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Word crawl/HP2 Crawl

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You're back! This is your second year of Hogwarts and sure to be harder, but more rewarding than the first...

Stage 1: Anticipation

Now, To Wait: You're on the train, but it seems you're one of the first. You look around and find an empty compartment to wait in, while your friends come. Drumming your fingers against the window pane, sprint for 15 minutes.

The Unexpected Visit: The sound of the compartment door being open draws you out of your thoughts. You're about to tell them they're in the wrong compartment when you realize it's Harry Potter. He asks to sit, and you immediately gesture across from you. Sprint as fast as you can for a minute, as your excitement rises.

He asks whether he can tell you the story about how he missed the train in his second year.

Accept: Harry begins telling you the story of how he missed the train in his second year, and before long you're listening attentively, not noticing that the train has started moving, remembering the story mentally so as to retell to your friends. He's talking so fast though; sprint 200 words in 5 minutes. Eventually, he excuses himself and leaves for a few minutes.You get to skip one class to go practice with Harry later.

Decline: Harry gets up and walks out of the compartment, leaving you with twenty minutes to sprint to yourself.

You're There: Where did the time go? Before long, the train has stopped and Harry comes back in to tell you that you'd better pull on your robes; he'll wait outside. Why did he come? He's helping teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. As you pull the robes over your head, you wonder why your friends haven't come. Did they forget about you? Sprint 250 words in 10 minutes.

Stage 2: The Feast

Where Were You?: Your friends see you as you hop off of the train, (Harry's gone running off to embrace Hagrid) and sprint over to you. They were waiting for you the whole train ride. Apparently you missed them on your way in. As you take horseless carriages, you're glad they didn't desert you. Write for half an hour as you're taken up into the castle, chattering merrily about your summers.

The Sorting Hat's Laugh: The sorting hat is sitting on the stool and bursts into song as everyone is finally entered; it goes on for ten minutes, and the room is quiet as it goes on. Finally, it's finished and you along with everyone else are cheering. It predicted you'd write 400 words in 20 minutes. (Sorry, but the hat knows the future)

The Sorting: Nervous First-Years hop up to the stool and take on the hat. You and your mates share a laugh about how anxious you were when you went up. A few are sorted into your House, and you join in with the cheers. Sprint for 20 minutes as the last are sorted.

The Real Reason Many Love Hogwarts: The school can sort all they wish, all you're concerned about is the food. And you're not to be disappointed. Within moments of the last person being sorted and the cheers dying down, Harry Potter stands up at the teacher's table on the dais, is welcomed along with Neville Longbottom for the year, and food erupts onto your table. Sprint 500 words for 15 minutes as you shovel food down eagerly. (Take a snack for this part- it is a feast.)

Stage 3: Everyone’s A Poltergeist

Bed. Now.: You and your friends trudge up the staircases, all smiling happily; your bellies are full, heads perfectly empty to fill up with new spells, and you have a year of magic in front of you. As you file up into your beds, one of your friends takes out Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. "Oh go on..." And you lift one to your mouth. Make a prediction, heads or tails. Flip a coin.

  • Get it right: Congratulations, it's only toothpaste. Have a five minute word war with someone; if there's no one to do it with, just write for five.
  • Get it wrong: You can make your face look as normal as you like, I know you just swallowed pencil shavings. Sprint 300 words in 15 minutes as you try to get the taste out of you mouth.

Either Way: The taste leads you to being drowsy (Is that a good thing? Should you be scared?) and you fall asleep on your bed, after handing the box back to your friend. (For some odd reason, he didn't try any of them.)

The Breakfast Feast: At breakfast, you’re handed a timetable and read it through. Simple enough, though it says Neville Longbottom is assisting in Herbology, and Harry Potter in Defense Against the Dark Arts. You wonder aloud with your friends at this, for a half an hour word sprint.

The Surprising Speech: The Headmaster gets up and announces that every Second Year and up is allowed to apply for the Quidditch team of their house, tryouts will be after lunch. That’s something else to think about as you head to your first lesson. Sprint 300 words in 20 minutes as you head there.

Hang On- Summer Work?: You head into your first lesson, Potions, but immediately you feel an incredibly painful headache. Your Professor reminds you that the summer work will be collected the following day. If you have completed Year 1, spend one minute sprinting 50 words to correct typos. If you haven’t", sprint 600 words in 10 minutes. (Fail, and write an extra 150 words for handing it in late.)

