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Safety Notice

Velociraptors are velociraptors... It should be pretty obvious.

It's not uncommon for velociraptors to show up in novels, right after the ninjas are defeated; after all, Everything Is Better With Dinosaurs.

Velociraptors, though, are a scourge on the Realm of NaNoLot and NaNoWriMo is a Velociraptor Free Workplace. Any velociraptor sighting should be reported to your Municipal Liaison Velociraptor Safety Association (MLVSA) Representative. If you are on ChatNaNo this representative is Timmy.

The Discourse based forums that opened in 2019 have a Velociraptor Badge that participants can earn. How you earn the badge is up for debate.

Velociraptor Badge
Rawr. There's a velociraptor in the badge section. In your profile. Bam. How do you get this badge? No one knows.