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Wikiwrimo:How to Help Wikiwrimo Grow

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This page contains a variety of ways, both big and small, to help Wikiwrimo grow. Wikiwrimo relies on viewers and contributors like you to spread the word and help others find out about the wonder that is a NaNoWriMo wiki.

This is not intended to be a checklist; you may find some methods more to your liking than others.

Need help? Check out the Wikiwrimo Guide and the FAQ page. Or if your question is about the MediaWiki software, check out the help area. If those don't answer your questions, ask in the question board or sushimustwrite's talk page.

Many thanks to blogging platform Dreamwidth and their similar list for the idea.

Editing pages

  • Correct a typo or inaccuracy when you see one.
  • Add content to an existing article.
  • Add an article to a category.
  • Add to a stub.
  • Create an article! Check out the scratchpad for ideas.
  • Suggest an article for the Scratchpad.
  • Edit content that's out of date.
  • Add an item to a list article.

Images and Media

  • Add an image to a page.
  • Take a photo of something NaNo-related and add it to Wikiwrimo.

Regional pages

  • Create a regional page, even if it's to say "X region is a region in X country/continent". Even a one-sentence article is better than no page at all.
  • Adopt a region (or several!) in the regional directory to maintain. It can be your region or not. Optionally you can also adopt a set of regions to keep an eye on, such as the regions in your state or country.
  • If a region's page is sparse or nonexistent, tell the Municipal Liaison or a Wrimo you know in that region that their region has a page on Wikiwrimo and they're among the best people to add to it.
  • If your region's page is sparse or nonexistent, add some info. No one can write about all 500+ regions, but you can write about yours.

Your user page

  • Edit your user page to say something about yourself. You can include whatever you like, but some ideas include: info about yourself, your NaNo history and involvement, what you write, what you like to read...


  • Tell someone about Wikiwrimo who doesn't already know about it.
  • Link someone who might not know about Wikiwrimo to an article that might interest them.
  • Post about Wikiwrimo on another site (like the NaNo forums) when it's appropriate. Don't spam or nag, though!
  • Tell someone that they have a page on Wikiwrimo to explain their region's history.

The Wider World of Wrimos

Wikiwrimo wouldn't exist without NaNoWriMo, so being active in the NaNo community is important too. Here are some ways to get involved in the NaNo community. This may be a separate article for supporting NaNo if it becomes big.

  • Create a novel in your profile.
  • Write something about yourself in your profile.
  • Add your years done and won if you've done NaNo before.
  • Add your past novels to your profile if you've done NaNo before.
  • Add a Wrimo as a writing buddy. Or two. Or ten!
  • Make a post in the forums.
  • Start a thread in the forums.
  • Find a region near you and join it.
  • If there's a NaNo event near you, attend one. Or create one!
  • Introduce yourself in that region.
  • Answer someone's question in the help forums.
  • Upload a profile icon.
  • Once November arrives and you've started writing, update your word count regularly.
  • Once you've reached 50k and winning time arrives, verify that novel!
  • Fill out the participant survey when the staff send it out in December.
  • Tell a friend about NaNo.
  • Donate to NaNo.
  • Buy an item from the NaNo store.
  • More to come...