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Winnie is a Discord bot that times word sprints.

Winnie was created by DawnBug throughout 2018 as a Discord successor to IRC's Timmy. The Wrimos of Australia :: Melbourne provided prompts and feedback, and Winnie went live to a few early adopter regions in 2018 before opening to wider usage in 2019.

Turkzilla ran on Winnie in NaNoWriMo 2020.

Note: Winnie defines sprints as writing sessions with a goal but no time limit, but the sprint can time out. Wars have traditional writing session model of writing as many words as you can in a set time without a specified goal.


  • Run a sprint or war.
  • Run multiple wars in a row with a set break between sprints. These are called chainwars.
  • Run multiple wars simultaneously.
  • Delay the start of a sprint or war.
  • Name a sprint or war.
  • View the sprints or wars happening in other Discord servers using Winnie (if the sprint creator hasn't hidden that sprint or war).
  • Set a personal daily goal and time zone for logging your word count.
  • Display a summary of word counts after the sprint or war.
  • Roll dice.
  • Generate a writing prompt.
  • Choose from a list of items.
  • Velociraptors. Enough said. Wrimos can earn a velociraptor for reaching their personal daily goal (as logged with Winnie) and can earn a velociraptor randomly at the end of a sprint. Raptor totals were reset in October 2019 and 2020, with the Europe :: The Netherlands region the first to reach 1000 total velociraptors in 2020[1].

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