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Word crawl/Bookshelf Crawl

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So we know that to be a good writer you have the be a reader right? Which means that all of us have bookshelves filled to the brim with books and books and books… or is that just me?

We’ll start out slow, how many bookshelves do you have? Multiply that by 100 and write that many words up to 1000

Now, pick a bookshelf and count how many different series you have. Multiply the amount by 50 and write that many words up to 1000

How many books are in your favorite series?

Trilogy: Write 300 words in 10 minutes 4 – 6 books: Fifty Headed hydra 7 or more: Write 1000 words in 30 minutes

Now pick your favorite book in the series. Whatever number in the series it is, Multiply by 100 and write that many words

Now open the book up to the last page, count the number of pages and write that many words

Lets dig a little deeper into that favorite book of yours. What genre is it?

YA: 5 minute sprint

Mainstream/Realistic: Write for 30 minutes with 5 minute breaks

Fantasy: Defeat another Fifty Headed Hydra

Sci-fi: Shoot for the stars and write 1000 words as fast as you can

Romance: 10 minute word war

Other: Do a three-digit challenge

What about your favorite character?

Guy: Write for 30 minutes without stopping

Girl: Write 1000 words without stopping

Can’t decide: Do both

OK, so since this was your favorite book, you obviously liked it, but… as writers we tend to wish we could make a few changes to even our favorite books… or is that just me again?

So, how many changes would you make to your favorite book, if you could?

None, it was perfect and you wouldn’t change a thing: Sprint 500 words

A few changes, it is your favorite book after all: Sprint to the next thousand

A lot, but it was still a pretty good book: Write for an hour to fix the changes

Everything except maybe the basic premise: Finish your word count goal for the day