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Golden-X.pngAlexander "Xander" Bennett is artofcheatery at National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy.

Personal Life

Xander is originally from Northern Virginia but recently moved to Los Angeles, California to find work. He has a Bachelors of Science in Theatre with an Emphasis in Design and Technical Theatre.

Unable to get a job straight out of college, Xander moved back in with his parents. An errant blog link directed him to NaNoWriMo and the rest is history.

National Novel Writing Month History

Xander has participated in NaNoWriMo three times and has won twice. In 2011 he became one of three Municipal Liaisons for USA::California::Los Angeles and began moderating the Plot Doctoring and This is Going Better Than I'd Hoped forums.
Nano Profile

Injustice (2009)


Superheroes and villains exist but in one city they are run men in suits, the same men in suits. Heroes do 'heroics' off of a script and no one notices that they hurt civilians in the process. What will happen when true heroes from outside of the city appear and the heroes no longer have a script to turn to?


While officially a success, coming in at just over 50,000 words, the novel itself was terrible. Lost of direction set in early and numerous extra scenes were added in, including several that were unnecessarily grotesque. Final five thousand words were in truth part of a sequel with round about logic saying they could be added to the story.

That said, I had never written that much before. The idea that I could stick with it for a month and complete the story the entire time are just so astounding I cannot adequately explain it. This was most definitely proof that I could do anything.

The Sentinel (2010)


Seven years ago at the darkest moment in human history a miracle occurred. The plague had already killed over one hundred thousand and had infected nearly one million people around the world. A desperate priest prayed over a dying child, begging God to heal the innocent.

To his surprise, it worked.

Hailed as a Saint he healed several others as other priests reported having similar success. The Church stood behind the phenomenon even as opposition began to declare the healers in league with the Devil. No one blinked when a nun became the first female healer, but riots started the first time a doctor did it.

Magic had returned to the world.

Everyone can use it. Many do not. Over the years people have gotten used to the new aspect of life, though some still argue that the acts are sins and in direct defiance of God. Someone was needed to protect the magic users. Someone was needed to watch over them as they learn to use their powers.

Enter Eric Reinhardt. Still in high school, but powerful in sorcery. His brother was one of the first healed by the priest and sister was murdered seven years ago for using magic in public. He is the Sentiel.

Today, he protects Los Angeles sorcerers from assault. Tomorrow, he'll protect the world... from everything...


I am very happy with how this story turned out. While it needs significant work I am happily editing it with preparations to allow others to see it.

Chaos Unasked(2011)

Novel Profile


Some treasure hunters go somewhere they shouldn't and kick starts events that may end the world they knew.



Script Frenzy History

Xander has participated in Script Frenzy twice and has won twice. In 2011 he became the co-Municipal Liaison for USA::California::Los Angeles.
Screnzy Profile

Amedoria (2010)

Fantasy Screenplay


The royal family hires a group of thieves to uncover the violent smuggling operation in the city.


I found writing the screenplay much easier, possibly because I don't have trouble with dialogue and I do have trouble with description. The length seemed easier too, which isn't surprising because I finished six days ahead of schedule. I have finished my editing have shown the script to other people.

Amedoria: Part II (2011)

Fantasy Screenplay


An epic quest as the High Prince attempts to prevent his father's premonitions of doom.


Too much plot and not enough time. I had difficulty during outlining not being sure where to end this script. As it is right now it doesn't truely end, it just stops.