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Word crawl/Cinderella Crawl

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Once upon a time, in a lovely and quaint kingdom off in a mountainous countryside, a handsome gentleman and single father lived with his beautiful little girl. That's you.

The girl was raised with everything her heart desired, every gift she ever asked for, to make up for her lack of a mother. She was given fine dresses, jewels, dolls and toys, and even a horse for her birthday. The greatest gift of all, however, was her relationship with her father-- who she loved dearly, more than any material possession on the earth.

Write to the duration of this song as you enjoy your childhood

Though you were a perfectly content child, your father -- who had never been a parent before you and was therefore always worried he'd be making mistakes -- decided you needed another parental figure in your life. You were also going to one day need a mother in as you developed into a woman and would need things he couldn't give you.

One day, you're chasing a couple of lizards around your garden when a carriage rolls up in front of your house. You manage to catch the lizards right as you realize there are still two people in there that have yet to step out. When you approach the carriage, you see two girls about your age sitting there. Obnoxious curls, powdered faces, but dresses just as fine as yours.

"Hello!" You greet them, "Are you here to see my father?"

"Who the devil are you?" asks one, rather rudely.

"I'm <your name>, I live here." You say, trying to assure yourself you didn't hear what you thought you did in her tone.

"Oh, we're to have a sis-" One begins, but the other shushes.

"My name is Drizella," Says the one with the tight black curls stretching her forehead.

"And I'm Anastasia." Says the one with the pig nose and the long red curls.

"Should you like to be our friend?" Drizella straightens the glove on her hand.

"OH YES!" You exclaim, having had little experience with friends -- that is, ones who were human and girls your age to boot.

"Great." Drizella smiles eerily, "Well, you can only have one best friend. So, choose one of us to be your best friend and you'll have to do something for us to prove yourself."

Ever eager to help, and too young to know better, you agree.

Choose Drizella: "Good choice!" Says Drizella, hottily, "You have to sprint 1% of your word count in under 30 minutes to impress me."

Choose Anastasia: "Humph." Anastasia says, unimpressed, "You have to complete a fifty headed hydra if you want me to be anywhere near you. It's all the rage."

You go hard to work to show them you're capable of hanging out with them, ignoring their snickering and whispering under their breaths.

Failing or succeeding will not affect your future with either one of them.

Having done the best you could, you present them with the results.


Succeed: "Oh." Drizella says, "Well. It's a good start anyway."

Fail: "HAHA! I knew you couldn't do it! Don't you feel foolish!!!”


Succeed: "Maybe I was too hasty in deciding what's worthy of me. You're never going to be my friend."

Fail: "I bet you would have liked to be my friend, too, but you never will be. You never will be anything."

As their crushing words meet your ears, you sprint an additional five minutes to show your disappointment. Then again, maybe you dodged a pretty big bullet.

Another woman steps out of your house. One you hadn't noticed was even visiting and behind her is your father.

"Girls," Says the woman in a cool tone, "I do hope you're getting along."

"Yes, mama!" They both say.

"Well, actually --" You begin but she doesn't seem to hear you, "Good. I'm pleased."

"<Your name>," Your father says, "May I present to you the elegant Lady Tremaine and her two daughters. I've just discussed something with Lady Tremaine that I'd like to share with you."

As the women leave, good riddance, your father sits you down and lays it on you. He's going to be getting remarried so that you can have a mother and two charming sisters. As he says it, you're compelled to sprint Write 150 words at your own pace because something doesn't feel right.

"And my wife," your father says, "Your new mother will be, Lady Tremaine."

Sprint for fifteen minutes because maybe, just maybe, first impressions are wrong.

The day of the wedding finally approaches and you're prepared to be a bridesmaid, along with your two...stepsisters...Drizella and Anastasia.

You're all three ready to go in your beautiful dresses but your dad gives you something special. It's a beautiful diamond butterfly shaped brooch to wear on your dress and he tells you that it's something your mother wore on her wedding day. Write for ten minutes as you dance around in your dress, admiring the beautiful brooch.

Drizella and Anastasia catch you dancing in that brooch and their eyes get big. The two of them crowd you.

"What are you wearing?" demands Drizella.

"It belonged to my mother!" You declare showing off the brooch, "Isn't it beautiful? She wore it her wedding day."

"Well then," Anastasia says, crossing her arms, "It's only fair that our mother gets to wear it for hers."

