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Welcome to Wikiwrimo! I'm your friendly Wikiwrimo founder and admin. This means I welcome you to Wikiwrimo, answer any questions you have, and maintain the technical side of the site that no one cares about until the site breaks. Ask me any questions you have, whether through my talk page, through the question board, or through email. For answers to some commonly asked questions, check out the help area and the FAQ. You may also want to check out the guide to editing for more editing resources.

If you have any questions about Wikiwrimo that need to be handled privately, email me at sushimustwrite@wikiwrimo.org. If you want to contact me outside of a Wikiwrimo context, try sushimustwrite@wikiwrimo.org or sushimustwrite@gmail.com. Both addresses go to the same place.

I'm also available if you'd like to talk about preserving online communities and histories or open cultures. I can also talk your head off about NaNoWriMo, though I'm not a staff member and can't give you any super-official answers to anything.

Don't know where to get started? Check out some wanted articles!

NaNo and Sushi

I've participated in NaNoWriMo since 2002. Back when I used Diaryland (yes, Diaryland) as my primary blog, I was blog-hopping one night, and someone wrote about this thing called National Novel Writing Month. It did sound impossibly hard, especially since I had already started writing a novel at the time but crashed and burned a few chapters in. Could I really call myself a writer if I couldn't finish a novel?

So I signed up. Little did I know that life would change forever. I've won every NaNo and Script Frenzy since. Not so much with Camp NaNo, though.

Fun Sushi and NaNo facts

All of this is copied straight from my NaNo profile.

Answers to occasionally asked questions: Yes, I'm the person who wrote the "Hotel NaNoWriMo" song a long time ago. And the 30 Reasons for 30 Days list even longer ago. (Wow, was it that long ago?) The Reference Desk 2010 forum description question on how much yarn it takes to knit a sweater for a giraffe happens to be mine. Oh, and a couple of my tips appear in Chris Baty's new No Plot? No Problem! so that's pretty neat.

Other interesting things: NOWD 2011/2013/2014/2016/2017/2018 attendee, Atlanta ML in 2011, @NaNoWordSprints leader since 2011, NaNoWriMo Ambassador, top Nano Goodsearcher for awhile, won all the Script Frenzies. Camps, not so much.

I virtually visited 84 regions in 2020. It was the one bright spot to a horrible year. Then I added 82 more regions to the list in 2021.

Back when we had userids, I was user 3542.

According to Chris Baty my spirit animal is a lionfish.

I don't have a NaNo problem. I have a NaNo lifestyle.

NaNo things I made

The Non-Wikiwrimo Sushi

Non-writing interests include math [particularly abstract algebra and group theory], languages [particularly French], computers and code and Linux-y type things, online media and community, tea, books, notebooks, data ownership and portability, good food, running (or having run), Pokemon Go, and cute animals.

When I'm not loving everything NaNo and finding things before they're announced, I write technical documentation by day and do assorted writing/content curating freelance work by night. Sometimes sleep happens too.

Some websites for your viewing pleasure:

Wiki administration

Wiki sysop stuff linked here so I can find it easily.

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