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Articles to write and cleanup things to do. This used to be in Sushi's namespace, so this list may look familiar. Go ahead and write one yourself! If you see a red link somewhere in the wiki, be bold and create the article! Also, if you come up with an idea and don't have the means to create it yourself, whether for a specific article or a broad idea, add it to this list.

Some places that may be of help:

And now, on to the list.

Add to these lists

Check external links for these pages/lists and make sure they still work. Replace the ones that have moved to other places. (Note: it's fine to leave/move a page that just isn't active. The main purpose here is to make sure none of these pages have been abandoned and taken over for evil over creativity.)

Offseason cleanup

A few small changes are particular to the the fact that NaNo happens every year. A lot of these changes are wiki-wide, and fixing a few of these on just a few pages would be such a huge help. You have no idea.

  • Checking and updating moderators. This used to be an annual thing for each forum, but now that moderators are global, we can just verify that all the mods are still the same.
  • Checking and updating URLs that link to the NaNo site, especially since we've seen two big site redesigns (!) since this site was created. Replacing those that link to forums, pages, or popular threads. Thankfully user profiles appear to redirect, but checking those is also worth doing if they're linked.
  • Changing tenses as appropriate when you see them. Things that refer to, say, 2010 may need to be referred to in the past tense, for example.
  • Basically, look for out of date stuff and make it, well, not out of date!
  • Go through Special:AncientPages. This page sorts articles by last edited, with articles edited a very long time ago showing up first. This page would probably make finding out of date articles significantly easier.
  • Find links to OLL that should reference National Novel Writing Month (nonprofit). Fix. (By the way, National Novel Writing Month goes to the event page since that's what more people are looking for.)
  • Remove the www in articles where nanowrimo.org is linked. This means the URL should read nanowrimo.org instead of www.nanowrimo.org.
  • Add past moderators to the various Genre Lounges.
  • Do an audit of articles in Category:NaNoWriMo terms and determine if any subcategories or new top-level categories would be useful (for example, Wrimo-created items).
  • Do an audit of Category:Categories and determine if a different categorization structure would make more sense.
  • Do an audit of the list articles above and make sure there are no broken links. Especially important for List of timed artistic challenges (last audit 5/2021) since this is a high traffic page.