"Yes, give us the brooch."

Of course, when Drizella demands you give her the brooch...she really just intends to take it.

Word war with someone for fifteen minutes as you fight off your two stepsisters who try to get the brooch.

You win: Thankfully, you were able to shove them both on their rears and into a mud puddle in the yard. You run away, your dress suffered a few tears but nothing as bad as theirs, and you still have the brooch. Sprint an additional five minutes as you go to find your father and try to stay by his side until the wedding.

You lose: Drizella's meaty hand grabs the brooch and rips it straight off of your dress. Then Anastasia shoves you into a mud puddle. "You should have just handed it over, pig girl!" one of them insults you, but you can't tell which because you're too busy crying. "Tell anyone about this and we'll make your life hell!" Write for thirty minutes as you hide in a closet and cry until the wedding starts.

The wedding bells sound and it's time to go out into the garden to the wedding.

If you won: You're still by your father's side and he gives you leave to go get into position...but everything stops when your sisters approach and everyone sees the state of them. Muddy, torn up dresses, and scowls on their faces. "IT WAS <YOUR NAME>, SHE BEAT US UP AND THREW US INTO THE MUD!!!!" Drizella points the accusatory finger at you. "She said she wasn't going to share her father with anyone!" Anastasia feigns tears, rubbing her eyes.

Your father blinks his eyes at you and you shake your head vigorously, "That doesn't sound like my daughter,"He says, "I think there's been some mistake. Madame, " he turns to Lady Tremaine, "Can you clean them up?"

So long as father is here, you know, you're safe.

If you lost: When you step into position, your father sees your tattered and muddy dress and that you're missing your brooch. He scoops you into his arms and holds you to him. "What happened to you, <your name>?" Unable to say anything for fear of your sisters, you just shake your head and bury your face in his neck. He postpones the wedding, invoking your step family's wrath, long enough to clean you up. Write for ten minutes as father tends to your wounds.

Now that they live in the same house as you, you find it harder and harder to avoid them. You keep to dark corners to read books, hiding behind curtains, or spending the entire day in your father's study. Books become your best friends as you don't really have anyone else, except for the animals in the garden, and your father when he's home. Being married to such a witchy woman, though, he's out as often as possible. Leaving you to their mercy whenever they do find you.

One day you're reading a book in his study when Drizella and Anastasia find you, standing on either side of your chair, "What are you reading, <your name>?" Drizella demands to know.

"What are you doing in here?" you hold the book away from them and back away.

"Uh oh, looks like she's scared," They taunt.

"You're not allowed in here."

You know your father is due home any moment after having gone out to tend to his shipment. He intends to bring you home the first branch that touched him on his way out, that he would be compelled to return quickly, and your sisters lots of fine jewels.

Before they can do anything, though, there's a knock on the door-- rather urgent.

"Excuse me." You say venomously and you rush to the front door.

A man stands there with the branch your father promised you, "I'm so sorry, Miss."

"Who is it?" Lady Tremaine asks.

"There's been an accident. Your father is dead. He compelled me to give you this and tell you....he loves you."

Write for the duration of this song as you cry yourself to sleep.

Things are changing and now the real fun will begin.

After the appropriate grieving period, Stepmother gathers you all together. "As the only ladies of this house," she says, "We need to pull together and share the burden together."

You agree, but your sisters seem skeptical.

"<Your Name>, you will be leaving your room so my daughters can have two separate bedrooms-- they need their own space."

"But where will I--"

"I'll get to that. You have a choice of where to live. You have to understand you are not really my daughter. You never have been. I'm keeping you out of the kindness of my heart. So you now have to pull your own weight. Because you're indebted to us for our kindness, your things are now to be divided between my own daughters. I will allow you to keep a few precious items...and that's it."

"That's not right! It's not fair! I lived here first!" You protest. But she warns you not to talk back. Threatening you with the streets, instead.

Choose the attic:

Perks: You will be able to better escape your sisters torments because they're too lazy to climb five sets of stairs to reach you. You may use the attic to escape punishments inflicted on you by your lazy sisters.

Cons: It's drafty and cold, you will always be slow to chores because of how cold you always are. Your chores will be harder to complete because of this.

Choose the pantry:

Perks: It does seem to actually constitute a room. There's no draft and you have a door. You get some privacy but very little space. You're also right next to your chore area, so it will be faster to get to chores and get them done. The difficulty of your chores will be reduced because of this.

