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Support & Tech Help

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Support & Tech Help is the forum where participants may ask for help regarding bugs and how-tos on the NaNoWriMo website. A running sticky thread keeps a comprehensive list of known issues for users seeking help. This forum became a separate forum in September 2019 and is the successor to Tech Help & Site Bug Reports, as there is now a separate forum for bug reports.

Wrimos are encouraged to search this forum before reporting a new bug; if a bug is widespread, someone else has probably reported it, and replying to that thread with additional information makes more sense than starting a new thread (which will likely get locked).

As of September 2019, the Support & Tech Help forum is a top-level forum containing five subforums: Suggestions & Feedback, Rules & Regs, Themes, Testing 1, 2, 3, and Bug Reports.

Forum Description

"Not sure how to do something, or need to report a bug? This is the place to do it! Please check out the various subforums before posting to see if your issue has already been covered. Known issues." (September 2019-present)

Topics and Threads

  • A sticky post explaining how to use this forum
  • Assorted questions and potential bug reports about the NaNoWriMo site and forums



  • Heather Dudley (September 2019-present)
  • The global moderators (September 2019-present)
  • It's assumed that some NaNoWriMo staff also follow this forum


See the above list of global moderators for any past moderators

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