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On hosting pep talks at Wikiwrimo

I've been thinking about how to move the pep talks over here. First, there are pep talks for NaNo (likely since 2002--see below), Script Frenzy (since 2007), and Camp NaNo (since 2011), so what would be the best way to divide the pep talks? By year? By event? Categorizing by the other divisions will happen via categories anyway, but for sake of page organization, there needs to be an easy way. What I'm thinking of so far is:

Pep Talk/National Novel Writing Month/YEAR (Pep Talk/NaNoWriMo and other relevant pages would redirect... oh boy, this'll be fun)
Pep Talk/Script Frenzy/YEAR
Pep Talk/Camp NaNoWriMo/YEAR

with the pep talks on each event's yearly page.

Second, I've discussed the posting of pep talks on the ML forums during the 2011 season, and guest author pep talks and donor-only pep talks are off-limits for posting here, the former because the Nano staff don't have permission to repost the guest author pep talks, the latter likely for the same reason on the guest author thing and because the pep talks are reserved for donors.

Third, I happen to have all the pep talks dating back to 2002, so this is a pretty easy (if tedious) task. I don't know whether there were pep talks before then, but I can find out. (Hey, there weren't winner certificates, so there probably weren't pep talks either.)

Thoughts? -Sushimustwrite 01:54, 15 February 2012 (UTC)