Cons: You don't get much sleep because you're right next to the bells your sisters will ring. You will never be able to skip a punishment or challenge because of this.

Choose the Kitchen:

Perks: You're in the kitchen, right next to the fireplace, so you are always warm and well fed. You also have a chair in a corner you can sit in and daydream. Because of this, your creativity is increased, anytime you succeed at a challenge or punishment you may use that success to skip the next one.

Cons: Because you're right beside the fireplace, you are always covered in ash and filth. Your sisters will hate having you around all the more for how dirty you are and you will be given the hardest chores because of this.

Years pass until you are no longer a little girl. Things don't get much easier from then on. In fact, it seems to get worse as time progresses. As Anastasia and Drizella grow older, they also grow crueler. You've been reduced to only one dress you're ever allowed to wear-- rags, really, that are too small for you -- and hard shoes that blister your feet.

Every day you are expected to get up and complete impossible chores.

But every morning, still, you wake up knowing that you're a day closer to the day your dreams of escaping your life finally will come true.

Sprint to the duration of this song as you clean your room.

As usual, the morning routine list is posted on your door.

   Sprint to 500 words without stopping or hitting backspace.
   Sprint an additional 150 for every word you just got wrong.
   Complete a fifty-headed hydra.
   Sprint 1% of your wordcount
   Roll a 6 sided dice, multiply number by 100, sprint that many words.

And of course, that's just the morning routine, because after that you have to prepare breakfast for your sisters who like to sleep late. Their bells begin to ring off of the hook. You carry the breakfast trays upstairs and go first into Drizella's room.

She takes her breakfast but in return wants you to complete this chore:

Drizella: "I want you to sprint 300 words in fifteen minutes. If you fail, I'll make you sorry for it by writing an additional 300 words."

"Yes Drizella," You comply, too meek from the years of abuse to have any fight left in you.

Pantry: Instead of 300, you only have to write 250 but your punishment for failure is 400. instead of 300.

Attic: You may skip punishment if you don't succeed.

Kitchen: Your chore is to write 500 words instead. Your punishment for failure is the same.

After doing that, you go to Anastasia and give her, her breakfast. Anastasia throws a teacup at your head, roll a 6 sided dice to see how many pieces it broke into, multiply by 100 and sprint to that many words.

Anastasia then gives you an additional chore, "Whatever you just wrote, I want you to divide it in half and then sprint that many words in under seven minutes." ((If you wrote 200, for example, you would be subjected to writing 100 words in under seven minutes. If you wrote 600, you would be subjected to writing 300 in under seven minutes.)) "and if you don't, you'll be sorry, because you'll have to do this all over again, I have plenty of your old teacups to throw, <your name>!"

Pantry: Multiply dice result by 50 instead of 100. Your punishment for failure will not include rolling the dice again.

Attic: Multiply dice by 200 instead of 100. You may skip punishment if you don't succeed.

Kitchen: Multiply dice by 300 instead of 100. You may skip punishment if you succeeded in Drizella's chores.

Uh - oh! Looks like you did something to make Anastasia upset because she rushes out of the room yelling and screaming about what you did wrong and she rushes to see her mother.

“Now what did you do, stupid girl?” Drizella scolds you.

Unsure of what you did wrong, you are unable to answer. Tremaine calls you into her room.

“I hear…” Tremaine said, petting her devil cat, “you are displeased with the charity we’re bestowing on you and that you don’t like doing the chores. If you knew more about the world you would know how well we are treating you in comparison to how anyone else would.”

Neverminding she would never lets you outside to see the world anyway.

“I'll work you so hard I'll make you like them. You’re to redo your entire morning routine. As well as an additional 30 minute sprint and five headed hydra. Do you think this sufficient to break that writer spirit of yours?”

“But I already --”

“No? After those chores I want you sprint to the nearest 1000.”

“Yes Madam.” you comply.

“ Oh, and <your name>, failure to perform your duties will result in your redoing every chore you have completed already today.”

“But that’s barba--”

“Do you want more?” she snaps

“No Madam.” defeated you begin.

Pantry: Pick only one-morning chore to redo.

Attic: Chores stay the same. Punishment for failure may be skipped.

Kitchen: Do 3 of your morning routine chores twice. Punishment may be skipped if you succeeded with Anastasia’s chores.

