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Word crawl/HP3 Crawl

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I loved the first two so much I couldn't resist making my own! This is meant to be a continuation of the first two, although I did not write those. This one is really designed to get those last few thousand words in. I also add some prompts, feel free to ignore those but please appreciate them if you need a little inspiration.

Off to your third year at Hogwarts! If you made the Quidditch team last year you get two class skips. Unfortunately there will be no try-outs for your house this year.

You will have the opportunity to take extra classes, but a time turner will be required. If you want to get one:

Optional: Time Turner

Over the summer you have to convince Ministry that you deserve a time turner! Write for one hour.

  • If you write over 1000 words, you get the time turner.
  • If not, out of luck, sorry. (You can still totally do the extra classes, no one will ever know. But no bonuses from them if you don't have the time turner!)

Stage One: On the Way

Running Late: You wake up late and still have things to pack. Quickly throwing your stuff together, you do a ten minute sprint to King’s Cross.

  • If you write less than 300 words you miss the train. You'll have to write a 100-word essay in however much time it takes to explain how you'll be more organized in the future.
  • If you write more than 300 words you make the train.

Getting There: Either way, it will take 750 words in 30 minutes to get there.

The Sorting Hat's Song: This one is excruciatingly long. Sprint through a five minute daydream.

Stage Two: Classes get a Whole Lot Harder P.1

Defense Against the Dark Arts: This year there will be a lot of handling of magical creatures. The first day starts off a bit rusty when a swarm of pixies is let loose! Write 500 words in 15 minutes to capture them. If you stay behind to help clean up after class is over the professor will excuse you from (skip) one class.

Charms: The professor gives you a crazy essay asking you to recap everything you've learned in charms so far. Write a 300 word essay in 10 minutes.

History of Magic: That boring old ghost is still teaching! Take notes for 20 minutes, adding back-story to your favorite character.

There are choices when you're a third year! Choose one of the following classes. If you got the time turner over the summer you may use that to do the extra two classes. Each class will require one turn of the time turner. So 100 words for one extra class and 200 for both extra classes.

Option 1: Astronomy- After sleeping for half the class, sprint for 10 minutes on your detailed star maps. Add lots of detail to the scene you are working on.

Option 2: Arithmancy- You are assigned a 400 word essay to be completed in ten minutes. This essay should explore who your characters' true loves are. If you're feeling ambitious, write another 200 words within those ten minutes to impress your professor and earn 500 words off of your final.

Option 3: Care of Magical Creatures- Today you meet hippogryphs. After Hagrid teaches you all about the proper way to approach them, you eagerly await your turn. Write 200 words in five minutes. Succeed, and the hippogryph will accept you. Fail, and you are rejected. Hagrid will require 100 extra words about how NOT to approach a hippogryph.

Stage Three: Hogsmeade!

Your first Hogsmeade trip is here! You've been waiting for the right time to ask your crush out. You find him/her alone and approach. Flip a coin, if it comes up heads, they say yes. Otherwise, out of luck.

Heads- Go out with your date to Madame Puddyfoot's. Spend twenty minutes talking over tea in the stuffy room. Put your characters in situations where they feel awkward or out of place. Tails- Go out to the Three Broomsticks with your friends. Write a joyful scene as you forget your break-up in 300 words.

Take your choices of these locations:

Dervish and Bangs: Pick up some supplies in a quick two minute sprint.

Honeydukes: Treat yourself (literally go get some sugar, you've been working hard.) Look at how many calories you just ate. Write that amount of words to burn them off. (Seriously if that worked I would have no problem reaching fifty thousand!)

Shrieking Shack: One of your friends dares you to go into the shrieking shack for five minutes. Write over 250 words, and you win the dare. Lose, and write another 250 as your punishment.

Zonko's: Want to play a prank on a friend? For a good laugh pay the 400 words for a dungbomb and have a good laugh.

Walk the long walk back for five leisurely minutes.

Stage four: Classes part 2:

I took out the terrible title I made for this stage. Don't even ask.

Potions: If you're Slytherin, get the day off easy. You only have to write a one hundred word essay. Everyone else, get working on 300 words in ten minutes.

Transfiguration: This subject is getting tricky. You have to stay behind with the professor to get extra study. This will take a ten minute sprint.

Herbology: Add a little natural scenery. Don't forget the smell of the plants. Professor Longbottom decided to introduce you to Mandrakes this year. Transferring your mandrake will take a quick 300 words in 5 minutes. If you fail, try again until you accomplish it; Neville has patience. You have the option of staying behind with Neville to hear a quick story about Harry Potter. Talk with him for fifteen minutes, write 750 words. Succeed, and you can take 500 words off your final exam.

Option time again! Same rules apply as last time. Refer back.

Option 1: Ancient Runes- This is a particularly tricky subject. You encounter an unfamiliar language and struggle to understand it. You must translate 500 words in ten minutes.

Option 2: Divination- This class is a joke. Write your dream journal- 100 words in however long you feel like.

Option 3: Muggle Studies- Bored to death, you check the clock. Look at the first three non-zero digits. Write that many words. (E.g. if it's 12:30 write 123 words, if it's 6:30 write 630.)

Stage 5: The End of Another Year

Final Exams: Write 3000 words in 2.5 hours. (Remember there were two opportunities to take off five hundred words. You may use both of those.) If you fail, write another five hundred words.

Goodbye...: If you succeeded on your date at Hogsmeade, write a two hundred word, flowery poem to your significant other. (OR) If not, talk for two minutes with your friends.

The train ride is uneventful. Write for however long you need to in order to meet your goal.

Good luck!