The Hospital Wing: However, before you can make excuses as to why you did or didn’t do it (You still had to have finished it in the last part), it feels as if your head has split open and you cry aloud. The teacher immediately sends you to the Hospital Wing where Madam Pomfrey complains of cursed foods so early in the year. Turns out that “close friend” that gave you the beans the night before had had them cursed. You spite him by sprinting 410 words in 20 minutes.

Stage 4: Your Classes

Defense Against the Dark Arts: You missed the first part of it, but apparently you're there early enough to receive a crippling 500 word essay due the next day on pixies, written in a span of 30 minutes. (Optional: Harry's already given you the chance to skip a class, but it hasn't stopped there. Harry offers at the end of the class if anyone would like to join his private lessons during a different class they're fine to. (If you do this you can skip another class.) Once there, he'll teach you how to perform a patronus, though he doubts any will do it on their first try. You're eager to try and attempt to perform a Five Headed Hydra (500 words in 5 minutes). Fail, and Harry's still happy. You made progress. Write 100 more words and you can skip a class.)

Herbology: First year you didn't get any work in the subject, but now you're assigned to take care of your own puffapod and it takes you 200 words in 10 minutes to defeat it, and collapse it in order to have it grow. (Once relaxed, it grows) (Optional: Neville will take you out of a class to teach you about the plants he threw at the Death Eaters in the Battle for Hogwarts when Harry killed You-Know-Who, but it'll cost you 500 words in 30 minutes to earn him replacing a class. (Do it and you may skip a class.)

Charms: If your first year charms was hard, this is nearly impossible. He tells you all you must levitate a dinner plate, (150 words in 5 minutes) and if you fail to do it properly (and it smashes), you must write 300 words in 20 minutes about how it failed and when your concentration wavered.

Lunch: Time to replenish the spirits and eat some goodies. You devour the food like a ravenous beast, sprinting 200 words in 15 minutes, and wait excitedly for the Quidditch Tryouts.

Quidditch: "Right. You're looking to try out, eh? Second years rarely ever get on the team, but why not try you? Listen, you sprint 400 words in 10 minutes, you're in. Elsewise, stick to your studies kid." (If you succeed you can skip two classes to practice with the captain and the team)

Transfiguration: You now must vanish a mouse into nothingness, and nearly everyone fails the 600 words in 20 minutes. Fail, and write 200 more words afterward.

History of Magic: You're assigned a foot long assignment of any ancient wizarding history you know to test your knowledge for the upcoming year. Write 1000 words in 30 minutes, and the professor will let you skive off 500 words from the exams.

Divination: You're thinking about skiving off Divination, but Harry Potter comes and herds you up into the room, and entertains you (200 words in 45 minutes) by telling you stories of experiences he'd had in Divination.

Stage 5: Holidays

Christmas: You may go home or stay at school.

  • Stay at School: Harry's gone home, but Neville's staying and you and him have a very long chat about friendship. Sprint 300 words in an hour.
  • Go Home: At home you're stuck with your family, though it isn't so bad as you eat a great meal and talk about how Hogwarts this year has been. Sprint 450 words in 45 minutes.

The Fiasco: After Christmas ends, whether you stayed or left, there's a pile of presents lying untouched near your bed. You open the first and discover Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. You then proceed to chuck them at your friend who gave you the cursed ones, and open the others, discovering other sweets, a jumper, and a 300 word sprint in 20 minutes.

Halloween: Every pumpkin's been carved, candles lit, and the Great Hall has never looked scarier with all of the live bats hovering on the ceiling. It's a nice sort of scary, though, as you inhale pumpkin pie. Sprint for 30 minutes.

Stage 6: Goodbyes? Not Quite.

Exams: Those stupid exams are coming round again and this time you have to write 2000 words in two hours or you fail and have to write 500 more.

Farewells: Happy that your Second Year wasn't as eventful as Harry's had been, you step onto the train with a sense of homesickness, as if you now realize how much you miss your family. You can't help, however, cherishing the last moments with your friends as you reminisce upon the whole Bertie Bott fiasco, and how your friend had apologized profusely afterward. The train stops, however, halfway there, and:

  • If you got onto the Quidditch Team: Harry comes to your compartment with two brooms, and you follow him into the sky as you make your way back to London in the most fascinating of ways. Sprint 300 words in however long it takes.
  • If you didn't: The train just had had minor malfunctions. It was fine now. Apparently someone's frog had startled the conductor. Type 500 words in 40 minutes as you realize everything is fine, and you're on your way home.

New Beginnings: You step off the train and see your family. You've had so many experiences, it'd take a lifetime to say them all; or an hour word war with someone else. Win that word war and you've completed your Year 2! (If you can't find anyone, type yourself for an hour, no limit, no minimum. Just type.)