As you’re doing the chores you hear your sisters squawking out their singing practice upstairs. To drown out the noise, you sprint for the duration of a song of your choosing.

A knock sounds at the front door and you answer it. It’s a messenger from the King with a letter from the palace in a red envelope which means it’s urgent. Sprint for five minutes as you rush upstairs.

"SIIII-IInn-N-nGG-Gggg SWWWEEEeeeeAAAYYTTTTtttt!" You hear your stepsister, Drizella, caterwauling out ouf tune.

You knock on the door and interrupt what was meant to be a private practice.

"<Your Name!>" Scolds stepmother, "You know better than to interrupt music practice!"

Drizella, miffed, grabs the switch from the corner of the room. You're about to be in for it, again, when you show off the letter that's arrived.

"But it's a letter from the palace!" You say.

Speed write for five minutes as you duck and weave and try to keep from being knocked to the ground as both girls tackle you to snatch the letter.

Tremaine gets it instead, "There's a ball! Tonight!" Tremaine explains, "In honor of his majesty, the royal prince! And every eligible maiden is to attend!"

"Why that means us!" Drizella cheers.

"I'm so eligible!" Anastasia bats her eyes.

"That means I can go, too!" You say, happier than you've been in a while.

Everyone goes quiet, perhaps having forgotten you are - in fact- an eligible maiden. ((You gents are just going to have to go with it, sorry.))

"So it does..." Tremaine agrees, sourly.

"I can't believe you'd even think that mother would let you go, you're nothing but a walking disaster!"

"I won't be seen going to the ball with you, dirty girl!"

The girls snatch your broom away and pretend to dance with it, mocking you in the meantime. Participate in a word war to proudly stare them down.

"I can go, too." You say, "By orders of the king!"

"I see no reason why you can't go..." Tremaine says, reluctantly, "If you complete all your chores on time and if you can find something suitable to wear."

"Oh, thank you, Stepmother, thank you!" You race off as fast as you can to go into your own room. In a trunk in the corner of your room, you have your mother's old dress. Specifically, her wedding dress. It's an old-fashioned thing that requires some work. Having completed all of your chores, already, there's nothing to stop you from dolling it up.

Sprint for fifteen minutes to touch up the pieces of lace

Write an additional 300 words to iron out the wrinkles

Write to the nearest thousand as you try to get rid of that peculiar smell.


The bells begin ringing off of the hook and then you hear your name being called clear across the house. Shouting and screaming. Begrudgingly, you get up to see what it is they want.

Drizella: "I want you to resew the buttons on this dress, touch up the lace on my slip, remove the stains from my best gloves, polish my jewelry and my shoes, write 300 words, sprint 1000 words in under 20 minutes, roll two 6 sided dice and multiply the larger number by 100 -- that's how many words I can write in ten minutes -- you have to beat my word count in a 10 minute word war, if you don't, you'll be forced to finish all of that and then write an additional 700. Do you understand?"

With a whole work load piled on your shoulders, you leave Drizella behind.

Attic: Drizella decided you have fifteen minutes instead of twenty to write 1000, punishment for failure may be skipped.

Pantry: Write to 800 instead of 1000 but your punishment is to write an additional 1000 instead of 700.

Kitchen: At the last minute, Drizella tacks on an additional 500, making the amount you need to write 1500. Punishment may be skipped if you succeeded with Tremaine's chores.

As soon as you've received your workload from her, Anastasia wastes no time giving you even more to do.

Anastasia: "And don't you dare forget me while you're doing her stuff. I want you to add a layer of jewels to this neckline, add puff sleeves to my dress, I also want lace sewed anywhere you can find to sew it, and I want you to sprint 800 words within the next hour, and beat your own wordcount from the wordwar you just had with Drizella because I am more important. To top it all off, I want you to do a carrot and stick challenge -- heavy on the stick! And if you don't succeed, your punishment will be to sprint .5% of your wordcount!!"

Attic: Chores stay the same. Punishment may be skipped.

Pantry: May choose only two of her chores to do but punishment stays the same.

Kitchen: Anastasia doesn't like you touching her dirty laundry with your filthy hands and demands you sprint an additional 500 words to make up for the offense. Punishment may be skipped if you succeeded in Drizella's chores.

