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Your edit notes on the timed artistic challenges page

Hi, and welcome to Wikiwrimo! Just a note on editing: if you have an issue with other people's edits, please don't take it out on the edit notes! The people you're addressing may not even see those notes and therefore your point gets lost.

I've reverted your edit since it violates the values of Wikiwrimo as a collaborative and friendly site. That page is the most accessed page on this site after the main page, and the note saying that information is "usually" wrong devalues the decade of work that contributors have put into compiling the content on that page. Information is more likely to be outdated than wrong, and a wonderful contributor performed an audit of the listed challenges within the past few months. That said, if you find that one of the inactive or retired challenges is active and you have a link to prove it, please re-add it! I'd love to hear it. Your friendly wiki admin, Sushimustwrite (talk) 00:28, 2 August 2021 (UTC)