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There isn't a formal name for this page.

The Stats Page (or Project Statistics) on the NaNoWriMo website displays word counts and other statistics for a given NaNoWriMo project.

By default, the stats page displays statistics for the currently active project. You may view the statistics from another one of your projects via the dropdown menu on the stats page.


A stats page has existed in some form since 2002, typically as part of the profile page. From the beginning, the chart has displayed monthly progress with a total word count bar chart.

The stats page has added new features over the years, including words written today, average word count, and words per day needed to finish on time.

The launch of the 2019 NaNoWriMo website introduced a revamped stats page separate from the profile page, which included a separate chart for daily word count, writing speed, and options to track writing mood, time spent writing, and location written. This new stats page also introduced an easy way to view stats from projects (as opposed to opening each novel's page separately).

Stats page sections


Here you can switch between different goals on a single project, or between projects.

Total Words

The Total Words section.

This section shows how many words you've written toward your goal so far. If you hover over the green part of the circle graph, you can see how much you've written as a percentage.

Words Needed Today

The Words Needed Today section.

This section shows how many words you've written today vs. how many words you need to write today to meet your goal. (The number of words needed is the number of words left to meet your total goal divided over the number of days left to meet your goal.) If you hover over the green part of the circle graph, you can see how much of today's goal you've written as a percentage.

Days in a Row

The Days in a Row section.

This section shows how many consecutive days you've written toward your goal. If you miss a day, the number resets. However, if you retroactively enter a progress update to show that you didn't miss a day, the number will be recalculated and show the appropriate number of days.

Progress Updates

The Progress Updates section.

This section shows the updates you've made to your word count so far. It has one column for the date of the update, one column for the word count entered in the update, and one column with trash can icons that allow you to delete a specific progress update. If you update your word count more than once for a single day, each update will be listed separately.

My Overall Progress

The My Overall Progress section.

This section is a chart showing your overall progress toward your goal. By default, it shows a line graph overlaying a line that shows what your progression would look like if you met your daily words needed every day (the daily par line). It can also show a bar graph with the daily par line, or a table that shows the cumulative word total after each day's writing alongside the par number of words.

When I Write

This section shows the hour you write in most often, along with a picture of a thematically appropriate bird for the time of day. The bird options are early bird, mid-day flamingo, and night owl. The site will automatically log the hour you updated your word count, or you can set a time manually when you submit an update.

My Daily Word Count

The My Daily Word Count section.

This section displays your daily word count in a line or bar chart, or table. The default is a line chart. These numbers are not cumulative, unlike the Overall Progress chart.

Where I Write

The Where I Write section.

This section shows where you write most often, if you've included that information in your word count updates. The default options are home, the office, the library, or a café. You can also write in an option, or leave the field blank.

My Average Word Count

The My Average Word Count section.

This section shows the average number of words you've written per day up to this point.

When I'll Finish

The When I'll Finish section.

This section shows when you'll meet your goal if you continue writing at the current pace. (The number seems to update based on how many words you wrote on the last day you updated your word count, e.g. if you wrote 2000 words today, the finish date will be calculated as if you wrote 2000 words every day from now until you meet your goal.)

My Writing Speed

The My Writing Speed section.

This section shows your average writing speed in words per minute. The number will default to zero if you never include the amount of time spent writing in your progress updates.

How I Feel

The How I Feel section.

This section shows your mood while writing, if you include mood in your progress updates. There are five possible options ranging from great to terrible. (It's not clear whether this reflects the mood you chose most recently, the one you choose most often, or something else.)

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