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Word crawl/Extreme Social Media Crawl

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You are a bit of a social media addict with lots of websites to check. And boy, do you check them often. Start with a 5 minute word sprint to get your blood pumping.


The Tweet: A tweet is 140 characters long, so start simple by writing 140 words.

Mentions: You scroll through your mentions and see that you're going to need to spend a good chunk of time replying to everyone. Sprint for 20 minutes.

Moments: Twitter's newest feature lets you keep up with news throughout the day. Which tab appeals most to you? Write the number of words that correlates with that tab. -Today: A collection of the day's news from all areas. Keep it simple! Write 100 words. -News: You're one that wants to know what's happening around the world. Write 150 words. -Sports: How's your team doing today? Write 200 words. -Entertainment: Everyone loves celebrity gossip. Write 300 words. -Fun: Fun news, also known as news about cats! This tab can be a big time waster. Write 500 words.

Direct Messages: Someone who follows you and who you follow sends you a direct message. Have a short conversation with this person. Sprint for 2 minutes, aiming for 250 words.

Optional: Which list has a higher number, the number of people you follow or the number of people who follow you? Pick the higher number and write that many words, up to 1,000.


Status: It's been a few days since you checked in. Sprint to your next 100 updating your friends about how noveling is going for you!

Game Requests: No matter how much you try to stop them, your friends still send them to you. Sprint to the end of your current scene as you try to find the settings to disable the requests.

Pictures: If you see another picture of your friend's baby, you just may scream. Do your best to wade through the posts by completing a fifty headed hydra (500 words in 5 minutes).

Private Message: A friend you haven't talked to in months messages you. Time for some catch up! Write 1,000 words in an hour.

Optional: How many Facebook friends do you have? Take that number and write the amount, up to 500.


Selfie: Perfect your first selfie of the day! This shouldn't take too long, so sprint for 5 minutes.

Stories: Wow! 10 of your friends have updated their stories several times. Unlike the selfie, it's going to take a bit of time to get through this. Write for 30 minutes.

Coloring: The Food Network story sometimes features pages you can color! How relaxing. Take this one slow and write 200 words in 10 minutes.

Filters: These new facial recognition filters are fun, albeit a bit weird. As there are always 7, write 700 words.

Optional: What's your Snapchat score? Hit the Ghost button at the top of the picture screen to find it. If it's under 10,000, divide the number by ten and write that many words. If it's over 10,000, divide the number by 100 and write that many words.


The Scroll: Everyone knows what it's like to be on Tumblr and just scroll... and scroll... and scroll... through pages of other peoples' posts! How mindless. Write as fast as you can for 10 minutes, aiming for 1,000, to try and make up for how unproductive you were while scrolling.

Ask Meme: You're answering questions based off something you reblogged. Write for an hour.

Covers: One of your mutuals is an aspiring singer, and they've posted a cover. Do a song war with a song that is between 3 and 5 minutes long.

Memes: You're on the last post of a page when you see it. Another Pepe meme. Will another be on the next page? Flip a coin here. If it's heads, you've dodged a bullet with the breadsticks meme and only need to write 250 words in as many minutes as it takes. If it's tails, you've found another Pepe and must do a Fifty Headed Hydra.

Optional: Write 5x the number of characters in the URL of your main blog.


#ootd: You post a picture of yourself wearing a cute outfit. Get a random number from 1-10 and multiply it by 15. That's how many likes it gets; write that many words.

#tbt: It's Throwback Thursday, and you post a picture that was taken of yourself the day you were born. Add the digits of your birth day together and multiply it by 10; write that number.

#food: Someone posted a picture of their dinner. How many food pictures does the world really need? Roll the dice and multiply the number by 10. Write that number and hope your friends' dinner isn't that many calories.

Optional: Write the same amount of words as the number of pictures you have posted on Instagram.


Live at Five: It's time for your daily Periscope! What are you going to talk about today? Write for 30 minutes to meet your usual half hour time quota.

Hearts: It's great when people watching your feed hit the screen to send you hearts. Some of them can send so many in such a short amount of time. Sprint for 5 minutes and get as many words as you can.

Map: People are Periscoping from all over the world! Pull up a map of the state/province/country you live in and point to a random city/town. Search for the distance between where you live and this random place and write as many words as the number of miles/kilometers.

Optional: Write 5 words for every person you follow on Periscope.