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Greetings to you, dear viewer of this page. My internet name is Nocturnalie, Noc for short. I'm a 19-year-old Australian studying a Bachelor of Criminology at the University of New England, NSW. I'm very organised - except when it comes to writing, when I'm a total pantser.

Noc and NaNo

I was too terrified of the idea of NaNo in 2008 to participate... but in December I ended up writing a 96k fanfiction, which made me realise that hey, maybe next year I could actually do it while everyone else was doing it!

In 2009, I did participate - twice over. I wrote and won my own personal NaNo, a fantasy story about a boy created by the gods to be a hero, called - rather creatively, I thought - "Hero". You can find it on Amazon. I also did a joint NaNo with my two friends, where we aimed for 100k. We won that one, too, but we unfortunately never finished the story.

This year in 2010 I'm planning on using the same characters from the story I wrote with my friends in an entirely different universe to the one we already wrote about, one featuring the protagonist as a supernatural bounty hunter. I thought they deserved their own completed story, so let's hope I can finish it this time! I can't wait to get started! I just wish my exams weren't in November...

Contact me

I have a livejournal which I use rarely, and a twitter which I use a lot more regularly. You can also contact me through my NaNo account, and on my talk page here on the wiki.