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Oh, hi there. I hail from Region/USA/CA/Stockton, although I am too lazy to write a page about it. >;3



Disregard all other edits; those are my user page edits, vandalism reversions, and bot edits used to add templates.

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What am I gonna do now?

Systematically add the template to state pages, of course.


2011: The Historian's Cabinet

I've only been a Wrimo in 2011. That was when I wrote The Historian's Cabinet. I'm currently editing it, so expect various quotes.

To quote the summary I wrote for it:

"In this mentally disturbed work of fiction, an accident with a time machine indirectly caused by a vandal of newspaper boxes and Stephanie Meyer result in some students getting trapped in ancient Rome. But even if returning to the present is easy, clearing up loose ends ain't. To be frank, most Romans, or anyone really, wouldn't expect people vanishing into thin air."

And from Chapter 7:

"A month afterward, the school district’s fears were realized. If you forgot about that part, a few chapters back, then you really are a potato head, to use the enlightening term invented by an old English teacher of mine. To be specific, you are a a potato head who let his cat eat all his oatmeal because he was not checking his email, but rather was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, which has recently become known by its initials as Codfish Body Odor, right across the room."

Chapter List:

Me - Chapter list:

  1. Dysfunctional emails
  2. The meeting absent
  3. A brief history of time travel
  4. Pertaining to the diaries and cell phone of a girl with an ironic name and her friend
  5. From the personal life records of Antoinette de Ramon
  6. In which our heroes get a job
  7. The tales of Leonhart the Lionhearted
  8. When aqueducts break
  9. A standard Roman flat
  10. Reading private diaries is fun
  11. The dueling teacher
  12. To confront Darius
  13. Meanwhile, in the present...
  14. A sojourn of the places you've come from
  15. The phoenix of rebellion
  16. Back to the present
  17. The complaints of your peers and possibly yourself
  18. Mr. Xenoheartilly saves his own life
  19. A song of ninja and dinosaurs
  20. Time to check on Antoinette again
  21. Maybe I didn't need to create another chapter, but screw it. I mean, this takes place half a minute later, so never mind you
  22. The reason for a stun gun
  23. Espionage, sabotage, and ninja-style knife wielding attacks
  24. An amusing poem
  25. In which Xeno is who they search for
  26. Meanwhile, a day in the past...
  27. Seamus's plan
  28. Or maybe not
  29. Let's have a half-normal chapter name next time, shall we?
  30. Where the perkier ones went... wait, this isn't a normal chapter name at all, no matter how funny it is... darn... well, I can't keep typing a chapter title all day, so let's cut it off at the end of this sentence, I suppose, like right now
  31. In which Seamus takes them to where they need to be
  32. The Tiber
  33. The cradle will fall
  34. If I may quote an instruction manual...
  35. An unlikely manifesto
  36. The reveal
  37. The Battle over the Golden Gate
  38. In which a now not-so-feckless group of protagonists return to an era in which Seamus's family's cat ate his oatmeal while he wasn't looking
  39. The fall of the last cradle