You go to leave the room, with two loads of laundry in your arms, when Tremaine steps out of her room-- the elusive creature -- "Once your finished with those, Cinderella, I have a few things I need to have done to prepare for the ball as well as some last minute chores. Come back to me and I will have you: Carry down the black drunk from the attic and bring it to my room, clean the windows, beat the rugs, oil all the door hinges and sprint for 15 minutes to prepare yourself for this next one -- you must remove all the lintels I have dumped in the fireplace. To do this you must roll two six sided dice, multiply the values by each other and then by 50, this is how many lentils there are and how many words you must write. If you don't, please believe you will not go to the ball and you will be forced to redo all of this again."

"Yes, stepmother."

It's a long, hard process but once you've finished their chores, you finally have a chance to wash up and change into your dress. You didn't do nearly as much with it as you'd have liked, but it's what you have. You slip on your mother's wedding dress, surprised when you see the butterfly diamond brooch fall from its folds. Proudly, you pin it on and then rush downstairs in time to catch the carriage.

"Wait!" You cry to your stepmother and stepsisters, "Don't you like it? It was my mother's wedding dress! It must be fancy enough for a ball don't you think?"

"NO!" Drizella and Anastasia cry together, "MOTHER SHE CAN'T GO!"

"Girls, please." Stepmother says, "Please. Now, <your name> finished all of her chores. She deserves this opportunity for all she's done. We told her that she needed something suitable to wear, did we not? Do you think it's suitable Drizella? Anastasia?"

With that, Drizella and Anastasia are set on you like rabid dogs.

Join a 30 minute word war as you try to fight them off.

"Please!" you cry out, "It was my mother's! It's precious, please!"

They tear your mother's wedding dress to shreds, leaving the shreds of it on the floor at your feet until you are once more reduced to rags. Tremaine looms over you, smirking as she sees you on the verge of tears, "You will never go to the ball."

The three of them leave you behind and as the door shuts behind you, you can't take it anymore, running out into the garden and sobbing.

Write for the duration of this song because a dream is, apparently, not a wish your heart makes.

As you're crying, finally defeated, your tears fall on top of the diamond brooch. You don't notice the light emitting from it or when someone comes to sit beside you on the bench. A gentle hand comes to pet your hair.

"What are you crying about, dear?"

When you look up, lo, a woman is sitting there.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?"

"I was a very good friend of your mother and father. It's been years since I've been in town."

"I'm sorry, my parents are dead."

"Oh, yes, I'd heard. Your father was a great man who did me many solid favors. I've come bearing gifts, certain things that he would have wanted you to have."

You wipe your ever relentless tears from your eyes, "Gifts?"

"Oh yes. Three beautiful gowns that were once meant for your mother." As if by magic, a sack suddenly appears beside the two of you- one you hadn't noticed before. "You may choose one, if you'd like, to wear to tonight's ball."

Choose one:

Golden as the sun: Take a much needed ten-minute writing break.

Silvery as the moon: Write at your own, relaxing, pace for ten minutes.

Dazzling as the stars: Free period to do whatever you like for the next ten minutes.

You decide on the dress, assuming you'll have to go inside to change, but once you've picked it out, your new friend produces something you couldn't have dreamed of-- or expected. A magic wand. With a bibbity-bobbity boo, your rags are exchanged for the beautiful dress you've chosen.

Write to this song as a pumpkin from your patch is changed into a coach, your lizard friends are changed into horses, and your rat friends are changed into a coachman and a footman.

"Now off you go," says the Fairy Godmother, "You're on your way! And remember, you must be home before midnight, for that is when the magic will melt away!"

You step into the carriage and it's time to go to the palace.

Sprint for fifteen minutes as you try to figure out what staircase goes where in this grand place.

Finally, you reach the ballroom and knock on the doors. When they're opened, you find your late arrival heralded and then the entire assembly turns to you. Every pair of eyes watches you, awestruck, descending the steps of the palace. You gulp and wonder if, while you're searching that sea, your eyes might catch a glimpse of the prince.

The crowd breaks apart for the most beautiful man you've ever seen. Your heart can't help but beat faster upon seeing him and suddenly your mouth feels very dry. He steps up to you, and bows before you.

You curtsy, awkwardly, causing him to smile.

"A lovely night," He remarks to you.

Flip a coin:

<Heads>: Thankfully, you regain power of speech and are able to remark back to him, "A finer night I know I'll never see."

<Tails>: You open your mouth to talk but your words come out jumbled, you're so nervous! Embarrassed, you perform a five-minute sprint to regain your composure. Thankfully, he thinks it's cute!

