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Wikiwrimo:Wikiwrimo Writing Month

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Do you miss the challenge and deadline of NaNoWriMo in your life? Do you keep meaning to contribute to Wikiwrimo but just haven't gotten around to it? Do you want to contribute to a resource for the entire NaNo community with a deadline to boot?

Then join the second Wikiwrimo Writing Month!

The short version

  • What: Contribute to Wikiwrimo by completing sixteen tasks from ten categories in September.
  • When: September 1-30, 2012
  • Where: All over wikiwrimo.org
  • Who: You! We can't do this without you. Wikiwrimo's a collaborative effort, so let's make Wikiwrimo even better together.
  • Why: Because you miss the deadline of NaNoWriMo. Because you keep meaning to contribute to Wikiwrimo but haven't yet. Because you need something to do before the NaNo site relaunch. Because your region needs an article. Because the other September challenges aren't cutting it for you, or maybe you want even more to do.

How to participate

Before September 1, 2012

  • Create a Wikiwrimo account if you don't already have one.
  • Sign up on the top of this page's talk page. Sign your name with * ~~~~. If you find out about Wikiwrimowrimo late, you can still sign up (and please do!), but the main challenge isn't changed. There's still plenty to do.
  • Get ready. Read the guide if you haven't already. Make some edits. This isn't like NaNo or any other challenge; contributing beforehand is encouraged!

During September 2012

Complete at least sixteen tasks from the following ten categories. To win Wikiwrimo you should contribute to at least seven of the following items listed. Yes, this means you'll be doing most of these things more than once, but use each item no more than three times.

  • Fix or update two articles. Lots of articles are out of date. It takes two articles to count here once.
  • Expand an article. This can be a stub or not.
  • Create a new article and make it worthy of not being a stub.
  • Upload an image to supplement articles.
  • Create a custom template.
  • Create custom site CSS or design.
  • Add articles to categories or create categories. To count this you must do four category-related activities.
  • Add references to two articles. See Cite.php at MediaWiki for how to cite articles. You must do two articles to count this once.
  • Wikify three pages--that is, find an article with few wiki links and fix that. Here you must do three pages to earn this once.
  • Find three pages with few pages that link to it and fix that. (Hint: Click "What Links Here" at the lower left hand side of that page.) Again, you must do three pages in this category in order to count this once.

As an example: Fix x 1, Expand x 1, Create x 1, Upload x 1, Categories x 1, References x 1, Wikify x 1, Few Pages x 1. But that's eight out of sixteen, so go back and do more to get 16 tasks total. You can do all eight of these again or you can do a few of these three times (but not four).

Finally, remember wiki magic and the power of NaNo: Even if you think it's not perfect, hit save page anyway. Someone will come by and polish it up.

How to win

  • Complete at least twenty tasks from the above ten categories. Yes, this means you'll be doing most of these things more than once. Use each item no more than three times. Do this between 00:00:01am local time September 1, 2012 and 11:59:59pm on September 30, 2012 local time. We're going by the honor code here for what time zone you're in.
  • I will link to everyone's Contributions page on the signup page before September starts for ease of keeping track. You're welcome to keep a number tally on your line in the signup page throughout the month.
  • I can't promise prizes, but if someone wants to design a winner icon/certificate/what have you, email sushimustwrite at wikiwrimo.org and we'll talk. Winners will be listed on a protected page (free of tampering!) on this site for all to view.

Watch this page for more info. Ask your questions on the talk page, and I'll compile them into an FAQ (or maybe Rarely Asked Questions) as questions come up.

Past Years

Note: All past winners can be viewed at the winner page.

Our first year kicked off in 2012 with five participants, three of whom completed the challenge. You can view more information at /February 2012.