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Word crawl/An Adventure with the Doctor Crawl

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I'd like to point out that this crawl will be long and heartbreaking, in the spirit of the show itself.


You've had a long day at work, and you get to your car when suddenly you hear a noise. It sounds like a wheezing machine. Intrigued, you investigate to discover a blue police box. Running around the corner and towards the box is a man. Who is he? Sprint for your favorite doctor. Number x 100 (So Tennant lovers will write 1000 words. Sorry, loves).

The strange man notices you and quickly yells at you to get in the TARDIS. You stand there confused as he grabs your hand and pulls you into his box. You begin to fight him when you realize you've boarded something unlike anything you've ever seen before.

3-Minute Word Sprint To Continue The Story:

0-50 Words: You run out of the TARDIS and straight into the arms of an alien who instantly sucks your soul away. The End.

51-100 Words: You faint, and awake to the strange man sprinkling water on your face and loudly cursing himself for picking up another one without explaining.

101+: You have kept your cool and simply ask "Who are you?" The strange man smiles and says "I'm the Doctor; want to go on an adventure?"

The Doctor explains to you about the TARDIS and how she can take you anywhere, anytime you want to be. He gives you an excited smile.


Where would you like to go? Sprint to your dream destination.

100 Words: New Earth

200 Words: Mars

300 Words: Apalapucia (#2 Vacation spot in the universe!)

400 Words: Karn (Hang out with the Sisterhood of the Flame!)

500 Words: The Library

600 Words: The Ood-Sphere

700 Words: One (The oldest planet in the universe.)

800 Words: Midnight (WHO INVITED JETHRO?)

900 Words: Skaro

1000 Words: Gallifrey

When would you like to go? Pick a year and write that many words.

The Doctor hops to his control panel and begins pushing buttons, pulling levers, et cetera. Finally, the TARDIS rumbles and you wonder what you've gotten yourself into. Suddenly, it stops. The Doctor rushes to the door and opens it and sees absolutely nothing. You are surrounded by nothingness.

"But that's impossible!" He exclaims quizzically.

"What is it, Doctor? What's wrong?" You ask, suddenly very scared.

"We're in the Void! Oh no, oh no this is NOT good!" The Doctor begins pacing around his TARDIS, not sure of himself. You watch helplessly and he toils over all the possible causes. Word war for five minutes while the Doctor considers his next move.

In an instant, he snaps his fingers. "Eureka!" He shouts. He rushes into a door that you didn't notice beforehand and instantly emerges with a tiny box. He whispers a message into it and opens the TARDIS door, he throws it but it flies right back into the room. The Doctor, obviously perplexed, takes a moment and then jumps out as well. You were in the process of building up a scream when he flies right back in again. Laughing, the Doctor tells you to try.

30-Minute Word Sprint

0-600 Words: No Way! The Doctor is disappointed; you probably won't be back for another adventure.

601+ Words: You step to the edge of the TARDIS and look down into the blankness. You take a deep breath and leap off. Suddenly, you're flying! But just as soon as you drop, you are flying back up. You fall into the TARDIS and the Doctor catches you. You laugh and ask to go again.

"Doctor, what is that?" You ask.

"Well, the Void is exactly what it sounds like - nothing. It is rejecting our presence because we are obviously not nothing and therefore it is trying to contain us in as tight a space as possible, hence throwing us back into the TARDIS."

"How are we going to get out?"

"Oh, that's not an issue. I simply need to restore the TARDIS to her factory settings. Since a TARDIS cannot reset while in use, she will instantly zap to the nearest planet to rest."

The Doctor grins at you and goes down to the bottom of the TARDIS and opens a strange-looking device that unleashes a bright light. You shield your eyes but watch as the Doctor pulls out a strange, slim device and buzzes it at the light. Smoke pours out of the light and the TARDIS shakes violently. You are thrown around and grasp frantically for anything you can hang onto.

Finally, the shaking stops and you assess your injuries. Sprint to the nearest thousand to make sure you are okay.

The Doctor offers you a hand and you stand up. You go to open the TARDIS door and are met with:

5-Minute Sprint to Find Your Monster:

0-100 Words: A Dalek! He instantly screams "EXTERMINATE!" and shoots you. The Doctor rushes to your side but not in time; you've been killed!

101-150 Words: A Weeping Angel! The Doctor screams "DON'T BLINK!" and your eyes widen in fear. You stare at the monster, frozen with fear. It waits for you to give up. 10-Minute Word War to Save Yourself. If you lose, you're gone forever.

151+ Words: An Ood! At first you're terrified, but the Doctor assures you that the Ood are a kind race. Trusting him, you offer a hand to the Ood. It looks at it and does nothing. You start to think it's kind of cute.

Finally, after a long day, the Doctor takes you back home. As you walk out, he asks "Are you sure you don't want to go again?" You smile and say:

5-Minute Word War: If you win, you say "Well, if you really don't mind..." if you lose, "Maybe some other time, Doctor. Thanks."