The waltz begins and he directs you to the center of the ballroom, where the two of you begin to dance. As you stare into those dreamy, kind eyes your worries melt away. Suddenly, it feels like there's no one else around you, just the two of you, dancing on a cloud.

As the music keeps playing on, he begins to sing gently to you, and you are carried away into a world of pure enchantment.

Write for the duration of This song

He dances you straight into the palace garden, where you two write together for the duration of this song

You join in a friendly ten minute word war for the ten minutes that you've spent in the arms of someone that you are, pretty positive, you love.

You know it's too soon to feel as strongly as you do, but in a way, you feel you've known him for your whole life. You've seen his face before when you would close your eyes, you've had dreams where you and he have spent time together.

You were so destined for this moment, to be with him, that magic intervened to make sure it would happen.

And somewhere, deep down, you know there's one big factor that draws you to him --more than everything else about him. He means ....freedom.

Sprint for ten more minutes as you let yourself dream with him of a life together -- free from the abuse that has had you imprisoned your entire life.

He's charming, clever, and so funny! You find yourself laughing aloud at every joke he makes -- unironically. The two of you walk along the garden paths, discussing your viewpoints, and finding you agree on so, so many things. Sprint for five minutes because can this really be happening?

Has he been the carrot in your (do a) carrot and stick challenge this entire time?

The clock strikes twelve and you fly into a panic. Because the truth is you are not worthy of this man. You, a dirty cinder girl, a filthy servant. If he saw you, the real you, he would be disgusted...not enchanted.

And you were, so, so enchanted to meet him. (Optional -- write to duration of this song)

"I HAVE TO GO!" You pull away from him and start running out of the garden.

"No, wait! Wait, please!" he calls after you. He chases behind you, "How will I find you, I don't know your name!?"

On the front steps of the palace, the carriage has turned back into a pumpkin, the creatures back into what they were and lastly, your dress melts away into the tattered rags you were wearing before. You'd almost forgotten, almost, where you'd come from.

You arrive home shortly before your stepmother and stepsisters do. Just in time to put on a kettle for tea.

As they come into the door, they see you there still in your tattered rags. You pour them cups of tea.

“<Your Name>, why are you still awake at this hour?”

“I haven’t been tired, I’ve been imagining the ball.”

“It was better than any dream you could possibly dream up.” Drizella quips

“You will never know!” Anastasia backs her up.

“Oh, yes. It really was delightful. It’s a real shame you couldn’t go.”

“I don’t mind so much.” you say, wiping that smirk off of stepmother's face. “There will be other balls, won’t there?”

“Yes...I’m sure.”

Disappointed you’re unaffected, stepmother bids you do a twenty minute sprint and then head to bed.

The next morning, you wake up and do your morning routine.

Drizella and Anastasia’s rooms are a complete mess from getting ready last night.

Drizella: I can’t live like this, <your name>. I am a clean person even if you’re not. So, how about you sprint 250 in 5 minutes as you clean my room. I’m too tired to make you do anything else, so count yourself lucky. If you don’t though, you have to sprint an additional 100.”

Attic: Punishment may be skipped.

Pantry: sprint 200 instead of 250.

Kitchen: Sprint 300 instead of 250. Punishment may be skipped if you succeeded at morning routine chores.

Before you have a chance to see Anastasia again, there’s another knock at the door. The royal messenger, once more, from the palace.

You read the letter first. Sprint five minutes as you read.

The prince, as it turns out, also met a beautiful maiden last night and he’s throwing another ball to meet her again. You can’t keep the secret, long, because stepmother approaches and demands to read the letter.

“Another ball!!” Stepmother says, “His highness is inviting every eligible maiden, once more!”

Redo the chores you had to do for Anastasia and Drizella last night.

Tremaine finds you and says, “Well, <your name> you were right, there was another ball. Am I right in supposing you’d like to go to this one as well?”

“Yes, Stepmother.”

“I have dumped lintels in the fireplace, once more, you must remove all the lintels I have dumped in the fireplace. To do this you must roll two six sided dice, multiply the values by each other and then by 50, this is how many lentils there are and how many words you must write.”

You busily go to work with a chore that takes you the rest of the night. They leave you behind, not a word to you. You watch the carriage leave, leaving you behind in the house.

