off on unconventional means of transportation to get to the book. Do all challenges.

Broom: Do the Carrot and Stick challenge. Mop: Go to the front page of the site and write the last three digits of the number of users online. Vacuum: Write 2% of the words you've written so far in this crawl. Binx makes them close the book and tries to tell them that they've done a bad thing. There's no time to prepare, and the sisters arrive to take Dani, Binx, and the book back to their house. Sarah has a special job to do before she can go back home. Her voice can lure children! Do a song sprint to Come Little Children. To your surprise, kids actually follow!

Allison remembers something Winifred said about how long they're able to be back on Earth, just for the one Halloween night. They drive out to the cottage as the sisters brew their potion, taunt the bullies, and plan to kill Dani. The sisters try to get Dani to drink the potion, but she resists. Max gets there just in time, and Allison turns the headlights on on the car. The witches think the sun is up, and they fall to the ground dead. Max acts quickly. Sprint for 10 minutes as he unties Dani, gets Binx, takes his shoes back, and dumps the potion. Dani wants to see them turn to dust. They should have listened to her.

This trick didn't work, but did anyone think it would? The candle is almost out, but there's just enough left for one person. Winifred asks for a phial to put it in. Who will they use it on? Despite all the children that are there, Winifred wants revenge on Dani. Write 200 words in 2 minutes.

If you succeed: Take a 10 minute break If you fail: Write for 10 minutes. In the cemetery, they encounter Billy, who uses Max's knife to cute the sewings on his mouth. He insults Winifred. Clearly, he's on the side of good in this situation. Dani takes an immediate liking to Billy. Using the salt from the Dennison house, Allison puts a ring of it around Billy's grave, where Dani is. This will keep her safe, but for how long. Billy stays with Dani while Max and Allison spread out. Sarah is delayed by the salt, while Winifred tries to knock Billy out with a tree branch before kicking his head off. This isn't the first time that's happened, so he's used to it. Allison has no more salt, so she can't protect herself or anyone with it. Winifred is able to get Dani, and all hope seems lost. Write 500 words.

Winifred drops the potion because of Binx's intervention, and Max drinks it to save his sister. Winifred sets Dani down and goes to suck Max's soul. Just as she's trying to do this, the sun comes up. Winifred turns to stone, then Sarah and Mary go. Stone Winifred is pulverized by an unknown force and becomes dust. Billy returns to his grave, and Binx takes his final breaths. Write to the next 500 as you sob over his death.

Binx is back, though this time in ghost form. He explains that the spell has broken, and he is free to move on to the next life to be with his family. Emily appears and leads him to the great beyond, explaining that he was so long in getting there because he had to wait for a virgin to light a candle. They walk into the sunrise, reunited. Write 96 words, the number of minutes this brilliant movie is.