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There isn't a formal name for this page.

The Stats Page (or Project Statistics) on the NaNoWriMo website displays word counts and other statistics for a given NaNoWriMo project.

By default, the stats page displays statistics for the currently active project. You may view the statistics from another one of your projects via the dropdown menu on the stats page.


A stats page has existed in some form since 2002, typically as part of the profile page. From the beginning, the chart has displayed monthly progress with a total word count bar chart.

The stats page has added new features over the years, including words written today, average word count, and words per day needed to finish on time.

The launch of the 2019 NaNoWriMo website introduced a revamped stats page separate from the profile page, which included a separate chart for daily word count, writing speed, and options to track writing mood, time spent writing, and location written. This new stats page also introduced an easy way to view stats from projects (as opposed to opening each novel's page separately).

Statistics displayed

The current stats page displays the following statistics for a given project:

  • Total words written
  • Words needed today to reach a daily goal
  • Number of consecutive days written
  • Each word count update and the number of words added for that progress update
  • Chart displaying overall progress. Writers can switch between the line chart, bar chart, and table display for each day's word count alongside the daily par.
  • Most common hour of day written, along with a thematically appropriate bird for the time of day. The bird options are early bird, mid-day flamingo, and night owl.
  • Chart display word count by day. Writers can switch between the line chart, bar chart, and table display.
  • Where the writer writes most often, if included in any word count updates. This includes the pre-filled options or a custom option.
  • Average daily word count
  • When the goal will be completed if writing continues at this pace
  • Average writing speed, if time written is included in any word count updates. If times are never included, this defaults to zero.
  • Overall writing mood, if mood is included in any word count updates.

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