Shortly after, there is a knock at the door. When you open it, it’s your fairy godmother!

Write to this song as the miracle repeats itself!

Choose a dress you didn’t choose before.

Golden as the sun: Take a much needed ten-minute writing break.

Silvery as the moon: Write at your own, relaxing, pace for ten minutes.

Dazzling as the stars: Free period to do whatever you like for the next ten minutes.

She warns you, again, that the magic wears off at midnight. With that you’re sent on your way again.

The palace seems to sparkle even more beautifully as you make your way there.

Sprint 150 words because you know your way to the ballroom and therefore arrive earlier.

As soon as you’re standing on the stairs, everyone turns to look at you again. Unconcerned with the prince, you scour the crowd to find the man from last night. He finds you, instead, meeting you at the bottom of the stairs.

“I was waiting for you to show up, again.” he responds, “I threw this ball so I could see you again.”

You giggle at his joke until you realize he’s serious. The prince! You’ve been dancing with the prince!

A sudden wave of shame hits you, unable to look him in the face. He doesn’t know who you really are. You start to back away but he says, “Is everything alright? It’s only me. Don’t we write so beautifully together?”

After a few tender words, you are led, again, into a dance.

The two of you sprint together for the duration of this song.

He leads you to a secret area of the garden, one he hadn't shown you before, and you two have a lovely heart to heart. And you find yourself writing along to this song

But as all days do, this one had to end. The clock strikes twelve and you sprint 200 words away from the ball.

As you're making your way through the crowd, you accidentally bump into your stepmother! Your heart stops for a moment, but she doesn't seem to recognize you. Not that you give her much time to.

You sprint for ten minutes all the way home, writing an additional 100 words for the sob you let out when your beautiful gown melts away into rags. You slam the door shut behind you and busy yourself with a disguise. You wipe ash and dust all over yourself, pat it along your dress and then put a kettle on for tea.

Everything is set up perfectly for when the stepfamily arrives. As soon as they enter, you've already brought the tea tray out for them but something isn't quite right.

"No tea, tonight, <your name> Anastasia, Drizella, go to bed." Anastasia and Drizella, disappointed, do as they are told. Stepmother turns to you.

"Why, dear, dear, <your name>. You seem to be missing something."

Confused as to what she means, you start searching the tea tray to see what's out of place...then you search the room. It doesn't take long for her condescending smirk to come and finally, finally, she produces the diamond butterfly brooch. Your hand instinctively flies to your chest, where you know you'd been wearing it.

As soon as you do, you've revealed yourself. Write to the nearest thousand for your thoughtlessness.

"I don't know how you did it." Tremaine says, "I don't know where you got those gowns. But you will produce them for your sisters and you will never attend another ball, or you will be sorry!" "I can't possibly do as you ask." You answer honestly. "Nor would I want to if I could."

You're surprised by the sudden strength you feel within yourself. But you know it's because in these last couple of days you've remembered what it feels like to be loved by someone.

In an act that couldn't have shocked you, Stepmother drops the brooch to the ground and stomps it with her feet. The thing is easily crushed. You gasp aloud, fingers flying to your mouth. You don't have much time to grieve because your stepmother takes you by the arm and locks you in your room.

"You have no chores to do in the morning and you will never see that boy, again. I will see to it that you are shipped on the next available ship to the Americas! How dare you show such impertinence, <Your name>!" And with that, the lock clicks shut.

You don't have it in you to cry yourself to sleep anymore. You're too strong, now. Even in this dismal cell, freedom is so close you can taste it. You try to think your way out of the situation, calling on the creative problem solving you've had to hone after a lifetime of impossible chores-- but nothing seems to come to you, the night wanes on cutting into your morning hours and eventually, you cave into sleep.

You wake up in the late afternoon, close to the evening, listening to the excitement you hear coming from the rest of the house can only mean one thing. "ANOTHER BALL!? WHERE'S CINDERELLA!? THAT STUPID, LAZY GIRL!!!" Drizella yells clear across the house, "I NEED HER TO DYE MY DRESS, SEW ON EXTRA RIBBON, AND SPRINT---" "NO I NEED HER FIRST," Anastasia yells clear across the house, "I'M SO SICK OF THIS DRESS, I NEED HER TO FIX MY OTHER ONE. FIX THE LACE, THE TRIMMINGS, THE SLEEVES, THE SKIRT AND THEN I NEED HER TO WRITE FOR--"

They don't finish their orders for you, not that it matters. You couldn't have done them anyway and you've heard all you needed to anyway. Instead, your chores for today include---

Escaping this room, escaping to the ball, escaping this life.


