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Word crawl/Git 'Er Done Crawl 2

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Going Shopping Part 1: Oh, look at your page. It doesn't look like you've got everything you need to get going there. Collect three digits to get started with a three digit sprint.

Going Shopping Part 2: Go get something helpful. Maybe it's a cup of tea to improve your novelling, or a candy bar, maybe it's a shower, maybe you need to go get some homework done.

Reading the Recipe Part 1: I don't know what I'm looking at here. Go pick a random number between 1-100. Add the digits, multiply by 10, and write that many words.

Reading the Recipe Part 2: I bet that you haven't been too up-to-date recently. Go figure out what's going on in the world. Read/watch a news article.

Mix it up Part 1: Everything's better with music and change, so go do a song sprint to something new.

Mix it up Part 2: Get moving for another song! Run, do jumping jacks, squats, push ups, just stand up for a little bit... You get the idea. Get that blood pumping.

Chocolate Chips Part 1: Sometimes small things are good things. Take a five-minute sprint.

Chocolate Chips Part 2: Remember that think you needed to do? Yeah, that one... Spend at least five minutes getting stuff done that needs doing... outside of your novel. Clean, eat, hydrate, homework, work-work...

In the Oven Part 1: You're almost there! You know, numbers other than 0 and 5 need some love, too. Write until the minute ends in 7.

In the Oven Part 2: You deserve a break. Josh around until the next :X7. Roll around on the rug. Eat some cookies. Delve into the deep, dark, strange depths of the internet. Egg your neighbor's house. (just don't tell them I sent you.)

Cooling Down Part 1: Winter is coming, and I can't wait until the temperature drops a little. If it's above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, (7 degrees Celsius) write 70 words. If it's below that, stay warm! Write 45 words.

Cooling Down Part 2: You know what else keeps people cool? Or warm, depending on where you live? Beverages! Go re-hydrate yourself with your favorite novelling drink.

Cleaning Up Part 1: I see you, I see your novel, and it looks like a mess in there. Clean up at least that word count. Write to a multiple of 500.

Cleaning Up Part 2: Clean up something small around you. Your novel has the excuse of NaNo, your house doesn't. Do you really bring visitors over there?

Party Time Part 1: Unfortunately, parties take away from NaNoWriMo time. If you're having a party in the month of November, write 600 words to get ahead in preparation. If not, write 400 words.

Party Time Part 2: Parties need friends! Go have some social interaction. If it's two in the morning, go on Tumblr or something. Someone's always awake on Tumblr.