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Word crawl/Crawl without any story

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You need: A book you like, a set of playing cards, a dice (real oder digital), YouTube

1. Get all the things you need. (This step is kind of obvious)

2. Start by doing a 5 minute word sprint.

3. Roll the dice. Write as many hundred words as the dice says.

4. Do as many sit-ups in three minutes as possible. Count them. (That's the fitness part!)

5. Add a zero to that number. That's how many words you have to write now.

6. Mix the cards. Draw 3 of them. If you have 3 different suits (heart, spades, diamonds or clubs), write 100 words. If you have two different suits, write 200, if all your cards have the same suit, write 300.

7. Choose the first song that appears on your YouTube frontpage. Write as many wordds as possible while listening to it.

8. Take the book you have chosen. How many pages does it have? That's how many words you write now.

9. Drink a glass of water. (Hydration is important, kids!)

10. Do a bit of stretching, that's good for your back that hurts from writing.

11. Almost done! Look at your word count. Write until you've reached the next thousand words. So no matter if you have 25001 or 25999 words, you have to get to 26000.