Attic: This room has always been so drafty. You've been sickly and weak most of your life for it. Not only do the windows not close properly but there are holes in the roof! If you can find a way to open something, anything.... Sprint 10 minutes. Join a wordwar and beat that wordcount as well as your opponent's. Sprint another 20 minutes. Add all three of your wordcounts together, this is how long your rope is. Your rope needs to be 2000 words or longer to escape.

Feel free to repeat this however long you need in order for your wordcount to be over 2000.


You're locked in this tiny room that has no windows. You've grown used to how small this closet-like space is, anyway. All you need to do is open the door. The door itself isn't exactly strong oak. It's a weak enough, flimsy piece of wood. All it was ever meant for was shutting away food storage, it was never meant to serve as a prison door. And after all that heavy labor you had to perform...maybe you.... Do a three digit challenge. Write an additional 150 words Do a carrot and stick challenge. Write for the duration of any song of your choice. In order to break down your door with whatever piece of furniture you've grabbed, you need to break 1500 words.

Repeat these steps as often as necessary until you've written 1500 words or more.


Well, you're in a bind. All three doors leading from the kitchen are as sturdy as the house foundation. It would take soldiers with a battering ram to get you out of here. The fire is dying out, you think and some subservient part of you still-- deep down-- says...time to put more logs on the fire.... Pick a solution:

A) Complete two fifty headed hydras with 500+ words each. Sprint 1% of your wordcount. Participate in and win a ten minute word war Your wordcount must be over 3000 if you intend to take a burning log to burn down your kitchen door, kitchen, and the house that serves as a constant reminder of the torment you have suffered in your life. You are, after all, Cinder-ella.

B) Complete a half hour word sprint. Write an additional 750 words. Participate in and win a ten-minute word war Your wordcount must be over 3000 if you intend to take the woodchopping axe and break that door into submission.

Repeat either of these steps as often as necessary for your wordcount to be above 3000.

Your stepmother and stepsisters are already gone when you leave your room. You grab up the brooch ((and bring it into the garden if your house is burning down.)) "Please," you plead, looking at the busted thing, "Please come back, I need you. Just one last time I need you." It does nothing, just a simple brooch. There's no way you can go to the ball looking as you do. You hold it to your cheek and begin to sob. As your tears hit the brooch, you hear the still small voice of your Fairy Godmother.

You never needed me...I was never there...it was all you, <Your Name>. It was always you. From the beginning, that's who I was.

As the words sink inside of you, your brooch begins to blow abnormally bright. In a flash of magic, your brooch turns into a pair of glass slippers. The magic...all along...it was in you.

It sweeps across your form, repairing every tatter and tear in your mother's wedding dress. Sparkling and brand new, you turn your pumpkin into a carriage, you turn your lizard and rat companions into horses and coachmen. Still unconfident in your magical abilities, sprint for fifteen minutes.

And finally, write for the duration of this song because it really was all possible!

As you run up the palace steps you beg, beg last longer than midnight, last longer than midnight.

When you push open the doors, everyone stands in awe of you-- wearing a dress even more beautiful than your previous two. The prince is standing there, away from the crowd, waiting for your arrival. There, he marches straight to your side. "You always manage," He says, "To take my breath away." The two of you run off, unconcerned with the propriety of dancing first. He takes you to your secret garden place where the two of you discuss important things. Like your writing career, the future success of your books, and writing for the duration of this song.

The two of you don't even notice the time passing, and you're so sure the magic can last longer than midnight that you don't even pay attention to the time. Someone, however, does come to interrupt your magic. Your stepmother with your stepsisters in tow! "<YOUR NAME!>" They squawk at you, "Your Highness, you don't know who she really is! She is nothing but a servan---" "I think you'll find, Madam," says the prince, "It is you who are nothing in comparison to the future princess of my kingdom." The stepmother pinches her lips together, incapable of further speech. "if," the prince says, picking up the glass slipper which has just dropped from your feet, "You will have me. <Your name>."

The Wedding Bells are ringing and the kingdom rejoices. Your Prince and you write off into your happily ever after for the duration of this song.

And for years, the Kingdom prospers under the magical ability of a Fairy Princess.

The End.