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TGIO party

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A TGIO party (short for Thank God It's Over party or Thank Goodness It's Over party) is a celebratory event occurring after the end of NaNoWriMo. The event gives writers a chance to get together and celebrate their accomplishments. Wrimos wishing to joke about padding their word counts may eliminate the contraction and refer to the event as a TGIIO (Thank God It Is Over) party.

A TGIO may be held on December 1st, or later in the first week. Some may even start a TGIO celebration once midnight hits and the word counters stop updating. After the kickoff, it is usually the most attended event in a region. Larger regions may hold multiple TGIOs to cover multiple times or geographic areas. Spread-out regions such as Elsewhere regions and those covering entire states or countries may host a TGIO party online. TGIO party venues are as varied as kickoff party venues, ranging from eateries (so Wrimos have the option of celebratory foods or desserts) to libraries to community centers.

TGIOs tend to be more laidback than kickoffs and Wrimos may spend more time simply socializing and sharing stories than they would at a kickoff (where there are often preplanned activities and icebreakers). Some TGIOs may have events such as drinking games (alcoholic or non depending on the age of the Wrimos present) or take turns reading their excerpts. Some Municipal Liaisons bring small winner's goodies, such as a purple-wrapped chocolate bar or printed winner's certificates, to TGIOs.

See Also

  • Write-in, an event held throughout the writing month
  • Kickoff party, an event held just prior to the writing month