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The Disturbing Thing About Urinal Cakes

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The Disturbing Thing About Urinal Cakes is a NaNoWriMo forums thread that began in 2002. Thetejon began the thread in the Off Topic forum with this post:

Ok, everyone has seen those little scented things in plastic cases they put in the urinal in the men's room, right? Come on, ladies, you know you've seen them too. Anyway, the one in the urinal near my desk is broken. The plastic container is broken into two pieces. Now, I'm sure these aren't the finest construction in the world, and don't have to be. But what could possibly have interacted with it with such force to actually break it in two? The water when you flush is minimal, that couldn't have done it. So did someone stick their hand in there? And if so, to what end? This really worries me. Someone please come up with a reasonable explanation so I can stop imagining someone reaching in and breaking the thing.[1]

Wrimos were quick to come up with creative explanations such as Superman and elves. Thetejon continued to chronicle his adventures in urinal cakes, later sharing that the broken urinal cake holder was switched with an unbroken one from another urinal before being replaced.


Ever since the urinal cake holder was replaced, the thread has turned from a fun discussion about urinal cakes to a fun discussion about everything, urinal cakes included. Typically the longer the thread, the less likely the Wrimos are talking about urinal cakes. Thetejon has started the thread in the Off Topic forum every year since 2002 with a different title, and because of the lack of discussion about urinal cakes, new Wrimos wander into the thread and believe that the thread is an inside joke.

At the conclusion of the 2005 NaNoWriMo Aser invited the participants of the thread to continue the frivolity on the forums of an online magazine called the Piker Press. There, many of them became "Filthy Pikers"[2] and continue to socialize and contribute work to the Piker Press year-round.


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