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Testing 1, 2, 3

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Testing 1, 2, 3 is a NaNoWriMo forum specifically designed for Wrimos to test posting in the forums, including Discourse features that may be unfamiliar to them. It was created in September 2019 with the launch of a new website. It lives within the Support & Tech Help forum.

All posts auto-close after 48 hours, so this is not a place to get into a deep conversation.

Forum Description

Want to try things out for yourself? This is the place to do it! Post as you like here, test out features, try new trust level powers. Please don't ask support questions here! We won't review or answer them. That’s what #support is for! All posts auto-close after 48 hours! Because it's a testing forum, no badges are awarded here and it's suppressed from "Latest." (September 2019-present)

Topics and Threads

Assorted posts testing features like posting, polls, bolding, and spoiler text



The global moderators (September 2019-present)


See the above list of global moderators for any past moderators

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