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Sticker calendar

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A sticker calendar is a calendar for a set period that uses stickers to mark achievements. Sticker calendars predate NaNoWriMo and are also used outside of NaNoWriMo.

A sticker typically means accomplishing a thing or reaching a goal. Different stickers can also have different meanings, such as one sticker type for reaching a goal and another sticker type for exceeding it, or using different stickers to track different goals on the same calendar. For NaNoWriMo sticker calendars, this can mean reaching a daily goal, writing a certain number of words, or editing for an hour without looking at your phone. It's up to the Wrimo.

NaNoWriMo sticker calendars

NaNoWriMo started making printable sticker calendars in 2019. See Category:Sticker calendars for the NaNoWriMo sticker calendars.

While not an actual sticker calendar, NaNoWriMo also offered an erasable calendar as a donor goodie one year.