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Themes (forum)

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This article discusses the Themes NaNoWriMo forum. For other uses, see Theme.

Themes is a NaNoWriMo forum for posting NaNoWriMo forum themes and voting on them. The forum was created in September 2019 when the transition to Discourse supported custom themes, and the NaNoWriMo staff opened custom theme development to Wrimos.

Wrimos who have created a custom theme can post them to this forum. They must post the theme to Github or Gitlab so NaNoWriMo staff can view it and so the Wrimo can keep the theme updated. Wrimos who have not created a theme can vote on Wrimo-created themes by clicking the Vote button at the top of the respective thread.

Issues with themes can also be reported here. Since NaNo staff did not create most of the themes, they can't fix the issues directly. Only the theme creator can do that. They can disable the theme until it is fixed.

Forum Description

"If you are familiar with Discourse, or technically savvy, YOU can actually create themes, and have them installed here! In fact, if you do so... you'll get a shiny badge!" (September 2019-present)

Topics and Threads

Assorted threads for themes and voting on them



The global moderators (September 2019-present)


See the above list of global moderators for any past moderators

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