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Word crawl/Camp Crawl

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Hey, everybody! I had the idea for this crawl last weekend, but the site ate it, and I ended up just pushing on with my 10k weekend. But I've made some tweaks to the program, and this time I'm saving it on my netbook first and only posting when it's all ready, so here you go! This crawl will definitely get you in shape for some champion word sprinting! (Emphasis on short sprints, but it's not an easy crawl.)

RULES -Complete the exercises in order without skipping any. Take breaks as you like in between exercises. Camp will be here for the rest of the month, maybe all year! -You don't have to post here in training camp to update us on your progress, but that'd be kinda cool, to bump the thread every so often! -Have fun!

There are 13 exercises at training camp, for 2013...

Check-in: When you arrive at camp, you're given your jersey number, and immediately sent out to hit the track! Sprint as many words as there are comments in the Sprint As Many Words As There Are Comments thread.

Five minute dash: The track is five minutes around for a 'lap', and the sprinting coach wants to see just what you can do when you go flat out. Once around the track, do NOT stop for correct spelling, and watch out for the fifty headed hydra.

Relay race: The key to the word sprinting relay is in passing the baton. Pick up a three digit baton from a fellow sprinter here, and then pass it on to somebody else.

That song comin' through your headphones: Early in the morning, you grab your favorite music and hit the track. Sprint through a great song.

Two laps: You're doing great now. Two laps around the track puts you in competition for the ten minute word war.

Where's the finish line? Figure out the next time your word count odometer will click over to 000, and get there.

Camp laundromat: Your usual sprinting clothes are getting a little sweaty now, so toss them in the wash, borrow some spare clothes, and sprint until the washing machine buzzer sounds! (If you don't actually have laundry or any other chore that you can write through, do a 25 minute sprint because that's how long the washing machine cycle is at my laundry room.)

Three laps: Join the fifteen minute word warriors, (those crazy fools,) with a triple lap around the sprinting track.

May the words be forever in your favor: After playing dice with some fellow sprinters, when it's time to get back to training, you agree to let random odds set your next sprinting goal. (Suggestion: enter a minimum of 300 words, and a maximum of 800)

Take it cross country: You've done a lot of great training on the track, now it's time to run across the fields and hurdle over fences. Sprint for one thousand words.

Uh-oh! The meanest coach in camp spotted you goofing off on a break, and sent you over to his favorite thread! You have to sprint for at least 100 words, right now! (No immunity even if you did this sprint a few minutes before coming back to camp.)

Four laps: This is getting into endurance runner territory. Four laps = 1 twenty minute word war.

Set your own pace: The mark of a truly great sprinter is setting his own track and pushing the pace. You'll find all you need here, but give yourself an ambitious goal, a fun 'carrot', and a really cruel 'stick.' And tell them that the Word sprinters training camp sent you!