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Trading card

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A trading card is a card, often with an image of a subject of interest on the front and interesting facts about the subject on the back, that may be traded in order to collect all the cards in a set.

In 2012 the Office of Letters and Light held the 2012 Summer Fundraising Drive and gave donors a pack of three trading cards for every $50 donated.

Len Peralta drew the art on the cards, and the cards were designed by Graham Dobson.

Trading Cards

Want to swap trading cards? forum

Want to swap trading cards? was a NaNoWriMo forum created in 2012. Its purpose was to let Wrimos swap trading cards from the 2012 Summer Fundraising Drive.

Due to the limited nature of the trading cards, this forum did not return in 2013. Heather Dudley was its only moderator.

Forum description

Have you gotten your NaNo Trading Cards, but are missing the one card you must have? Two Chris Batys, but you just have to have a Traveling Shovel of Death? Mix and match here, and collect them all!