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Hi! I'm Mingo-la.

Age: teenager

Gender: female

Well, some of you are probably wondering what the heck my pen name means. My friends and I were coming up with nicknames for each other, based on an animal that we look like. I was wearing a lot of pink that day, so one of my friends told me that I looked like a flamingo, and I shortened it to Mingo. The -la suffix is in honor of one of the best series ever, the Uglies series. In the story, people get an operation once they turn 16 that makes them look perfect. Then they are called pretties, and they like to add -la or-wa to the end of names as a term of endearment. If the name has an l in it, then you add -wa to the end of it. Otherwise, you add -la to it.

I discovered NaNoWriMo in December, 2010. I found out about Script Frenzy and decided (on the night of March 31) to participate, because I wanted practice with writing to meet a deadline. I wrote a screenplay and finished on April 24 with 101 pages. Then, in November, I wrote a novel and won on November 26 with a little over fifty-one thousand words. Both challenges were insanely fun, and I plan to participate in Wikiwrimo Writing Month in Febuary and Camp NaNo in June and/or August. :)

Well...I think that's it. Bye! :D :D :D :D :D :D