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Polling Booth

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Polling Booth (formerly The Polling Booth and The Polling Place) is a forum for asking questions with multiple distinct answers. These questions can be related to writing or not (for example, favorite dessert). With the previous forum software, Xoops, participants had the ability to add polls to their posts, but this functionality was lost with the transfer to Drupal and the later transition to Ruby on Rails. The 2019 transition to Discourse came with polls out of the box, and Wrimos can now include polls with viewable results in their posts.

The Polling Booth forum is a subforum of the Diversions & Procrastination forum as of September 2019. Before that, it resided in the Resources & Writing Support forum category.

Forum Description

"Survey says: post your polls here! There's nothing like a good multiple choice question." (2002-2014)

"The NaNoWriMo Institute for Demographic Analysis is now open for your polling pleasure." (2003)

"Too many ideas to choose between? Not sure which of your characters should fall into a coma? Put it up for a vote!" (2015-present)


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