Articles to write or complete

  • Wikiwrimo:Manual of Style -- a manual of grammatical style for the wiki. Most of this can be covered by linking to an external grammar source, but we should outline some things that need to be consistent across the wiki.
  • Region--complete an article on your region! Please! No one can write about every single region and their histories.
  • Pretty much anything from Special:WantedPages except the template-y stuff that I can't get rid of. Argh.
  • Add to an article marked as a stub in Category:Stubs
  • Finish NaNoWriMo article and fill in its history. Should we move history to its own article?
  • Having articles on basic writing terms and how they relate to NaNo/Script Frenzy would be cool, too. See Basic writing terms for ideas that may not have their own pages. This was mentioned by a few people when crowdsourcing for ideas.
  • Articles on some of the awesome Reference Desk/Character and Plot Realism threads and the stories behind them.
  • NaNoWriMo in the News: populate this with all the news articles written about Nano, not just the ones the Nano in the news page on the Nano site shows.
  • National Novel Writing Year
  • Writing enemy
  • Editing
  • Update Wikiwrimo's History Article as needed.
  • NaNoToons (and how about Debs and Errol?) (Yes!)
  • Rich Black (designed 2012 nowd poster) (Now that Sushi thinks about it, it may be better to have a single page for all the designers and break them out only if they're repeat designers)
  • Word Count Angel (Opposite of Word Count Dragon)
  • Plantser - the middle ground between a pantser and a planner. Suggestion: combine pantser/planner/plantser into one article about levels of planning/non-planning.
  • NaNoWriMo website - all about the nanowrimo.org website
  • Block Ness Monster
  • We Need Diverse Books and their association with NaNo
  • Clean up NaNoWriMo sponsors to list the sponsors and the years they sponsored, not list every sponsor by year. This is especially useful for repeat sponsors.
  • Create Camp NaNoWriMo sponsors. It's time. The main purpose of these sponsor articles would be to keep a list of sponsors.
  • Give the sponsor forum articles their own page. Again, it's time.
  • Split the Script Frenzy forum on the NaNo site to its own article.
  • NaNoWriMo blog -- add/update recurring features and post series
  • A Nanowrimo authors category for authors associated with Nano and notable authors who participate in Nano. Suggestions would be Marissa Meyer, Hugh Howey, Maureen Johnson, Rachel Aaron and perhaps adding Lazette Gifford to that category?
  • NaNo Swaps -- a page for the tea swap, postcard swap, cd swap, general nano swap...
  • Webinar, the live interactive video events hosted by NaNoWriMo, formerly on Spreecast, now typically on Youtube.
  • Reorganize the NaNoWordSprints article. Add info about some of the other zany running themes.
  • Update Young Writers Program page and add a little context to YWP Alumni
  • Check staff articles and make sure they're up to date and everyone is added
  • Wrimoverse, a multi-regional crawl created in 2017 with 14 regions taking part
  • ML forums
  • The assorted YWP writing contests (look at the NaNo blog and Twitter, late June 2019. Sushi thinks there was a 2018 one as well, and possibly earlier.)
  • NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon -- add details on the April 2019 edition
  • Turkzilla - days of constant word sprints. Originally started in Los Angeles and expanded to other regions. Eventually run by Winnie on Discord in 2020. This has been a thing for years.
  • Maybe a general article on NaNoWriMo and the pandemic? Add to NaNoWriMo#History at the very least.
  • Add the Camp Care Packages for 2020 and beyond. These are on the current NaNo website. (Oh and comb through old care packages and consider adding the dare of the days that Sushi didn't think about until NaNo staff started including writing challenges every day. Sushi has HTML files for pre-2020 Camp care packages.)
  • NaNoLitMo see [1]
  • An article on NaNo's DEI statement. Open for ideas on what to title this, as it would cover wider DEI initiatives.
  • Figure out the best way to create image galleries for merch and stickers so we can take a design trip through NaNo history.
  • Update Word war with the new site timer (and maybe redirect to Word sprint because that's the more commonly used term?)
  • Ready, Set, Memoir! - past NaNo program director Lindsey Grant's book on writing memoir sold in the NaNo store. Released in August 2021.
  • Update Pitchapalooza with 2016 and onward winners.
  • Any NaNo/SF/Camp NaNo related thing that doesn't have its own article and wasn't mentioned above.

Photos and other non-article things to add

  • General photos of donor swag
  • General photos of store merchandise
  • A framed winner certificate or two
  • A template marking an article as out of date. This would be useful if you know the article is out of date but can't be bothered to fix it yourself or fixing it would take a considerable amount of effort/research.
  • Maybe create categories for regions by year of creation (for those where we can figure it out, which will most likely be recently created ones)? A category for all the Elsewhere regions? A category for regions that have been renamed or merged? There's already a category for former regions.
  • Screenshot of the old Camp NaNo donation arrow for the Fund-o-Meter article.
  • The Camp NaNo the Musical personal achievement badge for Badges (Sushi swears this existed but it doesn't display even on the July 2020 projects)
  • Screenshots of the word count bar over time
  • Screenshots of the Stats page over time. This used to be rolled in to your profile. [The page that shows the stats on your project https://nanowrimo.org/stats]
  • Anything else?

Really old stuff to add

Some of these are lower priority since they're so old at this point, but hey, if we have them, the Wayback Machine probably won't eat them even further in the future...

  • Interstellar Day of Science and Storytelling (you know, this)
  • Find and post the 2003-2006 Pep Talks. Sushi thought she had them, but they're nowhere to be found.
  • Update NaNoWriMo statistics with Script Frenzy stats if we can find them.
  • Add WrimoRadio episodes and summaries to article (or a separate one if the list gets long). The article links to a Gdrive file with the episodes.
  • Pie in the sky goal: Add design credits to the NaNo graphics and certificates. This is challenging because Sushi isn't sure if the early icons even had design credits.

More for Sushi than anyone else but if you wanna help

  • Redesign the homepage so it's more approachable to new visitors and not just a bunch of words
  • Review the contribution info, FAQ, and other wiki-meta content and make sure it's still accurate.

Anything else? Add it to the list! Or better yet, search for it, and if it's not there, start an article yourself!